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Arethusa 04/22/12


Definition: Arethusa was a nymph, possibly the daughter of an Arcadian river god, and a follower of the virgin goddess Artemis. One day as she was bathing, she discovered the river god Alpheus desired her, so she fled. She ran as far as the island of Syracuse, but he kept up. In desperation, Arethusa called on Artemis to defend her. Artemis did what she could. She transformed Arethusa into a spring, but according to Pausanias, the nymph didn’t remain pure even in her transformed state. Alpheus had himself transformed into a river running under the spring so that the waters of river and spring might mingle. AND KNOW YOU KNOW.



Molly Ferrill Shares Her Timelapse Video Settings and Another Video Lobstering Aboard The Arethusa

Molly writes-


It’s manual focus, shutter speed 1/13, aperture 4.5, manual iso (400) and there are 335 frames included! I think I had the interval between shots at 5 seconds. Each image is a full-size jpeg, (which I don’t think was actually necessary, especially not for the web!) and I used final cut express software to edit the time lapse. (each frame is .03 seconds long I think). It was one of the first time lapses I have made with the intervalometer but I think it worked out pretty well… next time I will set the interval for a little shorter and take more frames so the final time lapse is a little longer! Oh and by the way, at the end I made the last few shots with longer and longer shutter speeds so that it would gradually fade to white. It wouldn’t have been that drastic at the very end if I hadn’t done that.

LOVE the one you did with the clouds! Gorgeous. It looks just like a time lapse but less jerky which is good for clouds. Very nice!

Here’s a link to a short little video I just made compiling some of the photos and short video clips from going out on the boat.

Lobster Fishing with Tom and Cody!

Tommy Burns’ Arethusa Back Lobstering

Tommy has been doing engine work to the Arethusa all summer long along with other repairs.  He had been lobstering out of a lobster boat half it’s size which meant he couldn’t shift lobster traps the way a true lobsterman would to follow the lobsters around.  With a boat like the Arethusa you can put a good amount of gear aboard and shift teh gear according to what the lobsters are doing.

There’s a saying in the lobster industry I heard my father say when I was much younger but it has stuck with me.  There are “lobstermen” who fish the gear and move the traps around to maximize their catch.  Then there are “pot haulers” who simply dump the lobster lobster traps back in the same spots and don’t move the gear around to maximize their catch according to lobster movement patterns.

Tommy Burns is a “lobsterman” and he is now back to lobstering.