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punch bowl 1

This morning I received this email question and thought It be best to share the answer , considering the fact that I receive inquires like this often.

 Click link below for my Holiday Punch Recipe highlighting Mariposa’s beautiful Vintage Glass Punch Bowl


Email Message

Hi there! I saw your video for Grape & Ginger Ale Punch on Cook123 and I am in love with the style of your punch bowl. Do you happen to know the brand so I can research it and try to find one to buy ?  I would appreciate it very much. I’ve been looking around all morning online trying to find one that looks like it but I haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks,

Ali Phillips

punch bowl 2


I too adore this beautiful Blown Glass Punch Bowl, from my Mariposa Collection! Mariposa products make everything look and taste extra special! It’s what I use daily when entertaining friends and family in and outside my home! I find this punch bowl to be the perfect size for small gatherings.  I’m not sure if it’s a retired collection piece. Best to contact the Mariposa Company’s customer service department directly for more information.



Ask Sista Felicia



I look forward to the questions  I receive from GMG FOB’s, family and friends each week! Dozens of questions are asked and answered in the aisles of local stores while I shop, and dozens are privately asked and answered through email, text message, Facebook , or Tweeter each day.  I especially love when a question  inspires a Sista’s Dish Post!  One question asked today did just that!

Ellie Bevins Writes~ Making a rhubarb crisp for a gift. Give me your talented ideas for how to wrap an 8 in square pan??? I was going to put it on a mason jar, but I don’t think its big enough to hold a good amount. I’m stuck. Ellie

Sista Felicia’s Wrapping Suggestion~ Wrap baking dish in tea towel or small Table cloth; gather cloth ends in center of dish; fasten with Zip Tie; using matching decorative ribbon, tie fresh flower bouquet to gathered top and fix decorative bow!