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Gull identification link from good pal Steve Borichevsky

Iceland Gull 11 January 2014 - 003[3][1]

Hi Joey,

Because I lived on The Fort for six years, I’ve seen a few gulls in my day. Depending on the species, gulls have up to four plumage types as they mature, plus they change from breeding plumage to winter plumage as adults.

This causes many people to throw up their hands is discuss when trying to identify the birds they are seeing. I even get comments from seasoned birders and twitchers that they get confused. With this in mind, I have posted many gull tips over the past few years in hopes that it will help those of us on Cape Ann and also the many, many birders that come here in the winter to find them. Gloucester has some pretty cool birds here in the winter that many inlanders just don’t get to see.


I hope that this information is helpful!

Steve Borichevsky

Big Bird ID Request From Martha Lazarus

Hi Joey,

Some noisy crows attracted my attention to this magnificent bird passing by Lane’s Cove this morning.  Can someone help me identify it?


Martha Lazarus

bird, Lane's Covebird, Lane's Cove-2bird, Lane's Cove-3

My completely uneducated guess is a Red Tailed Hawk but hope to hear from the many bird watching freaks that frequent GMG Smile

CLIFFORD MCCARTHY Forwards this handy reference chart to help narrow it down

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