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Bothways Farm Barn Raising Photos From Dean Burgess

Hi Joey,

          Drivers along Southern Ave in Essex have been seeing the new barn going up at Bothways Farm,I thought I would share a few pictures for the Good Morning Gloucester viewers as it is not everyday that we get to see a barnraisng in progress.

The frame is made from Douglas Fir and is completely held together by joints and large dowels and no nails or metal braces are used.  The frame was made right on site from scratch.The trees were from Maine. 

The foundation is actually part of the old giant greenhouse that was there back in the 60`s through 2000 which some of the older generation may remember.

Dean Burgess


Essex Barn Raising Update 10/23/08

Amazing that there isn’t a single nail to the entire inside frame of this post and beam barn that is going up in Essex.  All put together with wooden dowel pegs and notching.

If you click the picture and select “all sizes” you can see some of the wooden pegs sticking out.