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FOB’s From SC

pete and pam beardes

Had a very nice visit yesterday at the gallery with Pete and Pam Beardes who had just arrived in Gloucester from Charleston, SC. Pete is an avid GMG FOB who was stationed here with the Coast Guard from 1986-88, during which time he painted the Annisquam Lightkeeper’s house (among other things). Enjoy your stay Pete and Pam, and come back soon!

Found on the Hard Drive

I found this photo of a Painting I did of Annisquam Light seen from Wingaersheek Beach. I donated it a couple of years a go to a St. Ann’s School Auction. It reminded me a little of a Beautiful photo Marty posted recently.
16″x20″ Oil on Canvas

Annisquam Light in Chains

annisquam light in chains

The 29th Annual Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show is coming up Saturday and Sunday, October 12 & 13 (Columbus Day Weekend) from 10:00-5:00 at the Annisquam Village Hall.  It is always a wonderful show with over 40 artists and craftspeople, and great reason to take a trip to Annisquam.  Look for some of my photo montages there.

E.J. Lefavour


Annisquam Light photos and Historic Icehouse Tours for a rainy day

Scott Memhard writes-

Hi Joey – this photographer Bill Downey was down here at the ice co Saturday pm taking some pix, and looking for locations for a LaSalle college photography class project.  He said feel free to post his Annisquam lighthouse photos to GMG if you’d like.

We were slammed with "rainy day" tours here at the icehouse today.  Offered at 9:30, 11 am and 2 pm.

Best, Scott
Scott Memhard, President


Annisquam Light From E.J. Lefavour

E.J. writes-

Did you know that Annisquam Harbor Light Station, formerly known as Wigwam Point (a name that stems from the long use of the point as a summer gathering place for local Indians), was first built in 1801 at a cost of $2,000 and is now one of the oldest light stations in Massachusetts; and that the little white stone house was used to store oil to light the lamp in the tower?


Painting- E.J. Lefavour Khan Studio

Annisquam Light

From : The Lighthouse
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The rocky ledge runs far into the sea,
and on its outer point, some miles away,
the lighthouse lifts its massive masonry,
A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day.

Even at this distance I can see the tides,
Upheaving, break unheard along its base,
A speechless wrath, that rises and subsides
in the white tip and tremor of the face.