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Trash The Dress…Again

Barb Silberman reports-

Hi Joey,

In March you blogged about a woman in a wedding dress in the ocean who was being photographed for a photographer’s web site.  Tonight at Good Harbor Beach there was a man and woman in bridal garb frolicking on the rocks and then making bubbles and hitting them with a paddle, spraying water guns at each other, kissing, sitting and lying in the river, putting something red on the white bridal gown, and then rolling in the ocean ala Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster in "From Here to Eternity."  At one point the man removed his jacket to reveal a bright red vest and then he sang to her with a red guitar.  She alternatively used a fishing line to "fish" for him.  There were photographers taking pictures and a photo assistant mostly helping with the bubbles and assisting with the a wedding gown that was quite water-logged by the time they all left, climbing over the dunes to the parking lot.

Joey, I know you are on the job with this one and will fill your readers in ASAP.


If anyone knows who the couple was or has any photos from the shoot sned them in and we will highlight them here on GMG

New American Wing-MFA

Barb Silberman writes-

Hi Joey,

Here’s a great opportunity for your readers!!!   On Sunday, Dec. 5, from 1:00-2:30 PM, MFA lecturer, local summer resident and noted art historian Mimi Braverman will lead a small private tour of the new galleries.   She will focus on connections to Gloucester by visiting the maritime galleries and the ship models and tour the furniture galleries where there is furniture similar to that in the Sargent House and some of the other local historic houses.   Tickets are $125 per person and are available online at www.sargenthouse.org or by mailing checks to the Sargent House Museum, 49 Middle St., Gloucester MA 01930.   Checks need to be received no later than Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010.   Space is extremely limited.  Because the tour groups will be small, there will be ample opportunity for people to ask questions.  For more information, call 978-281-2432. 


View From The Sargent House Museum Attic

The reason this shot is so blurry is because it is shot through a screen.  But you get the idea.  The attic is not part of the tour, but your boy gets you up there for a special perspective of the harbor.

Sargent House Museum Video Tour

If you are like me you’ve walked past this place thousands of times, looked up on the hill and wondered what the hell goes on up there.  Well wonder no longer my loyal readers, because your boy Joey once again gets you unfettered access with a four part video tour and pics of places that you don’t get to go when you go on the regular tour (places like the attic and stuff).

It’s what we do here at GMG.  Bring you behind the scenes, we roll back the curtains, peek under the hood and bring this stuff to you, stuff you might never have had access to.  It’s what we pride ourselves on, getting you an insider peek.  So buckle up for another video series in another one of Gloucester’s crown jewels- The Sargent House Museum.

Barb Silberman and Judith Nast Show GMG Readers What’s Up At The House On The Hill

From The Sargent House Museum Website-

Welcome to The Sargent House Museum. For over 100 years, the Sargent House Museum was the home of sea merchants, patriots and community leaders. A fine example of high-style Georgian domestic architecture, the house was built in 1782 for Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820), a philosopher, writer and an early advocate of women’s equality.

Visitors to the Sargent House Museum learn about the early history of Gloucester from its beginnings as a farming and lumbering outpost to its evolution into the country’s premier seaport. Visitors will also see a collection of original works by the great portrait painter John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) descendant of the Sargent family, who loved the house and its ties to Colonial Gloucester.”

To Learn More About The Sargent House Click This Text For The Website

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