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The Great Gloucester Burger Wars- Cathy Tarr From The Manor Weighs In

I’m on a mission to discover the best burgers in town.  We’ve brought you Passports yesterday.  Today we have The Manor on Essex Ave.  If you would like to send in your picture of a local burger, try to include the receipt.   Leave a comment here  and we will get it posted.

Today this comes from Cathy Tarr-

Here you go! I may be a little biased, but The Manor does a darn good burger – cheese (choice of 3), bacon, lettuce, tomato and cooked just right – medium rare. The bun is just right – not overwhelming, but sturdy enough to support the juicy burger. The price is for the plate, including the seasoned fries.

Here’s a Burger From The Manor, originally uploaded by captjoe06.