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She Always Returns

better late than never

Normally winter is my time to be creative.  My life’s path took me on some unexpected twists and turns this fall and winter, which made it impossible for me to get into my creative space.  As I’m sure all creative people can attest, sometimes the muse goes away for a time.  I used to fret, believing she might never return; but in her own time, she always does.  She unexpectedly re-emerged a couple of weeks ago, and took me, as she always does, in a new direction.  These are a few new pieces I have completed.  This series is old and new.  It is a mixed media combination of my abstract photos of last year, coupled with the glass painting of the prior year.  While sorting things at my mother’s house, I came across a container of unused glass slides, which have and will make their way into many of these pieces.  I have never worked in a square format before, which I am really enjoying, having been inspired by my artist friend, Tom Nihan’s work.  All pieces are 8×8 multi-layered photos and glass paintings, and are whimsical and fun – just what I need now.  In addition to brushes, I am using rubber ducks and ear plugs to paint with.   Yes Paul, RD was instrumental in getting me going, although she has gotten a little messy with paint all over her bottom.

You can see some of my new work at the Spring Art Show at the Magnolia Historical Society Friday, April 11 from 6 till 9pm Opening, Saturday, April 12 2pm till 8pm and Sunday, April 13 Noon till 4pm.  More details coming soon.

E.J. Lefavour

Elynn Kröger Gallery

elynn kroger gallery

I really love living on Rocky Neck where I can see artist friends on a daily basis.  I went to tea at Elynn Kröger’s yesterday.  Elynn is always a joy to visit with, and her gallery and abstract landscape paintings and drawings are truly amazing.  Just the trip up to her space is a delightful adventure.  Her gallery is at the top of the stairs at 15 Rocky Neck Ave., and every step of the way you encounter an interesting and quirky assortment of objects and quotes.  Once inside, her work and space will blow you away.  And then there is her beautiful view of Smiths Cove.  Elynn’s gallery is open year round, but now that nicer weather is upon on, next time you visit Rocky Neck, make sure you take the magical trip up the stairs to Elynn Kröger Gallery.  In the meantime, you can visit her website at http://elynnkroger.com/.  Her phone number is 978-282-3467 if you want to call first to make sure she is open, although her general pre-season hours are 11:00-6:00.

E.J. Lefavour