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Three Guesses As To Who Had A Hand In Building The Awesome Mystery GMG Sign

I’m really not sure how much I could thank the person/s involved in putting this thing together but I’m going to give daily guesses til I figure it out.

Guess # 1 David Calvo.


Reason- David naturally works with wood and has been a FOB for a while.  He was one of my original suspects but yesterday’s comment he left on the post- “What happened?  It wasn’t there this morning.” Leads me to believe he could be involved.  The sign was installed under Captain Joe and Sons sign under the cover of darkness and taken down before noon.  It was there when I got to work in the morning.  The photo we took was with the sign in the office.  So how did he know it had been displaced?   hmmmm  This places him in the number one suspect slot.

Guess #2a and 2b Bex Borden with or without the help of Ed Collard


Bex if anyone saw her on the campaign trail knows by that Ace Hardware shirt she proudly wore during her campaign video as well as during the debate so she would have access to the type of hardware that was attached at the top of the sign.  Bex  is also very creative and not afraid of working with tools.  The reason I add in our long lost pal Ed Collard is because Ed is “The original” handyman and was working with Bex on her campaign for  ward 1.


Would you just look at all three photo suspects- all scream guilty as hell.

So there you go.  Anyone else care to venture a guess?


GloucesterCast 120 Taped 2/26/15 With Guests Kim Smith and Donna Ardizzoni with Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 120 Taped 2/26/15 With Guests Kim Smith and Donna Ardizzoni with Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Happy Birthday Bex, Gloucester Quilter, Condolences To The Family FOB Joe Testeverde, Cacciatore’s Should Be Opening Soon, Maria Seniti Has Left 525 On Good Footing and Is Now Concentrating Her Efforts At The Franklin Cape Ann, Rockport To Get Year Round Sushi Joint, Charlie’s Place Great Breakfast, Codfish Cheeks, Market Basket vs Stop and Shop, Grocery Shopping Habits, Difficulty Sourcing Shellfish, Cooking On The Cast Iron Skillet, The Perfect Baked Potato Recipe, Cooking Rib Eye’s On The Cast Iron Skillet, Cape Ann Giclee, Donna’s Print On Metal, Live Streaming Sista Felicia’s St Joseph’s Pasta Making Saturday at 10:30AM, MCC Awards Gloucester, Will Gardening Centers Be Crushed By The Snow Cover?, Yesterday’s Insane Commute, Just Ordered Derek Sanderson’s Book, Thank You To The Grand Isle’s Service Time In Gloucester, The Space Aged Replacement For The Grand Isle

podcasticon1Joey Ciaramitaro Donna Ardizonni 120th podcast
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GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

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Topics Include:Lone Gull Coffee, Brothers Brew Bacon Donuts, BIL Barry, Sista Felicia, Alicia DeWolfe, Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, A Lot Of Cox, Life After Mamie’s Kitchen, George’s Coffee Shop, Fort Square Cafe, Pumpkin Coffee Love vs Pumpkin Coffee Disgust, Donna Ardizzoni From Summahville, That One Bad Pistachio and Burnt Coffee, Paul Bruce and The Benjamin Smith Playground, Is It A Donut or Is It A Muffin?, GMG SuperFan Dave Moore, Olive Kitteridge, Bex, Passports,Pirate’s Lane, Frances Macdormand,Captain Amanda Madeira, Schooner Ernestina, Effie Morrissey, Maritime Gloucester, Piper Boatworks, http://www.ernestina.maritimegloucester.org/,Chester Bringham, Pheonix Of The Seas, James Eves, Cape Ann Giclee, Changing The Name Of The Ernestina, Ocean Classroom, Thomas Lannon, Ardelle, Connors Farm, Pumpkin Cannon, Safety Concerns With The Pumpkin Cannon, Corn Maze, Russell Orchard, YMCA Taste of Cape Ann, Cruiseport, Open Bowl, Art Haven Buoy Auction.

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Dramatic Come From Behind Win For Newly Crowned GMG Gloucester Steak Bomb Champ Destinos!!!!





After four rounds it looked like Captain Hooks Had It In The Bag But in the Final Taste Round (accounting for 40% of the scores) Destinos Pulled Out A Dramatic Come From Behind Win.

We had Bex, Chris DeWolfe, Kim Smith and Brianmoc go in for the sub pick-ups last night.  Brought the subs in and weighed and recorded the weights and sequestered the judges in a separate room while we marked each sub Sub A, Sub B, Sub C and Sub D to insure no bias and a blind tasting.

Judges Ed Collard, Chris DeWolfe, Brian O’Connor and Craig Kimberley took their judging duty very seriously.  The one part I would say would not be a fair comparison is Cape Ann brewing based on price since their price includes fries, slaw and a pickle.  However even if you threw the value category out Cape Ann Brewing would have come in last.

Captain Hooks wins People Choice with far and away most number of nominations.

Overall Best Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge winner Based on Value, Taste, Packaging,  Lack of Sogginess and Equal Distribution of Meat is Destinos.

Once again it was noted by all four judges that each one of these subs was a winner.  To be nominated out of all the incredible sub shops in Gloucester is in itself a testament to how great each one of these Steak Bombs are and Cape Ann Brewing, Captain Hooks, Leonardos and Destinos all deserve accolades

Thanks To Mamie’s Kitchen for providing a neutral stage for judging.  Thanks to our sub picker uppers.  thanks to Kim Smith for filming (look for her awesome video Thursday).

You’d be happy to patronize any of these fine eateries.  Today at Mamie’s Kitchen Chris will be serving up his killer Cheese Steak Sub in honor of yesterday’s competition.







The scoring sheet from last night-


Joey, how much would you want to rent our vacation property this summer?

GMG FOB  Bex writes-

Joey, how much would you want to rent our vacation property this summer?

Prime Gloucester Summer VRBO Rental (2BR/2BA) is Running 20% Discount

If I wanted to vacation in Gloucester over the summer I would *kill* to stay at this place. Seriously. But I like to take my vacations elsewhere, as I am sure you know. I really can’t believe they still have several weeks available in June and one in late July – this far into May!?! Really? Their views are killer and Gloucester Quilter is a total FOB. Don’t believe me? Check out their GMG webcam. Yup, that streams live from their window overlooking the harbor. Did I mention they have a private pool and are located less than a mile from GHB? This vacation rental comes with beach towels, chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, and coolers. Who else does dat? Dot and Bex are great people and hosts. Guaranteed. Just read all of their 17, 5-star reviews from past guests. Their VRBO 20% discount ends May 23. SAT-SAT only. Pets OK (dogs and cats only). Direct inquiries through VRBO portal. 

Fire Sunset 5:20pm Feb 17

Bex submits-

The sun came out just on the horizon over the storm. It was quite a fire glow! Enjoy!


Rebecca Borden
Gloucester, MA 01930
My mother is Gloucester Quilter
Our vacation apartment is available for rent through VRBO and FlipKey. Read our great reviews!