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What Kind Of Human Being Does This To A Bicyclist?

Newton cyclist’s ‘dooring’ allegation sparks debate about police response

Posted by Deidre Fernandes September 7

A Newton police officer’s response to a biking incident earlier this week has triggered a firestorm of criticism from cyclists and spurred the Newton Police Department to take a closer look at the case.

It all happened during Molly Schaeffer’s usual commute home from work this past Tuesday. Schaeffer, a software management consultant and grandmother of two, said she rides her bike to work daily.

But as she traveled down Beacon Street toward Hammond Street, she said, an old Mercedes pulled up in front of her. While the car was moving, according to Schaeffer, one of the passengers on her side opened the door and yelled “doored.”

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Those of you who read GMG know of my disdain for bicyclists who ride two abreast and don’t allow you to pass them safely (not informed and courteous bicyclists, but the ones who think they own the road and that they are training for the Tour De France)

But this trend of opening up doors in front of bikers intentionally is disturbing regardless of how out to lunch the biker may be.  Hopefully they get to the bottom of the trend and force these offenders to do some serious road safety training or pull their license and force the motorists to ride a bike to work for a month or two and see what the bicyclist has to deal with.