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Wicked Tuna Behind The Scenes! INTENSE!

Not gonna lie, all that high tech camera gadgetry made my pants tight.

Camera geek’s wet dream. Literally.

From Andy Baker

7 days of filming, 2 days for still photography, 9 locations, 6 camera units, 7 captains, 5 production support boats, 45 crew members…shooting with Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro, Sony F3…Techno Dolly, Cineflex (boat and helicopter), Underwater Phantom, 360 degree dolly track setup…all in all, one of the most involved, most complex and most fun shoots I’ve been lucky to be a part of. Thank you to the team at Evolve IMG, and the NGC Creative Team for one incredible production!

If You Ever Had a Doubt That Nat Geo Is Putting Serious Dinero Behind Wicked Tuna…

All You Have To Do Is Look at The Sick Gear They Are Using To Shoot It.

Listen, in the past 5 years with the incredible advances in camera technology every soccer mom in the universe thinks they are capable movie producers.

I can’t begin to tell you how many different production companies have come down to the docks pitching us on yet another idea for a reality show based on our dock and our lobstermen.

Most have their Canon Mark X with a Video shooting rig and all the L series lenses.  They want you to sign your life away, work for peanuts for the first season and do everything but tell you that they are going to make you look like a complete jackass. But hey, you’ll be on TV so it’s all good.  99% of them are jokers.

Not the team from EvolveIMG, the team who shoots Wicked Tuna.  They are the real deal and from this shot just inside the dogbar breakwater of the type of high tech gear they are using to shoot the next season of Wicked Tuna, you know this is a big budget, high quality outfit.