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Jesus I’m Disgusting- Male Armpit Hair Poll

I’m gonna spare y’all the nasty photograph of my armpit hair but I have a burning question that can only be answered with a thoroughly scientific GMG reader poll.

As I get older my armpit hair much like my nose hair is growing wildly out of control.  It’s disgusting.  While I regularly maintain the growth in my nose hair, crazy weird wayward eyebrow hairs and manscape my junk I’m a little leery about trimming my armpit hair.

I don’t think as a man you want to take that armpit hair down to the skin like a woman but do guys regularly trim their armpit hair?  I’m reaching out because I honestly don’t know and I don’t want to create a monster if I get started and then the stuff grows back three times more thickly and suddenly my armpits look like a really bad 70’s porno coochie.

Just taking off my shirt and *POOF* strike people with a big ol’  70’s porno bush. *KAPLOWIE*

So male GMG folk, how do you handle your armpit hair situation?  Do you trim away a little to keep in manageable?  Do you shave it right down like a Georgia peach? Do you let the stuff grow proud and braid it occasionally?

What is your armpit hair management situation if any?