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iPhone 6 is coming in 2014: leaked specs and potential upgrades, plus latest iOS 7.2 or 8

Right in step with our boy Joey’s advice/predictions about the state of iPhone in the coming years, here’s a little info. Looks like the iPhone 6, a new phablet, and the next iOS may be out by the summer. I know how this stuff goes, so a grain of salt needs to be applied here. But, if your a Mac/Apple geek (or slave), you may enjoy the latest news. BTW, rumors of having 2K resolution screens this year??? Whaatt???!!! Yes I’m a resolution slut! Enjoy folks!

This links will give you the “scoop” on what may be coming for the iPhone.
This link below is awesome. If you know your up for a new phone this year, this will save an additional $50 no matter what model you buy, yep anything! The catch, you have to buy at BEST BUY of course, and you must reserve your coupon…oh well!

RD Tech Tip: Credit Card Swipers for Your Small Cape Ann Shop

EJ asked me about credit card swipers and I think we both knew about the same amount. That there were two out there that worked easily on smartphones. PayPal Reader and The Square. (Click either for signup and more info.)

The Square on the left and PayPal Reader on the right

The Square on the left and PayPal Reader on the right

So it’s 2013 and Rubber Duck thinks it is time for all the galleries and small shops to get one of these if they are still using the old paper ka-chunk machine for credit card transactions. Even the old phone swipe machines are old technology and slow. Are you going to lose sales if you don’t upgrade? Maybe. Crowded shop on Saturday and you want to spend time with the customers and they don’t want to wait in line while you either ka-chunk or use the telephone to call in a card.

Rubber Duck recommendations. What you need:

1) Smartphone. Android or iPhone both can use them. You probably already have one or you already know if you are an iPhone person or an Android person. Joey likes Androids, I like iPhones, personal choice. (Do make sure your phone version is new enough. It likely is.) There is a caveat to the iPhone. It is very easy to turn an iPad into a cash register. If you have wireless in your shop that iPad is a cash register and a credit card swiper. Clear all the old tech away and you may not need the smartphone.

2) PayPal Reader or The Square. Kind of a toss up. Both are dead simple to use once you have given them all your documentation. Rates are 2.75% or 2.7%. I hope everyone picks both then complains about the percent. Competition will drive it to a more reasonable 1.85% of the old ka-chunk. But that extra one percent is worth the convenience.

One caveat: If you already have a PayPal commercial account as a collection source I would look at their set-up first. If you are really pinching pennies The Square rebates the ten bucks you paid for it. And the deals you can get on smartphones are pretty decent lately. You don’t need the newest model iPhone 5. You can get the iPhone 4S for 99 cents when you sign the two year deal. Same kind of deals on Androids since the wicked awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 that tracks your eyeballs is coming out the S3 is/will be cheap.

Will I buy lobsters from Joey with a swipe next to the scale? Sometimes cash is the handiest and 2.7% would pay for a few rubber boots. But transactions in a gallery where the tourista only has a card and not much time, it’s a good fit. It only takes one extra impulse purchase per month to easily cover the cost.

Imagine you have a card table in front of the store with mugs. Someone walking by likes one. Swipe right there, they sign the phone with their finger, and done.

Random Thoughts About My Experience With Apple and Microsoft

Random thoughts about my experience with apple and microsoft

My ipod touch is the coolest, easiest-to-use,just works out of the box seemlessly, gadget I’ve ever owned.  It promises to do a lot and over delivers.

I wish I had an iPhone.

I’ve never owned a mac but have wanted to for a couple years-mainly for the ability to make some great videos.

Every time I need to purchase a new computer for the house or dock I’ve looked at macs and just can’t bring myself to spend over double to get a similarly spec’d mac compared to a pc.

Windows 7 is a ginormouse step forward over any of the three previous pc operating systems I’ve used.

I LOVE it’s file system, love windows live writer for blogging, love windows LIVE movie maker(all new in windows 7), and many of the other features in win7

Although the iPad is cool as hell I’d rather have a $700 laptop with a 4g sprint connection which they will be rolling out this summer.  faster speeds and you can do wayyyy more on a laptop than you can do on an iPad.

That’s not to say the iPad isn’t cool as hell, but you’d be able to do wayyyyy more on a $700 laptop with 4g.

I also think that a laptop is a better format for a mobile computing device than an iPad.

If you carry and iPad around you have to protect that screen.  with a laptop you close the cover and the screen is protected.

With an iPad you need to hold it with one  hand and type with one, with a laptop you adjust the angle of the screen to what works for how you are viewing it and bang away with two hands.

just off the top of my head.

Oh I’ll also add that the apple products have wayyyyy cooler interfaces.

the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all  are way cooler interfaces than any android or other phones or mini computers I’ve ever used.