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Chasing Rainbows (and Storm Clouds)

The beautiful double rainbow that Bill and Paul captured late Saturday afternoon had faded, but I did see this on my way home.

Rainbow over Bass Rocks

The sky was so gorgeous I next stopped at Smith’s Cove to catch the end of the setting sun. The hues quickly changed from vivid yellow-orange to orange-violet-pink.

Smith’s Cove East Gloucester

Click photos to view larger-more dramatic looking!

Bass Rocks Golf [Member- Guest] Tournament

The Bass Rocks Golf [Member- Guest] Tournament was held Wednesday June 2, 2010

 It was a great photo Opportunity taking some action shots and men at play.

See below and check out the golf swings:

Bass Rock’s Motel Roof ends up on 13th Green

Part of the Roof blew off in Thursday’s storm, and also up-rooted a tree on the 13th green at Bass Rocks Golf Course.  Some Golfers were happy the tree is gone, but Tracey the owner of the motel was not thrilled about the roof.   Click on photos to enlarge.

Bass Rocks Golf Club Renovations 6/7/08

I wonder if that metal railing was dictated by code? It seems out of place and does a disservice to the style of the building. It seems very industrial for what would seem to call for a more natural material.