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So Joey, does this guy meet your criteria for safe bike riding in Gloucester?

See this post if you’re wondering about my reference in the video to the woman from PeopleforBikes.org.

For those of you who don’t get the question, see Joey’s Obnoxious Bike Rider Rant.

Gran Prix of Gloucester Video from Day 1 – Look out Joey, lots of bikes around town

If you missed today’s psycho-cross excitement, this video will give you a feel for what you can expect tomorrow.  You really can’t miss this international sporting spectacle, complete with beer, food and plenty of fun for kids.  So bring the family up to Stage Fort Park tomorrow.  You’ll be glad you did.

Joey, you might want to listen to what Christy from PeopleforBikes.org has to say about putting more people on more bicycles more often — especially in Gloucester!

I ran into Thom Falzarano who shot more race footage.  Look for that coming soon.

After a day of cyclocross you may want to warm up a bit.  (Can you believe it? John and I were surfing last week!).  Plenty of good options for catching great live music (in warm, dry venues) from Beethoven to Ska to 80s to Zappa to Funk, Jazz & good ol’ Rock n Roll!  See tonight’s full lineup of live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Charlee Bianchini Has a Couple Of Bikes For Sale


Hi Joey!
How are things going down at the Dock?? Let’s get coffee soon and catch up!
I’m wondering if you could do me a huge favor.  I’m trying to sell a couple bikes, and was wondering if you could put an announcement on GMG for me?  I’m not sure you do that sort of thing, but I thought I’d ask.
I’m including the pictures of them, and you can tell people if they’re interested then send me an email: charleebeth@gmail.com
Greatly Appreciative! and let me know when you’re free.  I should be around this week if you want to hit up the Gull!
The green bike is only a few years old, and in absolutely perfect condition–not a spot of rust on it. I’m trying to sell that one for $300, but am flexible.  The red bike is a bit older but still rides very well. I’ll sell that at $200, again flexible.


Here is a video of Cahrlee conducting an interview with your boy Joey before she left for China last year.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2494763&dest=-1]