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Video T-Minus 3 Days- Finalizing Screen Construction With Ed and Sister Felicia 16 Times Fast

Well I think we’re gonna have something for everyone.  From the religious and sporting events of Fiesta- Greasy Pole, Seine Boat Races footage from Sam Hartson, Craig Kimberley and Adam Bolonsky, to Manny Simoes Portuguese Crowning To The Crazy Blue and Albino Lobsters and Rare Golden Sea Robin Videos, miniature lobsters, the Faces Of Our Fishermen from EJ’s Finast Kind Calendar, and much much more- if you have friends from out of town that you have a hard time explaining the heart and soul of our community to, just bring them down to our show and immerse yourself in it!

Lat 43 Saturday Night Come by and Say Hey!!!!!

Here’s another night of work on the screen condensed in a time lapse video for you-

T Minus Three Days Time Lapse Video with Ed Collard, Sista Felicia and Some Bald Guy

More Screencaps from Our Show Which starts at 8PM and is proceeded by Matt Burke’s Gloucester Daily Times Top 25 Gloucester High Gridiron Greats presentation.