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Jus saying, please be careful friends ~

Especially during the holiday gift giving season, you may find in your inbox some pretty slick looking scams. This last one came from “AS – Amazon Support” after a recent order was placed, claiming my payment method had been declined. AS is also the initials of the scammer, Andre Shamido, who wanted an updated payment method provided.  

It didn’t come through when I converted the following scam email to a jpg, but the scammers “Update your payment method” was displayed within a gold-colored box, similar to the gold Amazon uses to highlight ordering information when Amazon wants you to click on a link.

Amazon will never send an unsolicited e-mail that asks you to provide sensitive information. 


Gloucestercast 133 With Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, Alicia Cox, Toby Pett, Super K and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped 4/26/15


Gloucestercast 133 With Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, Alicia Cox, Toby Pett, Super K and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped 4/26/15

Topics include: Dave Moore from Summahville, 28th Annual Pride Stride, Downtown Gloucester Bingo, CB Fisk Opus 145 Open House, James Eves New Arts Calender Category- Open Houses That Offer Free Grub, New Management At Greg’s On Railroad Ave, Rockport Looking For Youth Baseball Players, Saltwater Massage Studio Opens at 65 Pleasant Street, Group Question -Would You Get a Massage From A Person Of The Same Sex?, Male Gynecologists, Massage Chubbys, Clam On The French Fry, Thanking James Eves For Creating New Navigation Buttons and The Poll, Contributor’s Picks For The New Navigation Buttons, How Different People Access GMG, Nichole’s Trip To Virginia Beach, Unrest Outside Of Camden Yards Holds Baseball Fans Inside The Park After The Game, Staycation Success, The Redevelopment of Baltimore Waterfront, Nichole Is a Twitter Egg, iPad Apps Reccomendations- Instagram, Crossy Road, Amazon, Dropbox, Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, Carousel, Phonto, Apple Watch, Super K’s Verbal Abuse Of Siri,Favorite Android Keyboard Apps, Swiiftkey vs Swype, Joey Still Makes Phone Calls, Scrap Metal Drive At Magnolia Historical Society.


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Last Week’s Podcast Subscriber Contest Winner Won Two Free Tickets At The Shalin Liu For The Miranda Russell Band’s May 7th Concert and The Winner Is- Tim Parker

Tim Please Contact Me So I can Let Miranda Know To Leave Your Tickets For You!

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How to Grow Paperwhites

Paperwhites ©Kim Smith 2012 copyDouble Exposure Paperwhites and Snow Globe

Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta) are another simple to coax into bloom bulb. I find ‘Ziva’ to be the most fragrant and ‘Galilee’ a close second. The ‘Chinese Sacred Lily’ (Narcissus tazetta var. orientalis) is almost as easy to force and has a sweeter, though no less potent fragrance. The scent is a dreamy blend of orange and honeysuckle. They are also a member of the tazetta group bearing multiple blossoms atop slender stalks, with white petals and cheery yellow cups. The ‘Chinese Sacred Lily,’ brought to this country by Chinese immigrants in the late 1800s, is traditionally forced to bloom for New Year’s celebrations.

Paperwhites ©Kim Smith 2013 copyPaperwhites (Narcissus tazetta)

With both paperwhites and ‘Chinese Sacred Lilies,’ place the bulbs in bowl or pot and cover with stones. The emerging green tips should be poking though the stones. Water up to the halfway point of the bulb and place in a cool dark room; an unheated basement is ideal. Water periodically and within a few weeks, new growth will be visible. Place the bulbs in the room away from strong light, continue to water as needed, and once in bloom, they will flower and scent your home for a week or more. Beginning in November, we maintain a continuous flow of blooming narcissus by planting a new batch every two weeks or so.

The above excerpted from Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! ~ Notes from a Gloucester Garden!

Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! sells for only $14.00 on Amazon, which is a $21.00 value off the publisher’s list price of $35.00.

Click here to purchase a copy of Oh Garden.

Download of the Day- Especially For Video Editors 66 Sensual Classics for $1.99


Just came across this on Amazon mp3- 66 Must-Have Sensual Classics for $1.99

First off if you love the classics for the price alone of $1.99 it’s a no-brainer.  But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve edited slide shows and searched for just the right background music and come up empty.  For the measly $1.99 investment you have 66 worthy titles to put to the background of your photo album slideshows in iMovie or Movie Maker. 

Total no-brainer.



here are the first 10 out of 66 Individually purchased they would cost $64.35 but you can buy the whole package of 66 for $1.99 here

1. Barcarole
Various Artists, Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, Janos Sandor
Buy MP3

  2. Love Dreams No.3
Various Artists, Simhah Chamber Collegium
Buy MP3

  3. Carmen: Habanera (L’amour est un oiseau rebelle)
Alexandrina Milcheva, Sofia National Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Ivan Marinov
Buy MP3

  4. Träumerei
Evelyne Dubourg, piano
Buy MP3

  5. Waltz Of The Flowers (from "The Nutcracker")
Various Artists, Sofia National Opera Orchestra, Boris Spassov
Buy MP3

  6. Bolero
Various Artists, Hungarian State Orchestra, Adam Fischer
Album Only

  7. O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi)
Various Artists, Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Emil Tabakov
Buy MP3

  8. Easy Blood, Polka Op.319
Strauss-Orchestra Vienna, Norbert Neukamp
Buy MP3

  9. Caro mio ben
Various Artists, Budapest Strings, Béla Bánfalvi
Buy MP3

10. The Magic Flute K.620 (Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen) Instrumental Version
Various Artists, Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Emil Tabakov

My Camera- The Sony NEX-5N Severely Reduced To Insanely Cheap Price On Amazon $478 with the Kit Lens

I bought one for the Mrs a couple of weeks ago without the Kit lens but for this deal it is ridiculous.  Listen to me- If you have ANY interest in photography this camera has the best of all worlds and I can’t think of a better camera for the price than this one.  Small size,  awesome low light capabilities,  huge sensor $478.  For just a little more than a good point and shoot you get DSLR performance in a small package.  COMPLETE TOTAL NO-BRAINER THE CAMERA TO BUY!

Here’s the link to it on Amazon where you don’t have to pay any tax on it and it ships within days.



How To Publish Your Book (or Not) From Kat Valentine

With the explosion in eBook readers such as the Kindle, Nook and iPad I‘ve been intrigued on how things in the publishing world are changing.  Katy Valentine has a good number of books in print and also available electronically.  Not only that, Kat has helped local authors self publish their own books like Melissa Abbott.  So to say that Kat can speak to the subject would be an understatement. 

So Kat is doing a series on her blog-Parlez-Moi Press about the different ways that people go about bringing their books to the marketplace and she is Guest posting here on GMG.

So here is the first in her series-

How To Publish Your Book (or Not)

Innovations in digital technology mean that publishing today is very different than it was even a few years ago. Also the growth and popularity of ebooks has changed the entire industry. In December 2010 Barnes & Noble announced that their web site sold more ebooks than print books. This trend is just beginning.


Since I have five books currently in paperback and six ebooks (plus 2 in production) I have learned a lot about the publishing industry. In 2010 I sold a little over a thousand books in a combination of paperback and eformat. Along the way I’ve learned a lot about publishing and I am writing this to provide information for other authors who wish to publish. What I write here is purely from my own experience and I will be adding to this as time permits in the hope it will help. So let me begin with a few words about conventional publishing:

Part 1 – Conventional Publishing & How It Works

The ideal for most aspiring authors is to sell their manuscript to a big publisher, get a hefty advance, and have their book edited, designed, printed and distributed. Once the book is in print authors dream of book signing tours set up and paid for by their publisher where they are wined and dined, meet their fans, sell and sign lots of books, and the money starts rolling in. The ultimate ideal is for the book to be optioned by Hollywood, a movie made with top name stars, and merchandising rights for everything from t-shirts to video games. This is a nice dream and it does happen for some lucky people but they are very much in the minority.

The truth is a publisher has to consider a lot of factors before even considering to publish a book, the top ones being a.) how much will they have to invest to produce it, and b.) how much market appeal does it have. Producing a book is very, very costly. The process of editing, working with the author through rewrites, designing, printing, distributing and promoting is expensive and publishers have to make sure their investment will yield a profit to justify their expenses. One of the things they need to consider is how marketable the author is, as well as the book. Like it or not, we live in a personality-driven society. New authors are tough to promote and an author who has a certain measure of “star” power has an advantage. Sad to say, but a lot of readers are more interested in the authors than in their books.

Continued at: http://parlezmoiblog.blogspot.com/p/publishing-your-book-today.html