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At This Point I Think They Are Messing With Me. Bike Riding 101 Violations On My Way Home Last Night

10 minutes of this last night on my way home.  I couldn’t photoshop photos this bad.

Isn’t this Bike Riding 101 that you ride single file?  This isn’t the Tour de France where you’re trying to get around other bike riders to win the race.  This is out for a goddamn bike ride practice.  There are no sponsorships for getting around the guy in front of you.  You are training and you are supposed to ride single file.  So while I’m behind you for 10 minutes and the cars are piling up behind me why is it that you continue to ride side by side holding conversations?  In what inconsiderate city state or town is it considered polite to take up the whole lane and make the motor vehicles pile up behind you?

Didn’t I call it yesterday in the Obnoxious Bike Rider Rant that the more stupid the bike riding outfit the more they hog the road?  Maybe it’s the spandex cutting off the oxygen to their brains.

Or maybe what is more likely, they read my Obnoxious Bike Rider Rant and now they are just out to fuck with me.