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Summer Black and Whites From Bill Langer

Hi Joey,
Wow, everyone is having fun with black and white these days — I’ve always loved B&W so I went ahead and spent the dough on NIK Silver Efex, and boy, is it great! Nothing like it for spectacular skies! Here are three pix that I took a couple of summers ago, and just converted.
All the best, Bill


Cape Ann Burying Grounds From Bill Langer

Bill writes-

Hey Joey,

I love to see people paying attention to Cape Ann’s beautiful cemeteries. When I was younger and living in the neighborhood, I did a lot of photography and general wandering around the old burying grounds, so I was happy to see a reference to them in today’s GMG. I perked up when I saw that a writer had mentioned Bayview Cemetery, a place I have always loved (being an old Annisquamian), as the third oldest. This, I thought, was maybe in error, so I looked up the Gloucester Essex website for the hard facts.


Centennial Avenue cemetery


When I was in my twenties, I did a beautiful rubbing of Philemon Warner’s headstone, and framed it for my parents. In the years since, some pinhead has broken it, a fate all too common for Cape Ann’s grave markers.


Over across the bridge, off in the woods —


The old Second Parish ground from now-deserted Thompson Street —

2nd Parish headstone

There are only a few stones in Second Parish, but some beauties remain among them —


According to the Gloucester-Essex website, the old Lanesville cemetery, tucked away in the woods, was founded in 1720, the same year as Second Parish —


— whereas nearby Bayview was founded in 1728, making it the fourth oldest —

But it’s not a big deal. They are all lovely and precious to our history, and I want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to the folks who take care of them. I wish I lived closer, because I’d be out there with the weed-whacker and lawn mower too.

Best regards, Bill Langer, far away in Seattle