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Deb Clarke Gets Her Winter Art Show Ready!

Gloucester Artist and Regular Contributor to GMG, Deb Clarke will be having an Exhibit and Sale of her Works at The Random Arts Gallery in Magnolia during the month of December. Here are a few Photos of the set up. More Photos and Information coming soon!

$25 drawings. will remove these from the wall and sell them from clipboards. signed, no frame, no mat.

This is what I accomplished yesterday at Randomarts in Magnolia.  Today I will re-hang and adjust the lights.  the wall space gets smaller and smaller everytime I look at my work.  the backwall has my ‘new’ work:  the drawings from this past year.  need to get some putty to keep some of the work from ‘moving’ on the wall.  small detail of my favorite work follows.
4 mixed media ‘drawings’ with oil and leaf on 5×5″ panels.  definitely need sticky putty to keep these from wobbling.  selling all work unframed.  folk can spend as much money or not on frames.  and get the art at a very affordable price.  these panels will be under a hundred.  still working out prices.
best to all,
For more Information Go to: http://debbieclarke.blogspot.com/

Sketchbook Project Update, from deb Clarke

here’s the ‘back’ of the sketchbook with the necessary barcode. i wonder if they will be able to scan the code. better get out the iron and try to clean it up.

and here is the front:

i may/may not share the contents here.  ready to ship at any time.  unless i change my mind.

best, deb



Ahht, It Runs in the Family


Deb Clarke



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I deconstructed the entire sketchbook. i have been hindered by the construction of the sketchbook provided by the sketchbook project. it reminds me too much of school exercise book or a journal. it kept calling for words, and i kept trying to make it into something. anyway, this is the condition on october 9. today, i re-packaged the book.

trying to reconstruct the sketchbook. the book is getting lumpy. people with egg allergies can not handle this book…i’m using egg glair. the book had to stand during the drying process, then the sun turned the page into something else.

perhaps this is a Book of Shadow. the idea resonates with my inner life. i just don’t like the way this looks.

it’s a sketchbook. it should not be precious. it should be of use.


debs blog: http://www.debbieclarke.blogspot.com/



AHOY there! Here’s the weekly quickie on the Sketchbook Project.

The following images have yet to be added to the sketchbook…..and what is currently new & already adhered is drying….hooray for glue. So there are some images missing. I’ll get to them soon….

Recently, my sketches have ranged from the classic portraits…..

…..the to the classically influenced oddity……

…..to the straight up weird.

I don’t really know why I always draw things growing out of my character’s heads (???). I suppose I want to add a visual twist on what would otherwise be just another portrait.

The lower right, the pink lady surrounded by blue, is based on an image I saw on ffffound.com, which is an AMAZING site for visual inspiration, FYI. Originally, she was suppose to be depicted as a woman underwater, but with the way the dress is shaped, she looks like she is part of giant heart. This realization was actually pointed out by Josh. Naturally, I’m delighted by this….however, now I’m afraid that all I draw will start being a combination platter of portraiture and anatomical parts. Frankin-pictures. Perfect for Halloween I suppose? Sweet.


e.b.’s blog; http://www.ae-creative.blogspot.com/

Taken From the Gloucester Sketchbook Project