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July 3 Correction ~ Runaround Headlines FREE Boulevard Concert

The Runaround at the Boulevard July 3, 2010

Many local papers and websites say that Henri Smith will perform at the Boulevard on July 3.  That is incorrect.  Henri Smith is performing tonight opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre — and believe it or not you can still get tickets.  Get them here or call 978-232-7200.  All Seats are Good Seats at Northshore Music Theatre.  Plus it’s air conditioned.

July 3 features Gloucester’s best high energy band, The Runaround Sound with Cape Ann Big Band and Jon Goodhue.  See details here.  This will be a great party.  Don’t miss it!

Aaron Neville says he’ll play songs from his new album (produced by Keith Richards) on Saturday

Aaron Neville – Don Was – Keith Richards

Check out this Aaron Neville interview with Aurelia Nelson on Northshore 104.9.  Aaron says he will perform many of his Grammy nominated hits in multiple genres, including standards, pop, soul, R&B, jazz and even some doo-wop from his new album (due out this fall) produced by Keith Richards (who also plays guitar on the album) and legendary producer Don Was, president of Blue Note Records, on which the album will be released.

Aaron also talks about his love of music, 50 years of writing and performing and how technology is changing the process of mixing and producing his new album.

When asked how he decides what songs to perform he says, “The voice is a connection between hearts … I just want to connect with the people there listening … ”  VIP tickets for Saturday’s concert are sold out, but good seats are still available.  Get tickets here.

Fiesta and Rockport Chamber Music Festival ought to be enough excitement for one week, but in addition to that, we’ve got 42 more artists in 18 venues, including a schooner!  See the full live music lineup here.

New Orleans Fun ~ more than New England usually allows

Let’s face it folks, we, in New England, are known for being kinda stuffy, right?  Isn’t that why we’ve welcomed Henri Smith to Gloucester?  Isn’t that why we do our level best to keep him here year after year?  Yes, he’s a fine musician.  Yes, most of his friends are all top talent too.  Yes, he infuses Gloucester will all kinds of culture we’ve never before experienced.  But let’s be honest.  He’s fun!  And so are his super-talented friends.  Just look at this video:

Don’t these guys just look like they’re having the time of their lives?  We need more of that — and we’re going to get it on June 3o when Henri gathers the most talented, fun-loving New Orleans musicians you can see north of the bayou at North Shore Music Theatre to open for the iconic for Aaron Neville (get tickets here).  Henri’s band will include:

Stanton Davis on Trumpet
Amadee Castenell (from HBO’s Treme) on Sax, Flute and Vocals
Herman Hampton (Berklee professor) on Bass
Daniel Heath on Trombone and vocals
Les Lumley (from Ghetto Mysticism) on percussion.
Charles Burchell  (from New England Conservatory) on Drums
Ben on Piano (you know him)

Now for some fun tonight (see full music lineup here) we have to mention one of Gloucester’s most talented and fun musicians with an acerbic wit, Inge Berge, will be at the Dog Bar with his trio.  See what we mean by wit and fun in the video below:

Keith Richards to co-produce Aaron Neville’s new CD on Blue Note Records with Don Was

Imagine the new CD that Aaron Neville, Don Was and Keith Richards will create for Blue Note Records, the most famous jazz record label of all time (think Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Norah Jones, etc., etc.)

Oh, did I mention — Keith Richards will play guitar on this new CD too!

In two weeks we may hear some of the music slated for this new CD at North Shore Music Theatre.  Tickets are still available here.

8 live music choices tonight, 11 tomorrow and 13 on Saturday.  Whew …  what a weekend we’ve got comin’ to the Live Music Capital of the World!  See the full weekend music lineup here.

Amadee Castenell from HBO’s hit series Treme Joins Henri Smith on June 30 at North Shore Music Theatre

Yesterday we featured Stanton Davis and Les Lumley from Ghetto Mysticism.  Today it’s Amadee Castenell, who has recorded and toured with Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint — with whom he appears in the HBO hit series Treme (Amadee is to Irma Thomason’s left in this video) and many others.  Amadee joins Henri Smith’s band on sax & flute June 30 opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre (get tickets here).  At about 3 minutes into the video below you get an idea of Amadee’s virtuosity — starts out slow and subtle, then wows the audience!

Now that it’s summer, there’s more to do on a Wednesday night in Gloucester.  Lots of good people playing (see full music lineup here), but we just have to mention the first solo appearance by Dylan Estes (Allen’s son) at Giuseppe’s tonight.  He’ll start about 8:30.  We’ll be there with John, the Zip Line Kid.

Neville Brothers Aaron & Charles make only one New England appearance this year

If you ever wondered why the Nevilles are known as New Orleans’ first family of funk, this video tells the story.  It was shot at Jazz Fest 3 weeks ago.  You can see Aaron with his brother Charles on sax plus the quintet at North Shore Music Theatre on June 30 (get tickets here or you can try to win tickets here).  This is their only concert in the Northeast U.S. this year (they recently returned from a wildly successful tour of Japan).

Opening for the Nevilles will be Gloucester’s favorite New Orleans transplant Henri Smith, who is assembling an all-star band for this performance.  June 30 will be a night you won’t soon forget.

There’s music all day today — it’s going on right now and will continue into the night.  You can get to most of it because the shows are spread fairly evenly throughout the day and evening.  If you start now you could take in 8 free shows (see the full music schedule here).  Where else on Earth could you do that in a friendly environment surrounded by water, beaches and one of the world’s most beautiful harbors?