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Andrews Point today ready for Surfin’?

A lone surfer with board was looking at it but sense prevailed. At low tide there was no way to get into the water without having your brains bashed out by Cape Ann granite.

Click photo for twenty more shots:

Also included are some shots of some cute plump birds dabbling in the rocks. Same ones we saw at the end of Dogbar Breakwater last week. They are amazing little flyers in formation.

Thanksgiving Sunrise

Sunrise over the Rockport breakwater this morning. The one time I wish  I had a video camera. The sunbeam started over on the  left then tracked like an enormous searchlight across the Dry Salvages before lighting up the Straitsmouth Lighthouse.

Click on the photo to go to a G+ album with the Rubber Duck contemplating a wave before overeating on Thanksgiving and another wave off Andrews Point. (Clicking into the  album also gets you the bigger photos.)

Friday night sail

Smooth sailing off Andrews Point last night with the Hurricane Katia pushing in a nice swell from a distance. If anyone knows this green hull out of Rockport Harbor sail number 283 I have a ton of photos I could stick on a server. The moon, the boat, and the surge made some decent scenery. More later.


This is an iPhone photo taken by holding the phone to the eyepiece of a 90 mm ETX Meade Telescope on Andrews Point pointing due North. What is it? Be specific. Send your answer in a comment but also explain why the telescope trained on the same spot in the middle of the night sees absolutely nothing.

Come up with the two part answer you get a crumpled Red GMG bumper sticker and the accolades of GMG fandom.

More Andrews Point from Yesterday 3/12/11

Trying new ways to post photos. This time I made a mistake with Flicker so that the photo is scrunchified in width and relaxes out and pops up in a new window after you click on it . I thought it was kind of weird so I left it that way.

Attempting to capture how the waves really look. Andrews Point has no sand within a mile so the clarity of the water even when waves are pounding is amazing at times. The water is currently at 38 F so the bios are at their nadir too so catching them aqua clear green is easier this time of year. I did punch them up in iPhoto a bit since the sun was not cooperating. Once a year the morning sun gets behind a cloud but lights up the waves as if they glow from within. The sun only does this when my camera is in my closet.

I was down on the edge since there was a nice fat seal lolling in the waves when I arrived. I thought it would be cool to snap a photo of her but as I whipped out the camera she winked and dove. They can hold their breath for 15 minutes and so I waited.  I think she may have been snickering miles away by the time I gave up.

Andrews Point Today

That southwest wind is blowing the tops off the waves at Andrews Point today.

Click photo for a tad bigger.  Took down the Christmas wreath and noticed the daffodils are starting to emerge. Spring has sprung and Daylight Savings tomorrow.

That’s weird. I straightened that horizon in iPhoto and now that it gets to flicker it reverts to crooked. Computers suck some times.

Andrews Point Penguin Cafe Orchestra

From Paul Morrison

Filmed this morning off Andrews Point with an iPhone. Counted off 2 minutes, 36 seconds to match my audio of “Music For a Found Harmonium” by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. My fixation for this piece of music now seems fitting since there were three different types of Alcid arctic birds swimming about in these waves.

256 days until the 25th Blackburn Challenge paddlers and rowers will be going from left to right.

Surf’s Up Part II

Much more hospitable day on Monday and one of those surfers showed up off Andrews Point again:

He is the tiny dot about to porpoise under the oncoming wave as he makes his way out of the cove to go for another run. I’m off island the next couple days so I do not know if he is out there today. Isle of Shoals says the wind is over 50 mph from the WNW so he would really be nutty in my book. The water temp has dipped to a nice nippy 46 F.  I had a windsurfer once with wooden booms and did stuff that what today I would call nutty.  Then I had kids and self preservation became more important.

Sunday Surfing in Hoop Pole Cove

Went for a walk on the Atlantic Ave path wrapping around Andrews Point and what did I spy but two surfers in wet suits standing on the granite looking at the waves.

But  where is the other one? Not sure how he did it but one of them got out there. I was running up to the house to get the family to witness craziness and missed exactly how he did it. (I also got my cell phone so I could call the Rockport FD when they bashed their brains on the rocks.)

To the left is Hoop Pole Cove where the lone surfer ended up. He rode some amazing waves then somehow exited stage left. Coming up on low tide the rocks were slick black. I’m still a little surprised I wasn’t making a phone call. (Click on pick for larger.)