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#GloucesterMA #publicart | 370 Main Street Action Inc mural newly repainted by artist Jason Burroughs


On November 2 2017 David Brooks and Jason Burroughs re-installed the Action Inc public art mural, Harbor and Home, which was newly repainted by Burroughs.

Cole Herbst was the original artist of the Home and Harbor mural, installed in 2010. Herbst used spray paint, acrylics and markers. Fellow artists Jake Stafford and Giacomo Vorhees helped Herbst with the project, and Jason Burroughs was involved a bit, too. Burroughs and Herbst were students together in the Compass youth program, Action Inc. Burroughs and Herbst have been in contact about the condition of Harbor and Home and settled on the current solution. Herbst is living overseas and is pleased Burroughs revived the mural and its new iteration.

©Action Inc courtesy photo

David Brooks and Jason Burroughs re-installed Harbor and Home October 2, 2017 ©Action Inc and Jason Burroughs courtesy photo (all others c ryan)


2015 (by then the mural had faded) BEFORE vs 2017 AFTER


Oct 2017

July 2015 Action mural

2015- original mural had faded


2010 Unveiling and 2017 Unveiling


Jason Burroughs worked on the mural at the HIVE Cape Ann Art Haven.

©Terry Weber photograph,Nov 2010, unveiling mural at Action then Exec Dir Tim Riley on left, artist Cole Herbert right unveiling Harbor and Home mural

©Terry Weber photograph,Nov 2010, for Cape Ann Beacon- unveiling mural at Action. On left, then Exec Dir Tim Riley and artist Cole Herbst right unveiling Harbor and Home mural

137 Main Street Gloucester rented again plus other retail rental opportunities

Want to open a street level store on Main Street in Gloucester or buy a building? There are several available ground floor listings. What do you imagine filling these spaces?

A new Nail Salon is opening at 137 Main Street (formerly Koo De Kir and Toodeloos– before Toodeloos! moved across the street) so that space is out.


These open spaces:

242 Main Street – (former A Paine in Al’s Glass space after he moved from Maplewood)




232 Main Street – Animal Krackers space will be available one day as building is for sale




6 Elm Street (former Common Crow space) at corner of Main

20170818_153316 (1)


180 A Main Street A (former Magic Scarf space) William C. Rochford building (Action Inc) Magicscarf 19 Pond Road was having a sale.

180 Main Street A William C Rochford building action


123 Main Street – (Kids Unlimited space closing)



8 Pleasant Street at corner of Main (former J Barrett & Co realtor space relocated to Main Street)



206 Main Street – (not available! former Cameron’s building was sold and will be redeveloped)

20170818_153011 (1)


$463,141: City Council okays 14 CPA grants for 2016. Info meeting for 2017 application February 8th

Congratulations to the 2016 (round 7) awardees!  Their final presentations were at City Council on Tuesday.


Since Gloucester voted to approve the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in 2008, the city has administered 7 rounds of funded projects throughout our community. Have a look at who you helped fund in 2016

  1. North Shore CDC and Action, Harbor Village *missing this photo but great presentation!
  2. Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association, Wheeler School House & GFD Riverdale Hose, No 2
  3. Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Civil War Monument
  4. Generous Gardeners, Stacy Boulevard Gardens
  5. Stage Fort Park Advisory Committee, Welcome Center Renovations
  6. Community Development Dept., Stage Fort Park Beautification Project
  7. City Clerk’s Office, Archives Initial Storage Project, Phase I
  8. Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery continued restoration
  9. Gloucester Committee for the Arts, “Out of the Shadows: Gloucester’s historic Depression Era Mural” preserve & restore murals with refined project scope,discovery and schedule of work
  10. Historic New England, Beauport Museum, outer building roof replacement
  11. Sargent Museum, Preservation of porch, granite steps & retaining wall
  12. Gloucester Writers Center, Preservation of Maud/Olsen Library & GWC Archives
  13. Maritime Gloucester, Rehab & Restoration of the railway
  14. Friends of Burnham’s Field, Continued rehab of Phase I of Burnham’s Field Restoration

Safe bet you might know someone assisting one of these projects. Who else helps?  The volunteers on the Community Preservation Committee are fantastic: Catherine Bill Dugan, Catherine Schlichte, Henry McCarl, David Rhinelander, John Feener, Barbara Silberman, Heide Wakeman, Ellen Preston, and Scott Smith. There’s no break for this committee. From start to finish the process from an applicant’s perspective takes nearly a year. Depending upon the project, it will involve assistance from the Community Preservation Committee, City staff and various departments, City Council, City Council sub committees, and the administration.  Just as one round winds down, the next year’s process and round of applicants gears up. Visit the Community Preservation Committee page on the City website to learn more about the CPA and to see prior projects.

Save the date:The Community Preservation Committee will be hosting an information meeting for prospective 2017 applicants at Sawyer Free on  February 8, 2017 at 6pm. Applications are due April 17, 2017.

Debbie Laurie, a Senior Project Manager in the Community Development Department who manages Grants and CPA for the City writes about the info meeting: “We want to help guide applicants through the process and answer any questions you may have before filling out an application.  We can also determine if your project is actually eligible or not.  Please pass the word around if you know of anyone that may be interested. “

Straight out of Compass graduation 2016

On graduation day, the sky is as expansive as their future.


Congratulations Class of 2016!


Ryder Brady*, Caitlin Ciaramitaro, Lucas Devlin,  Sierra Goodhue, Nicole Horgan*,  Tia Reddy*, Rachel Wolfe, ; Ciara Chandler; Tyler Cilluffo; Trinity Eriksen-Miller; Anthony King,  Matthew Leverich, Christian Miller, Savanna Moses and Joseph Pallazola*

The teachers and staff presented awards of distinction and recognition:

Leadership Award: Ryder Brady

Transformation Award: Tia Reddy

Excellence Award: Tyler Cilluffo

Perseverance Award: Matthew Leverich

Commitment Award: Joseph Pallazola

* denotes  achievement scholarship awards

There was an awesome and festive spread from Willow Rest. (two quick mentions: best mini burgers I’ve ever eaten and scrumptious cupcakes!)





Mary Kay Taylor – Ardelle




Shannon Cormier, Youth Education Program Manager, and Peggy Hegarty-Steck, Executive Director Action Inc welcomed everyone. Also presenting: Karli Washington, Career and Academic Counselor; Judy Bloomfield, English and History Teacher; Nick Belyea, Math Teacher; and Jessica Perrine, Health and Fitness Teacher.

The students studied art with Avery McNiff, Cape Ann Art Haven art center and science with Tony Wilbur of Maritime Gloucester.



Addressing the class, Natalie Hale, Class of 2015


The graduating class asked current freshman, 9th grader Catherine Cabral to be one of the invited speakers.


Lucas Devlin invited speaker Class of 2016







Cool hoodie designed by Ryder.


Cameron’s Building Boarded Up and Marked Unsafe

The large white “X” — typically painted on a red background and placed on the front or roof of a building — serves as a clear warning for firefighters throughout the state that a building is unsafe.  Also not Good for Downtown Businesses on Main Street.

Link to Sign Meaning


New public art: LOOK UP downtown! Ken Riaf’s Pleasant & Main ARTISPHERE sign, last chance to see group show at Trident, wall mural on Parsons HarborWalk

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Look up downtown if you haven’t yet seen the wonderful Pleasant & Main ARTISPHERE sign designed and project-boosted by artist and dealer, Ken Riaf. Then head on into his Jeffrey Marshall exhibit Law & Water Gallery.

I bet you’ve seen that Ed Touchette painting catching your eye through Trident’s window—last days to see the group exhibit at Trident Gallery. Just one week away from Ed Touchette’s solo exhibit at Trident. East Gloucester and Veterans School parents please get ready to bring your kids to see his exhibit. East Gloucester kids can find an Mr. Touchette throwback tucked away on East Main. Here’s a snapshot – try and find it.

Pass through Parsons down to Rogers or up to Main to see the progress of the artists of Art Haven/Hive. Their wall mural along a private building of Parsons Street is coming along and their depiction of Man at the Wheel is filling in…check it out! We have cleaned and scrubbed out graffiti on many walls, more than once, and are happy to see new public art added alongside the temporary FISH NET street mural and Dress Code’s.

I’m not sure what artist, Bob Stephenson, would have thought of the latest mural, but I wish he could have seen it. I do know he liked the Calderwood Fish Net mural and was grateful to have the graffiti painted out, the lights installed and anytime we swept and weeded.

Special thanks this week to the folks with Dan Leaman Landscaping and Maintenance Corp for extra clean up and weeding along Parsons Street.

Massive Building Project on Main Street–Public Meeting August 27th 6:00PM at Rose Baker Senior Center from 6-8pm.

The property was once Cameron’s Restaurant which sold for $600,000 in 2010 and than sold for $975,000 to two non-profit organizations Action Inc. of Gloucester and North Shore Community Development Coalition of Salem, on Aug 6th 2015.

The plan as described in the Gloucester Daily Times on July 16th is to construct 30-40 affordable apartments with parking on about 9,000 square foot parcel of sloping land.

A public Meeting will be held at  Rose Baker Senior Center Thursday August 27th at 6:00 PM, located at 6 Manuel F. Lewis Street.

To view previous comments on this web site click here.

Please Note: Photos indicate the mass that will make up the building, not the design.



Cameron’s a Historical Watering Hole sold for $975,000

Cameron’s once a very popular Restaurant, and a great hang out place was sold to non profit organizations Action Inc. and North Shore Community Development Coalition for $975,000.  What will happen to the famous Cameron’s Sign?

IMG_3020 Stitch

The power of community! What a memorable gala for ACTION, INC’s 50th milestone!

Cat Ryan submits-

This anniversary inspired a very special evening for the 2015 Annual Meeting: a tribute to all of Action’s staff for so many years of dedication, engagement and –well 50 years says it all- sustainable programming!

Last night, the curtains were drawn at Shalin Liu Performance center, the massive screen dropped and we were treated to this short, great tribute video. Look closely at the old photos and history of Action, Inc. Write into the comments below if you can name the four people involved with Action in 1965. We’ll see if you’re right.

Kudos to the movie crew:

Jessica Benedetto, Action’s Director of Marketing & Planning

Megan Merlin, Action’s Project Coordinator

Grieg Cranna, Photographer

Adam Kooken, Videographer, Montserrat


Jessica and Megan organized the event. Willow Rest rocked the food. Speaking of rock, we were treated to the happiest musicians ever. Perfect sound and coolest set from Dan King and friends, with Erika Van Pelt adding powerful vocals.

Executive Director, Tim Riley, is retiring this year. He received the Lyndon Baines Johnson War on Poverty Award and promptly shared the award right back with everyone else.


The Toy Drive is Still On

Yesterday’s marathon toy drive led by Senator Bruce Tarr and broadcast on North Shore 104.9 brought in lots of toys and cash donations, but it’s not over yet.  If you missed the opportunity to donate a toy yesterday, you can drop one off at any of the collection spots through next Friday, December 20.  See a list of collection spots here.

Here’s a wonderful PSA created by Cape Ann TV featuring local budding movie stars!

2013 Action Inc Annual Meeting and Dinner From Catherine Ryan

Hi Joey,
Here’s are a few snapshots from Action, Inc.’s inspiring annual meeting &
dinner last week at Gloucester House (excellent). Do yourself a favor and
go next year!
Tim Riley, Executive Director for Action, Inc. is the MC for the evening’s
festivities. He gives a great recap for the previous year. The evening
celebrates all that Action does; its entire staff and community, and all
partners and collaborators. This event also honors dedication and
professionalism. It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by people doing
incredible work, that like their jobs, and who are entirely humble-every
employee and each award recipient claimed it wasn’t them that should be up
there, but everyone else with them. Youth and hard work were applauded.
Stevi-Lyn Salafia, an Action Inc Home Health Aide graduate and HomeCare
employee compelled a standing ovation due to her moving testimony. The
other standing ovation of the evening was for Rita Carvalho, Energy
Director for Action, Inc., and her 30 years with Action. She’s in charge of
the utility company funding for energy programs which makes up more than
two-thirds of Action’s overall budget.
We were there with friends Nikki and Pat to be present for awards given in
my mom’s honor, a new addition to Action’s annual line up. We were pleased
to see Eva Agosto-Baez, Jason Burroughs and Jesse Roberts receive the first
three Carol Ryan scholarship awards for their achievements.
We were lucky to sit with Sander Schultz and his family. He’s an EMS
coordinator with Gloucester’s Fire Department. He received a public service
award along with Lt. John McCarthy from the Gloucester Police Dept for the
work they both do with Action as part of the High Risk Task Force – and
just for being generally awesome public servants! His smart and engaging
sons are helping out with the sailing program at the YMCA this summer. (We
had so many connections that I forgot to mention that my father’s dad was a
fire chief).
Special shout out to Action’s Director of Marketing & Planning, Jessica
Benedetto-Unger, for such a great event and her excellent design work.
Check out her agenda and any of the annual report booklets–they’re  unique
and visually dynamic.

U.S. Citizenship Classes Being Held At Action Inc

U.S. Citizenship Classes

Learn the steps you need to take to become a citizen of the United States! From February 16th through June 15th, Action, Inc. is offering U.S. Citizenship Classes on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Participants will receive help with the N-400 application, U.S. history and civics lessons, help preparing for the interview with a USCIS official, and more. To qualify, you must have a Green Card or equivalent, be a permanent resident for at least five years, and be moderately proficient in English. Classes run weekly until June 15th.
Enrollment is open. Classes are held at Action, Inc., on the second floor of 180 Main Street in Gloucester (enter at 5 Pleasant Street). To learn more, call 978-282-1000.

Action, Inc. Is Offering FREE English Classes!

Hi Joey,

 Action is offering English classes and wants to get the word out. Do you think you could post the ad below on your site?

Here you go Jessica-

FREE ESOL Classes! Action, Inc. is offering FREE English classes for speakers of other languages beginning February 2nd and running through June 15th. The classes will be held at Gloucester High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. If you or someone you know could benefit from these classes, call 978-879-8846 to reach an Action staff member able to communicate in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Action offers adult education classes

Action, Inc. Employment and Training Program, 180 Main St., Gloucester, is offering the following classes:

“Microsoft Word Create,” Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. for six weeks, beginning Feb. 24. Format, edit and merge a wide range of documents including letters, reports and proposals. Manage documents, files and projects electronically. Students should be familiar with Microsoft Windows before taking this course.

“CAN/HHA (Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide)”; class scheduled to begin in February. Training students will gain skills necessary to provide quality heath care to residents in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and for clients in their homes. Program is offered free to low-income individuals who qualify. Criminal background check and written assessment test necessary for acceptance into training.

For more information or to register, call 978-281-7402 or e-mail pattyjobs@yahoo.com.

Local musicians hold concert to benefit Action Inc.

By Gail McCarthy
Gloucester Daily Times Staff Writer

A night of music will take place Saturday at Gloucester Stage Company to benefit Action Inc., the local anti-poverty agency which helps a range of residents from the homeless to the elderly.

Singer-songwriter James White, a native of England who is a long-time resident here, organized the benefit for Action.

There will be a rich assortment of local musicians, he said.

The line-up includes a solo performance by Chris Lyman on aquaphone, and two bands, James White and Friends, which features Hal Hirshon, and Chris Armstrong.

Dr. Thomas Pearce, a local physician also known as “Dr. Tom,” will perform on bass with Armstrong, a local singer-songwriter and artist.

“Action is providing what is a really good service, helping the homeless, feeding people, educating people and taking care of people. If you’re going to have a benefit in this current time, we want to help those who are hit the hardest, and we want to do what we can to help out,” said White.

Lisa Doucett, of Action, said the organization is appreciative to the musicians who wanted to volunteer their time for the concert.

“We’re grateful that they thought of us and made us the recipient,” said Doucett. “We’re happy and we hope people turn out for it. It should be a fun time.”

The concert takes place Saturday at Gloucester Stage, 267 East Main St. at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Gail McCarthy can be reached at gmccarthy@gloucestertimes.com

Thank You

I want to thank all of you.  I want to thank our readers. I want to thank our contributors.  I want to thank my family.  I want to thank our fishermen and local merchants, our local politicians, people that have worked on the Block Parties, The Flowerbox competition, the GMG Tree Project, the Gorilla Art Project media presentations, the Matteo Russo Family Fundraisers, the fellow bloggers, Senator Tarr, Senator Ann Margaret Ferrante, Congressman Tierney and the folks at Action Inc.  There are so many people that have played a role in GMG and if I haven’t listed you let me tell you that I truly feel blessed for this whole community we’ve built.

Thank You, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Last night I was supposed to go to Action Inc’s annual dinner to receive a community outreach award which by itself was a great honor.  Senator Tarr received an award and the big man of the evening was really Bill Rochford who received the Lyndon B Johnson award for his over 40 years of building Action and steadfastly helping those less fortunate.

I was told by the lovely Ronna that I’d be giving a little talk and I went in without any plan for a speech.  Reading off a piece of paper is not my style and my theory on giving speeches is that I’d rather give a passionate speech from the heart without trying to memorize anything even if I make a bunch of mistakes.  I want people to know when I speak, I’m all in.  I let adrenalin take over and let it fly.

Well I knew my time was coming to get up and receive my award and I started to panic a tiny bit so I decided to go to the bar and get something stiff to settle me down.  I asked the barmaid for something really really strong and confided in her that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say when I got pulled up on stage.  Thankfully she obliged and poured me a 3/4 of a glass of captain morgan and a dash of diet coke.

Well Senator Bruce Tarr gets his award first and if you’ve ever heard Bruce you know he’s as slick and polished of a speaker as they come.  I knew I’d have to bring the thunder if I wanted to make an impact.  As a matter of fact the first things I said once the lovely Ronna introduced me was “lucky Me I get to be the guy who follows Bruce”

So I went right in and spoke from the heart.  I didn’t want to take too much time because really this was Bill Rochford’s night.  I got chocked up about mid-way through because I was thinking about how blessed I have been.  You’ll see the video tomorrow morning.

So after I accepted my award and shook hands I headed back to my seat but they weren’t done with me.

They told me to stay put and then one after another- Bruce gave me a special recognition from the Massachusetts Senate, Sefathia presented me with another special recognition from the Massachusetts Senate from Ann Margaret, and then another from The US Congress Special Recognition award from Congressman Tierney.  I was slightly embarrassed and completely blindsided as I thought I was only there to receive the award from Action Inc.

But the bottom line is that even though I was being recognized for Community Outreach, the fact is that I wouldn’t have kept at it if it weren’t for all the folks listed in the first paragraph.

If you’re reading this- I owe it all to YOU.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

-Your Pal Joey

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