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Sunday’s Art Rock Found! But has not Reported back to Home Base.

Sunday’s Art Rock Found! But has not Reported back to Home Base.

You got to pay attention and click on the links in the post for the hints if you care.

Rockport maybe next. Or maybe Manchester, Magnolia, Lanesville, Annisquam or essex. So many Sketchy possibilities.

Look for Hints on My Twitter, GMG or Facebook accounts.



“ART, ROCKS!” Gloucester

It’s Located in Gloucester, somewhere.

Sorry that’s your only GMG Hint!

Enjoy the the Day.

Take a Walk Maybe you’ll stumble on it!

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The Sketch the Rock sits on has nothing to do with it's Location.


Patti Keenan- Proud New Owner of the Latest Art Rock!

Patty Writes-

Dear Mr. Frontiero, aka "Paulie Walnuts"

I found the rock at the paint factory today at 2:15 pm.  I’m still in shock.  I never thought it would still be there at this hour. I have tried so many times and end up looking at an empty hole in the ground.  I can’t express to you how happy you made today.   And bless you for not making me climb that fence.  Nobody needs to see that. I feel like a know you from GMG.  All of you cub reporters are  just great.  Informative, Funny, Historical, and Creative.  You all make me feel incredibly inadequate, but in a good way.  Please do not stop participating on that site.  You are an important and necessary ingredient in that recipe.  I enjoy  looking forward to it every day, You are so talented and I appreciate your gift of art combined with  treasure hunting so much.  I feel like I am part of a very elite group now.  Thank You for taking the time to do the art rocks, and the video with the ringleader, Joey.  I truly have a piece of Gloucester now. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please just ask.

So Very Sincerely, Patti Keenan

“Art, Rocks!” State Fish Pier 10/16/2010

I let one loose today!  I mean an “Art, Rock!”

Down at the State Fish Pier at 11:45am.

I think it will take awhile to find because it’s cold and windy, not too many people walking around.

Here are two photo clues.




Art Rock Found By Eurodam Cruiser- On It’s Way To San Diego

Bonnie Writes-

Hello:  I found your art rock on Friday the 24th around 2:30 pm. I was heading toward the cruiseport in order to board my tender for the Eurodam when I noticed your rock leaning against the bottom of the granite boulder in the cruiseport sign area in Gloucester.  I was so surprised to find it and chuckled when I turned the rock over and noticed the contact information. I was visiting your city as part of my package. I live in San Diego and am a jogger/walker always on the look out for treasures. I also found a nice purse flashlight while I was out walking to add to my list. 

I also dabble in art and would like to refer you to a website you might find interesting called atcsforall.com  The members trade original artists cards the size of a baseball card throughout the world. 

Thanks for  helping to make my trip fun and interesting. It’s always fun to have a unique story to tell.



Earl Rocks! Special Edition

Tonights Art Rock!

To Whom it may concern;

Looks like it will be a “LOOPY” Night on the Gloucester Waterfront tonight due to the Massive storm heading away from us. Thank God Ed Collard will be on Storm Watch Duty Tonight for GMG.

There are only Photos for Clues for this “Special Edition Hurricane Earl” Art Rock.

Believe it or not some people don't know where this place is. They do a great job for the Gloucester Waterfront!

A great place to sit and have Lunch or Draw.


Sundays “Art, Rock!” Found

A few hours after Sketching, Dropping and Posting My latest “Art Rock” Sunday, I received this email from the Serrin Family.

“As soon as we saw the post we rushed right over there.  So excited to finally find one!  We are big fans of GMG.  Little Jack Serrin loves his new toy.”  :)    The Serrin Family

The Serrin Family Photo of where I left the Rock

Here’s Little Jack Serrin with his new Toy

I accept no responsibility for the damage "Little Jack" may do with that Rock

Thanks to the Serrins for the Kind Words.

BANANAS, ROCK!!!!! Breaking News Update!

Drats! I’ve Been Out smarted again.

The clues I gave must’ve been too easy.

I think it was the Banana Splits TV Show Theme Song that Gave it away.

Here’s The  photo of Kerry, and Her Mom, Karen McNally After Winning the “Bazaar Art Rock Contest”.

They are the Winners of a ROCK! An “ART, ROCKS!” Rock.

They Figured out all the clues and Found their way to the Vintage Clothing Store “Bananas” to claim their Prize.

Here’s the Emails I received from Kerry and Her Mom Karen;

Hi Mr. Frontiero,

I would like to let you know that I found your awesome rock at Bananas!
My mom and I are very excited!!!!

I love painting, and I have been collecting art work from different states. I would love to add your rock to my art collection.
We walked around main street, this afternoon, telling your story of the painted rocks.

My mom had fun solving the riddle, and I couldn’t believe that I actually found one of your amazing rocks!

Thank you!

-Kerry McNally

From Karen; (Kerry’s Mom)

Your artwork, and how it was discovered, has been Kerry’s main topic of discussion with friends and family since Saturday.
The excitement of it’s find has not diminished, and I don’t think that it ever will!

Kerry says “Thank you for the great adventure”.


I’m Humbled. Well Honored is probably a better word. :)

For my Rock to Be included in Kerrys Art Collection.

Thanks so much Kerry for the Inspiration!

 Big Thanks go to my Friends at BANANAS for hosting the contest.

Thank you Richard and Debbie!

 Can anyone name all 4 members of the Banana Splits?


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