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The Linquata Family’s Altar Candelabras



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 Dolores Sheehan & son John Sheehan

Tonight Dolores Sheehan granddaughter of the late Francis Linquata will have the honor of placing her grandmother antique candelabras onto the top tier of our families altar this evening, during our official kickoff to 2015 Feast Of St. Joseph, and 10 rosary. The heirloom pieces were once displayed on the Linquata family’s St. Anthony Altar for over 70 years. Last year Dolores was brought to tears with happy memories of attending her grandmother prayers services in front of their families’ shrine after attending one of my rosaries.  After the tears were wiped and stories of novenas past were told around the dining room table during coffee time preceding that night’s rosary, Dolores pulled me aside to tell me that she had been storing her grandmother antique candelabras for several years waiting to find a special place for them to be once again displayed. Dolores then stated that, the special place she was looking for was our families’ altar.  After a long teary-eyed embrace, I accepted Dolores precious gift and we began planning their début for this year’s St. Joseph Altar. A few weeks ago Dolores invited my brother Joey and I over to her home and graciously gifted them to be displayed on the top tier of my family’s St. Joseph altar this year. In keeping with my Aunt Vincie & uncle Mike Militello’s tradition of adding one extra night to the traditional 9 day novena/rosary,( just in case you need to miss a night you still can fulfill your 10 day commitment/devotion,) we will be kicking off the 2015 Feast Of St, Joseph by once again extending an invitation to all other families who host a St. Joseph Altar, to join us tonight for the first rosary of the season. The rosary tonight will be  led by my dear friend Rosalie Orlando Foti.  Tonight’s services will begin at 7:00 pm in front of our family’s altar. ALL Host Families are welcome to attend. The gathering of families at one altar the past two years has been a wonderful experience for all who attended. Our Family is looking forward to seeing many altar hosting families in attendance tonight.



Dolores Sheehan Writes~ Linquata family in the 40’s celebrating St, Josephs at 55r Main St (now the Dogbar Parking Lot).

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Sista Felicia Writes~ I personally would like to thank Dolores and the Linquata family, for entrusting me and my family with your precious family heirlooms. I’m deeply touched by your kindness and our family is honored to have a pieces of The Linquata Family history on the altar this year. Through years of friendships, and business the Linquata and Ciaramitaro families have shared a connection that has tightly been intertwined for generations. It’s only fitting that the linquata family be represented on the highest tier of our altar!


Sista Felicia

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Ask Sista Felicia…


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This morning I received this email question and thought It be best to share the answer , considering the fact that I receive inquires like this often.

 Click link below for my Holiday Punch Recipe highlighting Mariposa’s beautiful Vintage Glass Punch Bowl


Email Message

Hi there! I saw your video for Grape & Ginger Ale Punch on Cook123 and I am in love with the style of your punch bowl. Do you happen to know the brand so I can research it and try to find one to buy ?  I would appreciate it very much. I’ve been looking around all morning online trying to find one that looks like it but I haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks,

Ali Phillips

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I too adore this beautiful Blown Glass Punch Bowl, from my Mariposa Collection! Mariposa products make everything look and taste extra special! It’s what I use daily when entertaining friends and family in and outside my home! I find this punch bowl to be the perfect size for small gatherings.  I’m not sure if it’s a retired collection piece. Best to contact the Mariposa Company’s customer service department directly for more information.



Ask Sista Felicia



I look forward to the questions  I receive from GMG FOB’s, family and friends each week! Dozens of questions are asked and answered in the aisles of local stores while I shop, and dozens are privately asked and answered through email, text message, Facebook , or Tweeter each day.  I especially love when a question  inspires a Sista’s Dish Post!  One question asked today did just that!

Ellie Bevins Writes~ Making a rhubarb crisp for a gift. Give me your talented ideas for how to wrap an 8 in square pan??? I was going to put it on a mason jar, but I don’t think its big enough to hold a good amount. I’m stuck. Ellie

Sista Felicia’s Wrapping Suggestion~ Wrap baking dish in tea towel or small Table cloth; gather cloth ends in center of dish; fasten with Zip Tie; using matching decorative ribbon, tie fresh flower bouquet to gathered top and fix decorative bow!