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Baccala ~ Italian Style Codfish…One Of The Seven Fishes


Baccala ~one of the “Seven Fishes” prepared in Sicilian homes on Christmas Eve. Growing Grandma Felicia prepared and hosted the feast of the 7 fishes the weekend before Christmas each year. Her celebration was the official kick off to our holiday season.

A few years ago I invited “The Godmother” of Gloucester to my kitchen to film  a few video cooking tutorial recipes about the Feast of the Seven Fishes with Gallo Productions Inc. It was a night Gianni Gallo, his staff, our small audience and  I will never forget. The set was ready to tape 4 recipes, but the Godmother and I were simply having to much fun to stay on schedule to say we had a few laughs would be a huge understatement. I vividly remember hearing the words “Cut…Cut…Testing 123”  through the laughter filling my kitchen that evening. Gianni Gallo and Joseph Langhan created this for the Gloucester Daily Times.

Baccala recipes from Sefatia Romeo and Mark McDonough at yesterday’s Harbor Walk Ribbon Cutting

Right after the ribbon cutting and before Mayor Kirk led us on the walk, I had a chance to try the salt cod, a.k.a. baccala, get a preview of the dish that is available at Latitude 43 (while supplies last) and a lesson on how to prepare baccala from Sefatia.  Enjoy!

If you listen carefully you can hear Bob Ryan (of CATA) in the background while Sefatia is talking — explaining the origin of the word “Stage” in “Stage Fort Park”.  Leave us a comment if you know why it’s called “Stage Fort Park”.

In the video, Sefatia references a cooking show she taped with Sista Felicia.  See that show in the three videos below