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Oink Oink Piggies

This is just a small portion of trash I found on the beach tonight. Don’t worry I picked it up for the piggies.

Do we need to charge more to get into the beach? Or make people show a bag of trash before they can leave?

This can’t be Gloucester peeps, can it?!

It’s embarrassing that its left this way.




One of life’s great mysteries. ..

Inevitably every vacation no matter where the destination this scene plays out-

We set up on the beach, tip the guy to bring the umbrella and table set-up and settle in for a tough day.  We walk to the most remote location early on not wishing to be on top of other folks.

And inevitably, like every single vacation t here will be some couple or family that despite having the entire beach and s ton of empty chairs decides to set themselves up 3 or 4 feet away.

It’s mindblowing.  The Mrs just looks at me with that “Really”? look.  An entire beach empty, at 3:45PM.  Not like the whole beach was crowded all day long and everyone else left but us and them so that’s how it turned out that way. We were basically alone on an island and they decided to get all up in our space.

Must be Midwesterners that don’t get beach ettiquette, no?