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Don’t miss the Annisquam Annual summer Sea Fair Saturday July 29

Thanks for the reminder Willow Rest!

Annual Sea Fair – Community-Wide Celebration at the Village Center

Saturday,  July 29, 2017 from 10AM – 3:00PM
Food,Books,Art,Flowers,Plants,T-Shirts,The Ship’s Galley, and more
School Yard: Kids’s Games, White Elephant Table
Village Hall: “The Waxworks” – Annisquam’s answer to Madame Tussand’s Waxworks
Music, Dancing and Food 6:30-9:30pm
Lighting of the Cove: 9:00pm


other upcoming summer ​​​Annisquam Activities

Annisquam Art Show II: August 7 to September 9th featuring PETER HERBERT

Annisquam Village Players  SINGING IN THE RAIN August 8 – 13


Annisquam Sea Fair

The Annisquam Sea Fair will be held on July 27, 2013
Sea Fair- 166th year – Saturday, July 27th–10:00 AM–3: 00 PM
A community-wide celebration
Village Center – Food, Books, Art, Flowers, Plants, T Shirts and the Ship’s Galley
School Yard – Kids’ Games, White Elephant Tables
Village Hall – “The Waxworks” – Annisquam answer to Madame Tussand’s Waxworks.
The Bridge – “Dinner on the Bridge” – open seating – 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.     Tickets   can be purchased at the Annisquam Exchange
Lighting Of Lobster Cove – 9:00 PM

December 24, 2012 Annisquam Lighthouse

Community Photos 8/2/12

Gayle White writes-

Hi Joey,

    Fred Bodin suggested sending you a few pictures from the 2012 Annisquam Sea Fair.  We came up from the South Shore to spend the day there, and discover this charm of this little village.  What a beautiful spot! Could have just spent the day down by the boats and bridge, lol, but the Fair itself was wonderful and the people so welcoming!  From the books for sale, the waterdunk, white elephant table to the food–awesome crabmeat roll and onions rings – everything was just perfect small town Americana at its best!  Annisquam is so beautiful, and the gardens at every turn are just breathtaking! So happy we made the trek north for this small town fair! Loved it!
    Photos are 1. Annisquam Bridge  2, a great old fishing boat   3. a handsome dog I met named Max   4.the Sea Fair main area,   5 and 7 gorgeous flowers for sale and 6.the Annisquam Art gallery with the bustle of crowds in the background.        

     Spent the rest of the day down on Main Street, visiting some great antique and books stores. Love Gloucester!

Take Care and good luck with all that you are doing for Gloucester!

Gayle White


Hi Joey,

     Here’s a few of the fair taken by Kate Conway, another South Bostonian – Fred Bodin told her to send a couple of pictures your way as well. Since Kate is in the middle of a move, she asked me to send them for her.  We usually travel around in a pair – picking a new spot/ location each Saturday – spend the day taking photos, eating at one of the restaurants, and walking around the location to get the feel for it. We do a little write up at the end of the day, and that ends up on our facebook pages. We try to send on whatever photos to business owners/ restaurants etc.  We will soon be turning into a blog.

     The Annisquam Fair was our third trip to Gloucester – something about the place reminds us both of South Boston – the neighborhood feel, the waterfront, the people, the good restaurants, and the pride in community we have come across there.  I have to say, you don’t always get that sense when you go into other communities. So, we’ll be back!  Use the photos or not as you see fit. Just wanted you to know how much we love the place!               Thanks, Gayle White


Spirit of Massachusetts Clearing the Breakwater From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

I was fortunate enough to catch the Spirit of Massachusetts coming into the Harbor last week.  I noticed she’s tied up at Maritime Gloucester while she’s here.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


The 93rd Annisquam Sea Fair, 1939 From Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin Submits-


When these photos were taken on August 15th, 1939, the Village of Annisquam was having it’s 93rd annual Sea Fair. Established in 1846, this fair was held during the Civil War at a youthful 15 years old, over the brief Spanish American War in 1898 it was approaching age 50, during the "War to End All Wars" (WW I) it had existed for 70 years, and  the Sea Fair was nearly 100 years old for WW II. This Saturday, July 28th, Gloucester’s Annisquam Village will host it’s 166th Sea Fair. Go there if you can.


You can read about the Fair on Good Morning Gloucester, and I can tell you that it’s a down home, grass roots, pure New England Yankee event. It’s all about family, community, church, neighborhood, and especially tradition.


The Annisquam Sea Fair runs from 10am until 3pm. Dinner on the Annisquam Bridge (shown above in 1890) is served from 5pm to 7pm. Do make a reservation.


This charming woman is selling post card prints for Gloucester photographer Alice M. Curtis (1871 – 1971), whose life’s work I bought in the form of her negatives. Some people seeing this GMG post will recognize their great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and perhaps even themselves as children. I’m hoping to see some interesting comments and recollections.


Dorymaster Race Results From Jimmy T

It was a gorgeous summer day for the 1st Annual Dorymaster Solo Races.
Thanks to the help of Skip Levielle towing the boats over to Annisquam,
the races went off right on schedule. There were 6 competitors in all (4
men and 2 women) competing for the Dorymasters Cup trophy on the 1/2
mile course, which starts on the north side of the footbridge, goes up
deep into Lobster Cove to turn the flags and return to the finish line
near the footbridge.

As race time drew near, throngs of rowing fans crowded the footbridge.
The first race featured experienced Jim Tarantino against new-comer Dave
Buchanan. In an effort to show good-sportsmanship, Tarantino gave way on
the starting line to allow for plenty of berth. Once the starting gun
went off, it was no longer a friendly race, as Buchanan got the early
lead. Halfway to the flags, Tarantino was able to pull even, but try as
he might he couldn’t shake Buchanan, who impressed with a beautiful long
stroke. But the inexperience of Buchanan hurt him, a superior turn and
quicker rate of the old fox Tarantino on the way home, into a strong
westerly wind, gave Jimmy T. the victory in 6:11:28. Dave Buchanan
finished with a  respectable 6:47:28.

The second race featured two International Dory Champions. Erik
Dombrowski vs. Katherine Richmond. Dombrowski crowded Richmond at the
starting line, determined to get every advantage possible. The gun went
off and these two fierce competitors shot off the starting line like
rockets! Both excellent course keepers, they made the turning flags in
good time, but Dombrowski’s extra weight in the boat gave him the
advantage coming home into the wind. Receiving tremendous encouragement
from the Committee boat at the start line,  Erik finished strong with a
great time of 6:11:50. Katherine Richmond had the best womens time of
the day with 6:50:66.

The westerly winds increased, creating difficult conditions for the
final heat. Damon Cummings and Gina Lampassi got off to a great start
but several times down the course the wind got hold of their sterns and
turned them sideways, making it hard to get an even pull for boatspeed.
Once Gina got her bow to the wind she used her experience to keep a
perfect course on the way home, finishing in 7:09:50. Damon had a tough
course coming home into the heavy winds, but pulled out a time of 8:01:40.

Thanks to all the competitors and supporters who helped to make this
event fun and successful. Laurel Tarantino worked the Committee table
and seasoned veteran Jack Sultan, a legendary Dory rower, came out to
lend support and advise to the competitors. Scouts in the dory world
have seen Sultan working hard in the dories with fellow legend Mike
Cody, and the buzz is they may be competing in the Masters Division in
James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee