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Artober Opening Photos At Bodin Historic Photo Covered By Fr Matthew Green

Good evening, Joey! I just got back from the Artober opening at Bodin Historic Photo.  It was great to meet Kathleen Miller, who is a wonderfully talented artist. Besides the paintings – which seem to glow with their own light – there was a great selection of photos and other art, and delicious wine and finger food, including some home-made strudel good enough to knock your socks off.
Light in the darknessStorefront

An overview of the galleryP1070270

The refreshment tableP1070271

Visitors peruse the gallery


Fred with his iMac showing historic photos


Kathleen Miller with some of her paintingsKathleen Miller with some of her paintings

The ones I bought:


Note from editor Joey C- “When I popped in to say hey to Fred just a few days ago I met Kathleen and told her I loved the light in that very painting you bought with the lighthouse.  Loved he way she recreated the light behind the lighthouse!