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Barque Picton Castle Departs Gloucester

The Barque Picton Castle is a three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It has completed her sixth circumnavigation around the world in May of this year.

She was in Gloucester harbor for a few days before heading north to Portland, for a Schooner Festival.

During her departure, our own schooner the Thomas E. Lannon, made chase after a 30 minute head start, to wish her a safe voyage.

Below are some photos taken from the Breakwater, Enjoy.

Spirit of Massachusetts Trip Schedule

The Spirit will return today July 2 about 5 pm.

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Submitted by Francesca Combs


Here’s a schedule of trips the Spirit of Massachusetts will be making through July 9 –

*June 28-July 2
Our first educational Tall Ship Camp left this past Sunday, as per schedule.

The Spirit will return on Thurs July 2 about 5 pm.

*July 3 (9am-3pm)
We have a day sail planned @ $30pp – this trip is nearly sold out (50 people)

*July 3 (7:30pm – 10:30pm)
We have a sunset charter for the fireworks (40 people) all tax deductible!!!

*July 4 (10am – 3pm)
Day sail for 50 people – also to greet the Barque Picton Castle as she arrives in port

*July 6 (9am-3pm)
We have a day sail planned @ $30pp – limited space available

*July 7 (9am – 3pm)
Day sail planned @ $30pp – limited space available

*July 8 – 9
Day sail with an overnight to Boston – limited space available

Please email: joanne@gmscamp.org

Jo-Anne Crawford
Gloucester Museum School- Project Adventure
978 283 5300