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Beach Traffic on the Weekends

In today’s Times there was a piece about the messy traffic when out-of-towners come to Good Harbor. We all agree that it’s a pain to get anywhere on the weekends.

Realist responded to the article:

“I’m glad I’ve learned to navigate some of the side streets near Good Harbor beach to avoid the long line of traffic from S&S. Still, it’s horrible during the morning rush on Saturday or Sunday from all these people trying to get to the beach on the weekend. I try to stay off the roads from 9AM till at least 1PM. Then you’re safe for a couple of hours until the beach crowds start leaving…then it’s chaos again. It’s too bad the out-of-towners take over Cape Ann on the weekends for the beaches here, but it’s a fact.”


Click on photo for more about Holland's switch to bicycles

Well a couple of days ago, I saw Holland’s solution to their traffic issues.  Maybe we should think about it.