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The Dreaded AD

mom then and now

Alzheimer’s Disease is not a happy subject, nor one that is specifically Cape Ann focused, but is one that has, is now, or may one day effect many GMG contributors and readers, personally or through a loved one.

My mother, who is a very young, healthy and still beautiful 82 year old, has been suffering from increasing memory loss for a couple of years, and has been on Donepezil for almost a year, with little noticeable affect.  Recently she took a sudden, severe and alarming cognitive nosedive which has resulted in my spending more time at her house attempting to get her back on a even keel and doing damage control on the chaos of paperwork, bills not paid, and other alarming developments that occurred very rapidly.  While going through and organizing papers and her surroundings, I have been coming across a lot of the old photos and history that you have been seeing me share on the blog recently.

Over the past year, I have been researching Alzheimer’s, memory and brain health in general.  I wanted to share some of what I have learned in case it might be beneficial to someone else in a similar situation, now or in the future.  Also, if anyone has other helpful information to share from their own experiences, it would be most welcome.    Read more