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Round Up of Top 2013 Local and National Art Stories: Advocacy

Hats off to Catherine Ryan for this amazing series!



The word “Creative” Replacing the noun ‘artist’ with ‘creative’ nearly mainstream, at least for the DIY and the art world!

National news, December 5, 2013: No, not Art Basel. Not the sale at Christies. It’s the Arts impact on the GDP. The National Endowment for the Arts and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis released results of their joint report announcing that the creative sector (2011) added 500 billion to the United States Gross Domestic Product. With this base number at last in place, the arts impact on GDP can be measured annually from hereon. The GDP measures the nation’s production of goods and services. Putting the pressure on and leading the stats, contributors included Hollywood film industry, cable TV production, advertising, broadcasting, the performing arts, publishing, independent artists, and design and architectural services. Other measurable indicators include production output and workforce. Analysts estimated the production output for the creative sector to be greater than 900 billion (where arts education including college departments joins the list), and 2 million plus folks working in the creative sector.

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