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Ravenswood 1920 From Fred Bodin

In view of the weather in store for us tomorrow, I submit to you: Ravenswood, Gloucester, 1920. Many of us have hiked, skied, and photographed on this public property. Gloucester photographer Alice M. Curtis took this photo and others in Ravenswood. One is of a cross-country skier in action. I’m saving that one for the snowstorm that drops enough on us to ski there.


Ravenswood is a fairly easy place to cross-country. There is limited parking, but folks park on the side of Route 127.  Whether you CC or not, it’s a great spot to take photos in any season. Sorry, but I forgot to mention snow shoeing, which I have not done yet, but definitely want to try. It is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations. When you’re done and hungry, come to downtown Gloucester to say "hi" to me and I’ll recommend the perfect restaurant(s) to you. Here’s the map:http://www.thetrustees.org/assets/documents/places-to-visit/trailmaps/Ravenswood-Park-Trail-Map.pdf

See you there!

Fredrik D. Bodin, Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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Loblolly Cove, Rockport, circa 1920


Loblolly Cove, Rockport, circa 1920 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin

Gloucester photographer Alice Curtis shot this photograph from Eden Road, looking across Loblolly Cove. The tip of Emerson Point is on the right. Thacher Island sits in the distance, with its two 124 feet tall granite towers. Built in 1861, Thacher has the only remaining twin lights still operating in the United States. I’ve been asked several times in the gallery what loblolly means. Since 1597, loblolly was a restorative thick stew or gruel served on a ship to ailing or injured sailors, much like the way chicken soup is usde today for colds. Also an old British and American naval term, it refers to a warship surgeon’s assistant – a loblolly boy.

Printed archivally from the original 5×7 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Image #A8657-125

Fredrik D. Bodin Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930 info@BodinHistoricPhoto.com

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