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Setting Gear

We’re trying something new in the bait bags this season.  I wonder how we’ll do?  Daddy told him it was good luck to wear the bait bag while setting gear….as if he needed a reason to strap that sucker on!

Wing Nut.

He also happens to be turning 5 today!  Birthday Boy in a Bait Bag…tune in.Image


Hangin’ out with Joey

dsc_6985-640x480Yesterday I was down at Capt. Joe’s.  Hangin’ with Joey is always interesting.

His lobstermen yell up to his office through a window. Joey’s mail gets to the mailman by bucket. Ya just never know who’s coming it to bait up. So anyway, I’ll post a slideshow at noon today. Check it out!

Hacking Up Bait Aboard The Jupiter II

Whack Whack Whack.  When the blade comes down into the flesh and cartilage of the swordfish it makes a sound like a thud.  It usually takes a couple of whacks to lop off the preferred size for the bait bag.

Sam Lowers Bait Onto The Lady Marie

Sam operates his lobster operation as a solo act.

He gathers whatever fish gurry he can find and then pulls his truck loaded with the totes of gurry down to his parking spot at the State Fish Pier.  He parks and then heads down the ramp to warm up his boats’ engine.  Then he heads back up the ramp and around to his truck that has the fish gurry on it which he will pull over to the loading boom (in the picture).  He parks the truck there with the totes of gurry and then walks back around and down the ramp to his warmed up boat and then pulls the boat up to the dock where the loading boom is.  He gets off the boat, climbs up the ladder and hooks up the totes of gurry to lower down on his boat.  The boom swings out over his boat and once the bait is aboard his boat he then hops in his truck and parks it in the State Fish Pier parking lot.  Then he climbs down the ladder and heads out lobstering with his bait aboard.

Sounds confusing right?  It’s a lot of work.