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Lobstermen Truck Series- Tom Hale

Tom lobsters out of a 16 foot tri hull skiff. He keeps his boat at Granite Pier in Rockport and sells his lobsters to us. This time of year when it’s particularly hot he will load the lobsters into huge coolers and bring them to us so they don’t die on the ride in 90 degree heat .
Tom started lobstering in May of 1994 and lobsters after work at his full time job at Varian.
He had his truck sprayed with a durable liner so that he can load these used traps in and not worry about them scratching up the bed of the truck.

Lazy Daizy Reconstruction Update

Fear not faithful readers you know I wouldn’t let another two week stretch go by without an update on the Lazy Daizy Restoration Process.  Yep, she’s still a disaster work in process.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- The Weathervane

Where The Locals Go

The Where The Locals Go coupon book spotlight for today is for The Weathervane in downtown Gloucester.

The Weathervane offers two separate coupons, each for 20% off any purchase excluding special orders, Cape Pond Ice merchandise and books. That’s another pretty substantial coupon which in many cases could pay for the cost of the coupon book itself ($10) leaving you hundreds of other coupons to save even more money with.