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Great News- Andiamos Sign Is Back Up!

To say that I’m excited by the prospect of Andiamos re-opening in the space where Culina Cafe has occupied for the past couple of years would be an understatement.  While Culina Cafe offered very generous portions while they were open, the people who ran Andiamos had some fantastic dishes.

I noticed the sign had changed yesterday so of course I’m going to have to stop and get that picture and bring my loyal readers the news first!

Picture taken Dec 21,2010-

Pictures from Andiamos-

Breaking News- Former Andiamo’s Site To Open As Culina’s Cafe

Driving to work this morning at 4:30AM I noticed this new sign in the window.  I’ll have to get in there for the scoop.  If anyone has any info, feel free to call in to the GMG listener line at- (978) 903-0622

Scroo Cooking To Bring Andiamo’s Items Into The Fold

Many GMG readers were saddened to see Andiamos close it’s doors this week.

The best way I could describe Andiamos was “out to dinner food at take out prices”. I tried about 10-12 different dishes there and every one was not just good, but outstanding.

I went in to the owners’ other Gloucester food venture- Scroo Cooking to find out what we all want to know.  Will they be bringing some of our favorite dishes down to Scroo Cooking?

Check back at 1PM for our video interview

Andiamos Boomin Shroomin Sub

Got lunch for the family at Andiamos day before yesterday.  Here is a Boomin Shroomin sub.  I wouldn’t ordinarily order this but Jeff the owner recommended it to me-  Marinated mushrooms, chicken cutlets, spinach, garlic mayo and provolone.  It was outstanding.  I’ve yet to have a bad dish from Andiamos.  They ALWAYS impress me with the quality and freshness of the ingredients, portions, taste and value.

While I like to eat everywhere around town I do have to say that they are doing an OUTSTANDING job and I highly highly recommend it.  If you haven’t already, give them a shot and mention that you heard about them here.

You will not be disappointed.

Andiamos- Fusilli Alla Vodka With The Shrimp

Normally I regret asking a waitress at a restaurant “What’s good?”

It can make for a slightly uncomfortable situation if they rave about a certain dish and you steer clear of it as if their recommendation is somehow not worthy.

I uttered those words and as they left my lips I was thinking to myself “why do you do that Joey?”  Anyway in this particular instance the girl behind the counter at Andiamos suggested the Fusilli alla Vodka and it sounded good so I went with it.  I don’t know the girl’s name behind the counter, but THANK YOU!

It was OUTSTANDING!  I brought it home and the Mrs who is not a pasta person (don’t ask) tried it and started wolfing it down.  She couldn’t get enough.

Andiamos is starting to become a regular stop for me for great food (not just good) at very reasonable prices.

Andiamos Shrimp A La Vodka, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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