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Basketball Sunday Mornings AST Sports Basketball Skills for Boys & Girls @ MAC

Basketball Sunday Mornings

AST Sports Basketball Skills for Boys & Girls @ MAC

MANCHESTER ATHLETIC CLUB, 8 Atwater Ave, Manchester, MA 01944
Sundays: Weekly BASKETBALL Skills Class Schedule for Boys and Girls:
BASKETBALL – Sunday mornings at Manchester Athletic Club
10:00 – 11:00    Age 7 to 12   AST Sports is offering basketball skill lessons for
less experienced players who want to develop skills and play the game the right way.         
11:00 – 12:00   Age 12 to 15  Designed for more experienced players who want skills training to learn, strengthen and refine all fundamentals through drills and controlled scrimmages.
Kids get lots of individual attention, improve their game…substantially, have fun and learn the right way to play! AST Coach-Clinicians are experienced, skilled and always positive.    
Price: $20 each class or 10 weeks for $180.
MAC Member discount Price: $15 each class or 10 weeks for $140.

Friends & Family Discount Price per player for 2 or more attending together:$15 each class or 10 weeks for $140.
Personal Individual & Semi-private training sessions available at affordable rates during the week. TEAM & SMALL GROUP CLINICS CUSTOMIZED FOR SCHOOLS & LEAGUES.
Call to register.  Bring this form with cash/check to class. Credit cards accepted on ASTHOOPS.com
Please print clearly:   MAC Member circle:  YES  or  NO
Class Time: ___________________ Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________
Age(s):________________ Grade(s):________________  School Attending:_____________________________________________
Email:_________________________________________@_____________________________    Phone:______________________________
Guardian name:______________________________________________________________ Cell:_________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Any special requirements our AST Sports staff can provide? Email asthoops@aol.com.
Any questions, call or text 978-930-4071.  Check us out at our website ASTHOOPS.com