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Bird Down The Dock- Who Can ID It?

Was it something I said? I’m guessing red tailed hawk.

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Gull identification link from good pal Steve Borichevsky

Hi Joey, Because I lived on The Fort for six years, I’ve seen a few gulls in my day. Depending on the species, gulls have up to four plumage types as they mature, plus they change from breeding plumage to … Continue reading

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Bird ID. This One Was Perched On A Telephone Pole At Our Dock Captain Joe and Sons

Mark Ring tells me it came down and attacked one of out lobstermen last week.

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Hawk ID Please

Hi,   Snapped this attached picture on Sadler Street.  What kind of hawk is this?  I think it’s a Cooper’s Hawk. It swooped down on my cat.  It is eating a blue jay in this picture from our feeder (see talons). … Continue reading

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Bird ID Please

The woman I may or may not be related to through marriage said this bird was a blue jay which I’m 99% sure is wrong. Wjo knows what kind of bird these are?

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I’ve never seen one of these birds before down the dock. Bird ID Captain Joe and Sons

It would hover like a hummingbird and a couple of times it dove into the water.  

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Bird ID What Do You Think?

Click photos for larger versions

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Who is up for a little bird ID game?

Shot this little guy on the beach day before yesterday. Location Playa Del Carmen. My guess is a sandpiper but I’m no birding freak. What ya got?

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Big Bird ID Request From Martha Lazarus

Hi Joey, Some noisy crows attracted my attention to this magnificent bird passing by Lane’s Cove this morning.  Can someone help me identify it? Cheers, Martha Lazarus My completely uneducated guess is a Red Tailed Hawk but hope to hear … Continue reading

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