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GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

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Topics Include:Lone Gull Coffee, Brothers Brew Bacon Donuts, BIL Barry, Sista Felicia, Alicia DeWolfe, Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, A Lot Of Cox, Life After Mamie’s Kitchen, George’s Coffee Shop, Fort Square Cafe, Pumpkin Coffee Love vs Pumpkin Coffee Disgust, Donna Ardizzoni From Summahville, That One Bad Pistachio and Burnt Coffee, Paul Bruce and The Benjamin Smith Playground, Is It A Donut or Is It A Muffin?, GMG SuperFan Dave Moore, Olive Kitteridge, Bex, Passports,Pirate’s Lane, Frances Macdormand,Captain Amanda Madeira, Schooner Ernestina, Effie Morrissey, Maritime Gloucester, Piper Boatworks, http://www.ernestina.maritimegloucester.org/,Chester Bringham, Pheonix Of The Seas, James Eves, Cape Ann Giclee, Changing The Name Of The Ernestina, Ocean Classroom, Thomas Lannon, Ardelle, Connors Farm, Pumpkin Cannon, Safety Concerns With The Pumpkin Cannon, Corn Maze, Russell Orchard, YMCA Taste of Cape Ann, Cruiseport, Open Bowl, Art Haven Buoy Auction.

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Seal Pup From Tony Hilliard

Yo Joey!

Thought you and your readers would get a kick out of this pic I took last night while out on the Ardelle. Apparently this little guy is a regular on Ten Pound Island. We nicknamed him Rusty.

                                                All the best to you and GMG

                                                          Tony H

ps: keep up the good work!



Join the crews for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

THE SCHOONER CHALLENGE out of Gloucester Harbor on Monday, June 17th 6pm-8pm.

The three Essex-built schooners are, Thomas E. Lannon, Ardelle and Fame.

This fun-filled Challenge will benefit the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s 86 year-old

Schooner Evelina M. Goulart. This would make an ideal club, association or family team event!

For more information, and to buy tickets now, please visit our Museum’s secure web site:


Don’t Delay–Limited tickets are available so sign-on NOW.

Page Bc

Let the Fun Begin!

joey with ardelle tree nail passes

Here we have Joey with treenails sticking out of his ears.  Treenails were used in ancient shipbuilding to secure the planks of the boat, and are still used today by builders like Harold Burnham at Burnham Shipyard in Essex on boats like the pinky schooner Ardelle.  These treenails are Ardelle passes, which Joey received yesterday at the gallery from Harold, delivered by Len Burgess, giving him passage on the Ardelle.

madfish opening night 2013

Last night was the opening of Madfish Grille and a bunch of us artists on Madfish Wharf went down after we closed our galleries to have dinner, courtesy of the generosity of our friend and fellow artist, Alma McLaughlin, who treated us.  I’ve been craving some of Jordan’s sushi, and last night ordered the Thunder, which did not disappoint, and even tasted more amazing than I remembered from last year.  The others who had sushi were equally pleased.  It was the first night the Madfish was open for the season and there were a few hitches.  The bar hadn’t yet been fully stocked so a couple of people in our group couldn’t get what they wanted to drink, and there were no lights on coming down Madfish Wharf, giving the appearance that the place was closed once it got dark.  Hopefully that will all be rectified before the weekend.  The service was great and the place looks beautiful.   If you’ve been hankering for some of Jordan’s (or Sang’s – who is back at Madfish this season and is getting hitched in June – sorry all you gals who has crushes), come on down to Madfish and get your fill.

E.J. Lefavour

Chickity Check It!- Story About Zack Teal, Crew On Ardelle For Fun

Laurie Fullerton submits-

Hi Joey,

I wrote this story for WickedLocal.com and it ran last week in the Amesbury News. I was hoping it might run in Gloucester, too. It is about young Zack Teal who is a cremate on the schooner Ardelle but also lives in Essex in summer. He is building the whaleboat at Lowells boatshop but also was the young lad who helped build the schooner Ardelle. He is off to Maine Maritime this fall after graduation. Just thought you might like to post it.  Cheers and thanks, – Laurie Fullerton

Here is the link and photos

Read more: The Whaleboat Project: Smooth sailing at Lowell’s as launch date nears – Amesbury, MA – Amesbury News http://www.wickedlocal.com/amesbury/news/x179155098/The-Whaleboat-Project-Smooth-sailing-at-Lowells-as-launch-date-nears#axzz2T0qZXEHP

Harold Burnham Refreshes ARDELLE for 2013 Season From Kathy Chapman

Harold Burnham, Master Shipwright and 2012 National Heritage Fellow performs yearly maintenance on his “pinky” schooner ARDELLE.

"During the season (May- October) the ARDELLE operates out of Maritime Gloucester daily for public and private sails and also serves as the research and educational vessel for the center."

- From their website: http://schoonerardelle.com/

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013



Putting Ardelle On The Railways photos by Anthony Marks

Hi Joey
The Ardelle was pulled up on the railways Saturday at noon,it took
about an hour to complete the job.
All the best Anthony

Ardelle Report From Al Bezanson

0630  Oct 9th…. Ardelle is docked at Baltimore Marine Center in Canton close to Pride of Baltimore II and a flock of other schooners who will be participating in the 127 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race to Portsmouth, VA.  The race begins Thursday afternoon and the wind that is forecasted may be a bit challenging for some of the gaff rigged boats.  Harold is among a lot friends there, and Canton/Fells Point is swarming with cordial volunteers.  About 38 schooners are entered.  Each boat will have a transponder aboard for tracking.  Avid schooner fans might enjoy watching the race all night, keeping an eye on the weather buoys and wind forecast along the route.  On Saturday there is a Pig Roast and Awards Ceremony that goes on for most of the day in Portsmouth.  More information here:




Al Bezanson


Ardelle report -Len Burgess

Harold Burnham with his NEA National Heritage Fellowship Award at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Oct. 3, 2012. With him is his son Alden and daughter Perry.


Big Washington Post story Thurs. AM on Harold Burnham…



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