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11 Days!!! New Contest- Fiesta Families

The Infamous One Writes-

joey – i’ll stick with the reisman color slides for now, but the black and white photos tell a story too.  more of them later.  i won’t ask for the names of these family members – they might be visiting from out of town – but to win the prize, you have to tell me the exact location of these pix, street AND number.  and don’t try to make me blink … infamous already KNOWS the answer, because he looked up ‘john’s barber shop’ in the 1952 city directory at the cape ann museum archives.  museum has a full set of these, just like another gloucester treasure – the sawyer free library.  use ’em or lose ’em!
infamous f.b.  stay tuned, don’t turn that dial!
[i’ll print up the ladies for kathy g and she can pick them up at the museum front desk weds. morning on, at her convenience.  is this kathy g. roberts?]

gloucester fiesta 7/52
[john's barbershop at 10 minutes to one.  giovanni eremito, 29 commercial st.]old lady at fiesta 7/51 gloucester

Yes Fred it is THAT Kathy G Roberts who took home the gold yesterday!  No double winners Kathy, so you could guess again but if someone else gets this one they can stake claim to the prize unless of course you are the only winner.

Thanks Fred-