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GMG Pie Poll

Yesterday was a pie revelation to me.  I find out that Heather Fraelick makes pies out of roots.  Rhubarb is a root, right?


Rhubarb- A root, right?

And I discovered the key to making a pecan pie just the right sweetness at Author Jane Ward’s Food and Fiction Blog check here for her recipe

Author Jane Ward's Pecan Pie

It’s all about the pies baby!

These two FOBs (friends of the blog) have inspired the first annual Pie Poll.

*especially relevant around the holidays don’t you think?

Vote for your favorite type of pie-

Feel free to add in a pie that I may have missed on our poll and comment in the comment section of this post as to who makes or where you get your favorite pies.

Author Jane Ward Puts Ego Aside And Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Writer, Editor, Publisher…Me

By Jane Ward

The email to my agent is drafted. All I have to do is click the “send” button. Within seconds, she’ll see my decision:

I would like you to pull my food-memoir manuscript out of circulation, for now anyway, while I give serious consideration to the direction in which I want to take my nonfiction writing.

“As for the second manuscript of mine, the mainstream fiction manuscript that has been making the rounds for the past year, I would like that off the market as well. In fact, I would like all copies of that manuscript returned.

“I have decided to publish it myself.”

Self-publishing? Undertaking the roles of editor and publisher in addition to my primary role of writer, all for the pleasure of seeing my work in print?

"Farmers Market Cart," © Jane Ward

Thanks to print-on-demand technology, self-publishing in our digital world has progressed from the pay-to-play model of old. But the option still carries a bit of the vanity press stigma.

While I’m elated that there is a modern print alternative to traditional publishing houses, I have to ask myself about my motives. Is it vanity? Or is it something else?

click here for the rest of her blog post

Honesty In Food- Chickity Check It! Author Jane Ward’s Food and Fiction

When reading and looking at Author Jane Ward’s Food and Fiction Blog there is one thing that strikes me immediately and that is the honesty in her food.

Not overly dressed or overly prepared, her dishes are simple and elegant and let the gorgeous beauty of nature’s bounty tell the honest story.


Chickity Check Out her Blog Here

When I had first met Jane it was at The Market Restaurant At Lobster Cove when we had a North Shore Bloggers dinner and true story I didn’t recognize her at the table because I was expecting someone much older from her twitter pic that she had at the time.  (Good job on the new pic Jane. Much better)

you can follow her on twitter as well- @authorjane

some pics from Jane’s Blog-



Market Restaurant Scallops Wrapped In Bacon

Last night dinner was a who’s who of North of Boston Food Bloggers dinner at The Market Restaurant at Lobster Cove.

The Two Palaverers, Author Jane Ward, The Savory Kitchen, our own David Cox, 5thJoy,The H-Bomb,and one Half of North Shore Dish got together to nosh and talk shop blogging.

Good times, good food, excellent service and ALWAYS most important to me- GOOD COMPANY!

Here’s the appetizers that David and I split- Scallops wrapped in bacon.