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GloucesterCast 103 Featuring Couples In Love Who Have Moved To Gloucester Taped 11/9/14


GloucesterCast 103 Featuring Couples In Love Who Have Moved To Gloucester Taped 11/9/14

Topics Include:The Rullis, The Scheetz, Jess and Dennis Brand, Lucinda Seigel, Kim Smith and Rich Bean with random appearance by Niece Amanda, What brought you to Gloucester?, Few Young Professionals On Commuter Rail, The progression Of The Scheetz on GMG from getting engaged to married to buying a house in Gloucester, Erin Rulli misses the saltiness of the old GMG, the storied history of Gloucester, The Beans moved to Gloucester after living in Medford forever, Gloucester Pride Today vs Gloucester Pride 20 years ago, Trying to remind people about the cool Gloucester landscape and seascapes, White Ninja, the inevitable backlash, Getting the Rullis back to Playa Del Carmen, Kimberley Scheetz looking forward to volunteering to clean the HarborWalk, Dinner Dealer 2015, North Shore Food and Gift Emporium, Amanda Pops In Wearing a Duck Outfit, Why Dinner Dealer Decks Are No-Brainers, Peter Todd Fundraiser, Shock Over Bottle Bill Election Results, Joey’s Mini Rant – The Rational Behind To-Go Containers Made Out Of Non-Microwavable Tins, Is there anything that is done at Willow Rest not exactly spot-on?, Willow Rest please open up a location in East Gloucester too!, Music Listings On GMG, Eliminating Penny Conversation, Emerson Brand Named After Emerson College, Kimberley Scheetz Responsible For Hundreds If No Thousands Of Train Derailments, Rechargeable Battery Discussion, Goddamn Bacon Donuts Are Driving Me Nuts,What is the rationale behind not retweeting or Facebook liking a complimentary post on someone’s business social media account?

podcasticon1GMG Couples podcast ©Kim Smith

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Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Photos From Sista Felicia and Donna Ardizzoni

June 28, 2013 waiting

2013 Rocky Neck Plunge

Felicia Amanda and FriendsThree Amigos and Sista Felicia

Click the last photo to view more photos.

The first day of the new year started with pre-plunge preparations and a spectacular brunch at Sista Felicia and Barry’s Always Warm and Welcoming Beautiful Home.




_DSF7759Ron Gilson, Peter Van Ness, and Erika



Wonder Woman, also know as Donna Ardizonni



More Three Amigos





Van Ness Family



GMG Chief and The Zip Line Kid

Happy New Year!

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Video- 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Opening Ceremony

Filmed at Friday night’s formal opening ceremony. After shooting the greasy pole contest  I raced back to my car, which was parked all the back to I4-C2, to lessen the load of tripod and video camera. I grabbed my still camera thinking I would only take snapshots. I wish I had kept the video camera with me, but attempted to shoot video with the Fujifilm x100. The x100 unfortunately does not have IS, or image stabilization, nonetheless the colors are good.

David Cox and Friends

The Orlando Family

Amanda and Felicia after the seine boat race.

Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

row crew 003

Captain: Joanne Frontiero

Scuttler: Joe Balbo


1. Cayle DaSilva( Grandaughter of Joanne)

2. Amanda Mohan (Amandacakes)

3. Ally Gentile

4. Caitlyn Parisi

5. Caity O’Leary

6. Melanie LaBelle

7. Alicia Toye

8. Sophia Black

9. Hannah Del Torchio(not in photo)

10.Sammie Lodge(not in photo)

Congratulations Beasly and Amandacakes!

Congratulations on your graduations.


We couldn’t be prouder of you both.

You are both beautiful, smart and kind and to say that we are proud of the young adults you have become would be the understatement of the year.

Also kudos to Sista Felicia the maniac and the guy who does so much and leads their family with quiet strength Barry.  You both are inspirational as to how to shower your children with love and always put them first.  The results speak for themselves.

You guys have always been great kids.  Kids that any family would be proud of.  Now you’re great young adults.  Keep on the track you’re on. Smile

Favorite snapshots from the pre-plunge breakfast at Passports

Thank you Passports for hosting the super delicious New Year’s Rocky Neck Pre-plunge breakfast! A wonderful time was had by all!! Beautiful Ciaramitaro family–video footage will have to wait until tomorrow– in the midst of making New Year’s dinner for my family.  Happy New Year to All!

Click the last photo to see slide show

The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad’s Easter Grass Project At Tee Tee’s House

Sammi, Bj and Amanda all plant Easter basket grass at sister Felicia’s this weekend.  Today Joe Langhan and Gianni Gallo will be shooting another round of cooking shows at Felicia’s house.  That place is a whirlwind of activity I tell ya.

Fun City

Cousin BJ Hamming It Up

Cousin Amandacakes Tennis Superstar!

The Finished Product

Sept 09 Block Party Pics From David Cox

Look for the complete September 09 Block Party slide show at 1PM

Sept 09 Block Party Pics From David Cox

Sept 09 Block Party Pics From David Cox


Sept 09 Block Party Pics From David Cox

Up In The Truck Setting Up For The Media Show

Leading The Finale With A Rendition Of Sweet Caroline

Spirit Of Massachusetts Tall Ship Camp and The Paint Factory

Before talking to the kids I was expecting them to be dying to get off the ship as it was basically 5 days of cloudy rainy weather but to my surprise they were all in great spirits and it was quite apparent that they had made some serious friendships.   One of the kids when asked about the wet conditions they said proudly “it’s sailors weather”!  They met as strangers just 5 days prior but became shipmates for life.  The videos tell the story and the first one will be posted at 10AM.

Tall Ship Camp

Tall Ship Camp

Spirit Of Massachusetts

Spirit Of Massachusetts

Spirit Of Massachusetts

Spirit Of Massachusetts

Tall Ship Camp Aboard The Spirit Of Massachusetts

The Crew pulled into the GMHC this afternoon, luckily I was at the Farmer’s Market and was able to fly down and catch them as they pulled up to the dock.  I have tons of pics and video to share with you over the course of the next week.  Sharon will be sailing also and get the on hands pics only you can get while at sea.

Tall Ship Camp

Tall Ship Camp

Tall Ship Camp

Tall Ship Camp

Spirit of Massachusetts

Spirit of Massachusetts

Jessica Blazewicz and her journal

Jessica Blazewicz and her journal

Things To Do- Tall Ship Camp

From Jo-Anne Crawford

Hi Joey

Thanks for all you do for our community!
Here is the program we are trying to put together with the Spirit of Massachusetts for kids and families of Cape Ann.
We are working with SailGloucester out of the Mayors office, and will send you their press release as soon as it is complete.

Ahoy Sailors…..
We are in the 11th hour to do the Tall Ship camp – will your child and a friend would consider it?
We are working with the Gloucester  Mayors office and a new Sail Gloucester initiative that is sooo exciting – but I need to firm up this trip
we need a few more kids
It will be June 28- July 2 (5 days/ 4nights) @ $750 pp this is just the cost of renting the Schooner – and it is a great deal!!! We are not trying to make money – we just believe that our Cape Ann kids deserve this opportunity!!!!!
Thanks for any ideas and input
Jo-Anne and Captain Amanda

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