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Lightning over the Harbor 02/18/2011 from “Doc” Vincent

A very cool video of Lightning over Gloucester Harbor. Taken from Cripple Cove.

From David “Doc” Vincent

“Took this the other night..with my new camera..from my backyard..looking out over the harbour.”

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The “Doc” is in the House!

The “Doc” Will Be In The House!!

Willie Alexander…will be joining David “Doc” Vincent…Alek Razdan…Rik Razdan..New Years Eve..in Rockport Mass. Shalin Liu Performance Center Main Street ..here is an early W.A. video this aired on M.T.V. Filmed on Bass Rocks in Gloucester..thought you might enjoy this.

Previously aired on GMG


Fun filled music video shot in Gloucester, Massachusetts in the early 1980’s, starring: Willie Alexander and the Confessions.

Drum Roll Please!

I Found this Video of The Band Johnny Carwash on youtube.

 The Famous or is it Infamous David “Doc” Vincent is let loose on

Rocky Neck.

It’s  a Fun Video. You gotta keep watchin to see what happens.

For more Information On what David and his Bands are up to, Check out his facebook page.