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One Evening in May

The Annisquam Village Library has sent out this notice. Elinor’s last play reading was a true delight. This one may be even better.  All GMG readers know Elinor from the wonderful photos she submits regularly to the blog, under Squam Creative.  Now you can get to know her as a playwright and director too.

On February 21st, ONE EVENING IN MAY written and directed by local author and resident, Elinor Teele, will be presented in a reading with fellow actors in the Library at 8 o’clock. Annisquam thespian, Beebe Nelson, will be one of the participants.
The plot follows the fortunes of the Greenwood family over the course of one magical May night. Nick, the patriarch, is attempting to keep crows from devouring his rare cultivar. Nora, his wife, is trying to ensure his wearing trousers. Rose, their daughter and an army veteran, is at war with her precocious son, Will, who is at odds with her mustachioed partner, Peter. Lust, lunacy ad a duel or two must ensue before love can conquer all.
An excerpt can be found at http://elinorteele.com/plays/comedy/
Not to be missed!