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Piper Cub–Gloucester Harbor–1946

Hello Joey,

Thought the picture attached might prove of interest to some.  It was taken in 1946 by a friend of mine as I taxied out for takeoff from the base at Stage Fort Park, in a Piper J-3 Cub on floats.  The veiws from the air around Cape Ann were spectacular.  I would fly over and land and take off in Magnolia Harbor.  Just back from military service that summer, I got my long yearned for solo at the Beverly Airport, then got checked out in float planes at Gloucester.  That operation only lasted a few years, but I was glad they made it possible for me to get that seaplane solo while living in Magnolia.  Accumulated a few thousand hours thereafter in other parts of the country.

Keep ’em flying!

George Krewson