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Old School vs New School- You Decide

Old School South Beach- The Winter Haven Hotel

Winter Haven Hotel, South Beach Miami, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

New School South Beach -Il Villagio




Art Deco, South Beach, Miami

These hotels are old and have a rich history.  When I was looking up and trying to frame this shot I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mischief went on over the years on that rooftop balcony.   I mean really, how much damage has been done up there?  What kinds of parties?  How many times did lovers have at it up there with the Atlantic lapping at the shore across the street and partygoers dining and drinking  down below on Ocean Ave?  If the walls could talk in some of these places and tell the stories of  drug deals, romantic encounters, fights, the highs and lows of South Beach’s popularity what a story some of these buildings could tell.

Art Deco, South Beach, Miami, originally uploaded by captjoe06.