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Rusty+Ingrid Creative Company Moves to Rockport!

The grand opening for Rusty+Ingrid Creative Company’s new digs in Rockport continues through Sunday. Don’t miss the chance to stop by and see their work in their new studio and gallery. Their prints are vibrant, original, and completely handmade (including the frames). Also, they’re offering popcorn in different flavors. Who knew chocolate-drizzled popcorn was delicious? Not me.

The good news is that if you miss the grand opening, you can just stop by during regular gallery hours, or check them out in Boston at SoWa on Sundays, or find them online (especially their very cool Instagram).

Rusty + Ingrid Creative Company Grand Opening

Having Rusty and Ingrid relocate to Rockport is a great asset to the burgeoning makers and artists’ scene in town, and Rockport is truly lucky to have them right on Main Street. The space is live/work, so the entire family is making Rockport their home — another way they’re investing in the community. More and more downtown Rockport merchants are also Cape Ann residents, which has obvious implications for the level of investment our local merchants make the community. This shift is making a huge difference in town, and good things are happening all over. That is, if summer ever shows up and the MBTA doesn’t shut down the train.

Ingrid, looking as cool as that infused water.


oh Motif No.1..you never looked better

Maine gets in on the action


All the store fixtures were designed and built by Rusty and Ingrid


front of the shop with the studio in the back


The print studio


Fun with chalk


turns out that chocolate drizzle on popcorn is pretty awesome.



the view from Main Street


Rusty and Ingrid

Charles Fine Arts: Form–Face-Figure Exhibit


IMG_3296On Exhibit at the Charles Fine Arts located at 196 Main Street Gloucester.

FORM  FACE FIGURE  starting Saturday March 18th – April 9th

Includes Live Portrait Sessions by Geoffrey Chalmers, Eli Cedrone, and Leon Doucette



IMG_3303   IMG_3304

IMG_3305   IMG_3308

IMG_3310   IMG_3312


IMG_3302   IMG_3311

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Central Street Gallery – This Saturday at 5:00 PM!

Central Street Gallery
currently on display at the gallery
 Touch the heart with art: A new show @ central
Please join us for chocolates, prosecco and wonderful artwork. 

Reception: Sat., February 8, 5-8pm 
Show starts Friday, February 7. 

Show runs through April 6. 

An exhibition of artwork by talented Manchester High School students will be featured at the gallery mid February. Click here for information. 

Alison Rowell | Gallery Director
Central Street Gallery
11 Central Street,Manchester-by-the-Sea
tel: 978 526-7650

Manchester by the Shop – Central Street Gallery

Located at 11 Central Street in Manchester, the Central Street Gallery is an artists cooperative. Gallery Director Alison Rowell says that they have about 14 members who each rent wall space in the gallery which starts off at a width of approximately 73″. The artists can hang as many paintings as are practical.

The focus of the gallery is a traditional Plein Aire style with the paintings set in gold frames. There are some deviations on the theme providing  some different styles though the general style for paintings is still life and landscapes.

Each member of the Gallery agrees to rent space and also to paint 5-6 new paintings every two months which they deliver framed and ready for hanging. The Gallery presents six shows each year so the collection of paintings is changing every two months. To give each artist equal opportunity to the better display areas on the walls, every two months each artist rotates their space three wall spaces, guaranteeing each artist equal time in the front window.

Central Street Gallery is celebrating their fifth year at 11 Central Street and will be starting their next show with an opening night reception on December 7th. This show will focus on smaller works from the artists.

In addition to the Gallery there is a website (www.central street gallery.com) where more of each artist’s works are shown.

The artists are generally local with a number living in Manchester and Gloucester. Central Street Gallery is a great place to support local artists and is clearly a place to check out.

Manchester by the Shop – Mimi

Mimi is an artist driven gift, jewelry and fine art store located at 19 Central Street in Manchester. It was started in Ipswich in the summer of 2007 with locations in Ipswich and a bit later Manchester. Having closed the Ipswich store about three years ago Manchester has become their flagship store.

Co-founders Mia Nehme and her daughter Claudia Bowman say that they search for gifts and fine art that are made or designed by artists, and they feature the work of several local painters and artisan gifts. In addition they carry glassware, silverware, scarfs, by several vendors including Ekelund, Simon Pearce, Le Jaquard Francais, Mariposa and more. Then there is an extensive selection of jewelry.

In the having something for everyone department, Mimi has gifts from $10.oo on up, Yankee Swap gifts to art work and gifts for very special occasions.  For men they have created a “Man Cave” at the back of the store where they sell primarily shaving and smoking items.(Actually the “Cave” is a nice display case).  They have a jewelry selection with pieces from various local artists. Aron Leaman of Gloucester, a artist who works in glass produced a number of glass globes with actual Singing Beach Sand inside. Mia highlights this to say that because they deal directly with many of the artists special orders even with design changes on some items can be requested.

From time to time Mimi holds special events in which their customers are invited to hear from, see and learn about particular vendors or artists work.

Mimi’s website is at http://www.mimigiftgallery.com, the store is at 19 Central Street just across the street from the Town Hall.  Check them out!

Rocky Neck Art Colony New Artists Show

On Sunday, March 3, I attended the Rocky Neck Art Colony “New Members Show – Meet The Artists Reception” at the The Cultural Center At Rocky Neck.

As usual, the selection of art was intriguing and beautiful – well worth the visit! The show runs until March 18, so you still have time if you haven’t seen it yet.

I set about trying to get photos of each one of the artists with one of works. Here are a few samples.

Otto Laske:


Nadine Boughton:


Peter Reis:

To see the photos, click below:


I only missed Thomas Martin, Rosella Park Sagall, and Deb Schradieck, who were not there while I was taking photos. 

Fr. Matthew Green

Help Create a Scene in Rockport!

Rockport is an awesome, beautiful place, but some of us who live here would like to shake things up a little bit. So we’re throwing an art party of sorts on August 18th right in downtown Rockport. And to truly make this a community event, I set up a project page on Kickstarter. I’ve been really out of it lately, having a baby and trying to stay awake during daylight hours, so putting this together on Kickstarter took some more mental prowess than I expected, but I figured it out eventually (hats off to GMG contributor E.J. who funded her book project with your support through Kickstarter!). Anyway if you’re one of the Cape Ann locals or visitors who want to see art happen in spontaneous ways in dowtown Rockport, check out the Art Exchange project to see if it’s something you can support. We are funding this event with a goal of $500 and so far we have $50 raised, which is exciting! Feel free to email me (Sarah) at artnowrockport@gmail.com or therovinghome@gmail.com with any questions about the project or the event itself. And just click the image to find out more:

click the image for project information

Artists After Hours at the Community Cinema

I went to a great new event last night at the Cape Ann Community Cinema for Artists After Hours… I know, it sounds a bit mysterious. And if that makes you want to go, by all means keep thinking it’s extremely mysterious.

In reality, though, a great group of local visual artists, musicians, and writers organized by Nonie Brady and Rokhaya Waring gathered to watch a great film about Charles and Ray Eames – the architect and the painter.

Eames Image

Now, I didn’t really know anything about these two before going to the movie, but afterward I felt ignorant for that. Turns out they not only designed one of the most prolific chair designs in our current society, they also made a film to show America to the Soviet Russians during the Cold War, solved the PR problems of the computer when it first came out, and made all kinds of other fun and fantastic contributions to society.

It was a lot of fun to gather together with other artists and then discuss the film with them a little bit afterward. Looking forward to the next event, February 27th. Word on the street is it’ll be a showing of Waste Land, about Vik Muniz, a creator of giant portraits of garbage pickers in Brazil made out of the garbage itself. He then sold these portraits with the proceeds going to the pickers themselves. Should make for some good discussion!

Artists Announced for December 1 Gloucester Creates Exhibit

Valerie Marcley writes-

The opening night reception of the Gloucester Creates Exhibit kicks off at 5 pm December 1 at the Annie in downtown Gloucester. The show’s emphasis is to highlight local emerging artists.

Cape Ann’s Kerry Mullen, Juliet Chamberlain, Wendie Demuth, Matt Rose, Marion Hall, Andy Jones, Bonnie Sylvester, Lauren Maher, Laurie Strickland, Alice Gardner, Jurek Schreiner, Keara Watson, Linda Palmer and Allie Mandell have created a multi-media show. Painting, drawings, photography, sculpture, miniatures, and pixel art along with a selection of hand crafted cards, toys and jewelry are included for holiday sales. The evening’s dynamic is enhanced with a live Annie rehearsal, music and a mural in progress.

The Gloucester Creates show is part of the Ladies Christmas Shopping Stroll in downtown Gloucester December 1 and continues December 2 and 3 from 3 to 7 pm. A second reception, part of the Men’s Shopping Stroll, is on December 8 at 5 pm.

Where are the upcoming artists on Cape Ann? They are at the Annie (the Cape Ann Theatre), One Washington Street at the corner of Main in Gloucester, MA.

Some of our artists:

Andy Jones


Marion Hall


Wendie Demuth


Jurek Schreiner


Artists in the Sargent House Museum Garden Today

Joey: I will be one of two (due to rain last Sunday) featured artists in the garden of the Sargent House Museum, this Sunday, August 14, from 12-4PM. I hope that you are able to post this event. Your blog is valuable publicity for so many people, especially artists!

We are:

Dorothy Englander, who will be drawing and painting in watercolor and ink



and Mary McCarl, who will be working in watercolor.



We will have works available to purchase. This event is part of a celebration of "Contemporary Artists at Historic Sites." Sargent House Director Kate Laurel Burgess-Mac Intosh conceived of this collaboration of the old and the new. It is a special opportunity for visitors to observe contemporary artists at work in a historic setting. The museum is located at 49 Middle Street, where it can be entered; the garden and the museum are accessible through the wrought iron gate on Main Street as well (next to La Trattoria).

We look forward to the weather cooperating, and to seeing many people there to see our artwork and to visit the museum.

Thank you,

Dorothy Englander


Get your Art Blog Noticed Today, With these 8 Simple Rules

For all the GMG Artist’s Out There.


From EmptyEasel.com;

“Now that your art blog is up-and-running (and you have a few posts under your belt) it’s time to get that blog noticed! Below are 8 simple rules for getting more readers. . . and more attention online.

1. Write Appealing Content


The first rule to getting your blog post noticed by others is to remember who your audience is. You’re not writing in your personal art diary, you’re writing to an audience. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your posts reader-focused.

Its okay to share personal insights about art and the art business, its okay to toot your own horn once in awhile, it’s even okay to share your personal struggles. . . just make sure that when you do, you leave your readers with some sort of “take home value.”

In other words, if you’ve written about a recent struggle you’ve experienced, conclude the post with a solution. If you’ve yet to resolve the problem, share resources (i.e. some helpful links) to possible solutions.

2. Write Each Post Like You’re Talking To A Friend


What would you rather read? A post that feels stifled and bogged down with impersonal, textbook-sounding statements, or a post that makes you feel as though the blogger is one of your dearest, and most treasured, friends?

Blog posts which make the reader feel like a real person get shared the most, so when writing your posts, write as though you are writing to your best friend, not a stranger. Write in your own voice and stick to one subject per post.”

Check out the Other 6 Rules here: EmptyEasel. com

EmptyEasel.com is a great resource for Artist’s. Click on the link Below.


Oh Yeah! Here’s my Art Blog. Click Below




Catch…What a Whale Shouldn’t Have to Eat

White Trash on White Snow

There’s a local blog (with universal appeal) you should check out. A Rockporter goes to the beach every day collecting trash and other detritus that washes up. She then organizes this trash – sometimes by color, sometimes by theme, sometimes by another method – and documents each find with a photo.

It’s a bit shocking (as well as visually fascinating) to see both the kinds of things that wash up and the volume of things that wash up. Of course we all know, theoretically anyway, that a bunch of trash litters the beach after every tide. But gone, more or less, are the days of poetic trash, like beach glass. In fact, finding beautiful beach glass juxtaposed against plastic bottle caps on the sand only heightens the awareness of how ugly and permanent our modern version of beach glass is in its plastic persistence. The irony of seeing water bottles littering the beach, when these bottles no doubt originated with health-conscious and hydration-minded people, would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

And if you’d rather not view the blog from an environmentalist’s perspective, you can enjoy the images for the sense of color and visual interest they retain. Just another example of the artistic wealth on Cape Ann, where residents are capable of creating beauty from piles of trash.

The blog: Catch…What a Whale Shouldn’t Have to Eat

Green Trash

Lighters on the Snow

Social Media For Artists (and non-profits)

SocialMediaforArtistscard (1)

You know how I’m always banging the drum about twitter and social media and how any restaurant or hotel that doesn’t use it is being completely negligent to their business?  Well the same can be said for local artists and non-profits. If you aren’t engaging in some types of Social media you are being negligent to your sustainability as an artist who can support themselves through their art.

Like it or not the way people are getting their information is through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There are content creators that would like nothing better than to help you spread the good word about what you’re organization is doing.

Organizations like the Artsmap, the Rocky Neck Art Colony newsletter, seARTS newsblast, GMG and others aggregate art related postings from the web and send them out to people that WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR LATEST VENTURE!

Here’s the thing- If you are not participating in at the very least Twitter and the 140 characters in which you can post a message about your latest art exhibit or newest project, then why should you expect anyone else to care?  Get off your ass, go to Jo-Ann and Barbara’s social media class, and be included in the online conversation that is going on around you and should involve your voice.

Kenny and I am planning to have a social media presentation for businesses and individuals some time soon but this event on the 12th focuses on Artists and non-profits.

Please do this for yourself- and in the words of Jerry Maguire,

“Help me help you” 

Learn how to get your voice out to the masses, make it easier for the Rainmakers to find out about your coolest new ventures and spread the word for you.  You may not realize it yet but even email is slowly being less and less used.  people are communicating more and more through Twitter, and Facebook.  Get on the train before your kids start talking about you like you are an old fogey that can’t figure this shit out.

Barbara writes-

Jo-Ann and I are doing an Intro to Social Media Marketing for Artists (and non profits too) on February 12.at Ten Pound Studio.
Jo-Ann is doing an "arts map" preso at this.
I’m attaching a jpeg, the press release and
the link to artsgloucester site to purchase tickets (through mkat tix):
Anything you could do to get the word out there would be appreciated. Thanks.

SeArts networking party at Lanesville Community Center

It’s was a great way for long-standing and potential seARTS members to mingle and for up-and-coming artists to meet established artists. 

 Live music, modern dance, and lots of very very talented people. 

 A contest for best creative name tag see some below.  

Click on Photo to see Name Tags


Open doors for all Artist – click for slide-show 

Open doors for all Artist – click for slide-show


James Caviston, President presents Raffle Winner


SeArts – Society for the Encouragement of the ARTS