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In case you missed it at lunch: 12/12/12 12:12:12 PM

Since the symmetry of today’s date and time will never happen again unless we start using Unix code.

The word “twelve” is the largest number with a single-morpheme name in English. Etymology suggests that “twelve” (similar to “eleven“) arises from the Germanic compound twalif “two-leftover”, so a literal translation would yield “two remaining [after having ten taken]”.[1] This compound meaning may have been transparent to speakers of Old English, but the modern form “twelve” is quite opaque. Only the remaining tw- hints thattwelve and two are related.

Last year our sister city Gloucester, England asked its citizens what were the 12 coolest buildings in their city and came up with a list. What would be on your list of 12 for our island?

Only $12,000,000 To Go




Ocean Alliance, based on figures provided by the lead architect, has a goal of raising approximately $12 million to restore the ~ 20,000 Sq.ft buildings in a way that mediates existing contamination, maintains their historic exterior appearance while modeling the interior as a practical, accessible research, education and historic center.

Only $12,000,000?  Hopefully the architect throws in a blowjob to sweeten the deal.