Here are some slideshows on subjects that interest me.

If you would like to purchase any of the photos that we’ve posted leave us a comment and we will get back to you with the details. 100% of any money raised through the sale of any of my prints will go back into making the site better weather it be hi definition video hosting, camera equipment or site upgrades.


Gloucester at Dawn

Gloucester, Ma


Marine Construction


Naples, Fl

International Boston Seafood Show

The Worlds Greatest Lobster Roll

Freaks of The Lobster and Crab World

Work Boats

Rosa Rugosa Life Cycle

41 Responses to Pics

  1. Excellent piece of web publishing, great community space. Found you from a comment on the Rosa Rugosa painting I posted a couple of weeks ago. Glad to have gotten this link. Keep it up folks!

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  3. Charlie Ciaramitaro Birch Rd, says:

    Joe, You are such a talented man. I love your wed site.I would love to sit down some day and talk with you. I read your history on Capt. Joe it is Great!!!!!!! I Know this sounds so Glosta , But we must be related, My Father Charlie ” Shupado” and uncle Tony “Shupado” were born in Detroit MI. also and moved to Gloucester to FISH. My Dad was on the ST. Mary. I am glad to have found your site. Great job !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jayne Randazza Cooper says:

    I was introuduced to your site by my sister-in-law Joanne Misuraca- Randazza and I love it. I was born in Gloucester, returned over the years, and just finished my visit,again. I’m at home now, in Mississippi and missing the beautiful sights. I went to your web-site and again, I was in Gloucester, for a few minutes. Can’t wait for your daily photo’s. I would love one of Kressy (?) beach. That dragon used to scare me as a child but now…not so big. I will forward this to all of my “born Gloucester” but live elsewhere relatives…they will love it!!!

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  6. dan says:

    My brother used to tuna fish there for 15 years
    it’s a beautiful place and really mis it!

  7. Lynn McKenna says:

    seeing your beautiful photo collection: Gloucester at Dawn, inspired me to write this poem. (Wrote it while watching your slide show!)

    land at the edge of land
    here, i cannot tell the dawn from the dusk
    waves crashing in the darkness
    sparkles of setting sun
    or setting moon
    the quiet hush

    land at the edge of land
    here is where i die and am reborn
    here is where i am carried away
    by tide upon tide
    so i can create myself again
    and again

  8. Kim Burgess says:

    Joe Palmisano referred me to this site. Raised in Gloucester and now in Germany…I look at all these pictures and they bring back so many memories. This is a great site. Thanks Joe and Joe

  9. Carlo says:

    Stumbled upon your site this morning and sat here with a lump in my throat as I looked at your beautiful pictures of my beloved Gloucester. Left there in 1978, but as you can see by my last name, still have many ties there and return to visit as often as I can. Keep up the good work. I will check back regularly and look forward to more pictures.

  10. btw: I can’t find the pics of the dragon at Kressey’s Beach. Anyone have any info on who put it there and when. I remember it being there when I was little, living on Bond Street in the late 50′s and early 60′s.

    • Bill Burr says:

      The dragon was drawn by Bob Stevenson who still has a studio just off main street. I believe a group of us young pre high school beach bums painted it in the summer of 1955 or 1956.
      Bill Burr
      GHS 60

  11. Hi Joe,
    I hope you guys are chillin’ in Florida.
    Slow day here so I am going through all the past stuff on GMG. What a great site! Not only does it give the locals a way to see what they are missing right under there noses but it give us on the other side of the Annisquam a close up on the best shoreline on the east coast.
    Keep up the good work.
    And next time, buy a Webber grill. It will never rot out like your last one!

  12. terry lucido doyle says:

    this site suggested by Penelope Crane

  13. terry lucido doyle says:

    Great job, Joey!

  14. BRENDA LAINO says:


  15. shelley Vincent says:

    Hey, great photo’s. I sent some for the slide show and have some others I would like to share
    how would I go about that???

  16. My Ladyfriend and I had a good time in Your town Saturday night, brings back memories of earlier life in Vermont when i was a kid, and thanks again, James Raymond

  17. coolpapa says:

    Does anyone remember the picture of the sailing ship painted on a rock in the bass rocks area?

  18. Joseph Curcuru Jr. says:

    Joey,cheek’s son here,I ben fishing throuout the westcoast of northamerica for the last 8 years from california to Alaska and Points east(the great salt lake in Utah)from squid seining in Santa barbra to Bristol bay.Left Kodiak Ak.last week,on anchor now off Friday harbor in puget sound geting a load of salmon from the seine fleet and running them to ketchican the site got a boat pulling up got to go…

    • Jamo says:

      I was wondering were you been the other day, did a lot of work for your dad back in the day, welding on the Barnegat

  19. Connie Lufkin Barr says:

    I would like to purchase a print of the photo at the top of the opening page (horizontal , Good Harbor beach)—please let me know terms, shipping etc.
    All your pics are wonderful but this is the most evocative for me.

  20. coolpapa says:

    The pictures are wonderful.What dslr and lens are you using? Our daughter just moved up there September 1

    • Joey says:

      I don’t use a dslr, I use a megazoom semi-compact. A sony DSC H20 and I love it’s portability and versatility for what I do for the blog.

      I think it’s the perfect blogger’s camera because when you are trying to capture moments on the fly, you will miss most shots if you rely on carrying around a dslr with the lenses.

      As someone once said- The best camera is the one you have with you. If it’s too big to carry all the time- well that isn’t going to do you much good when something really cool happens and you are without it.

  21. Hi Joey, are we allowed to post our own photos of Gloucester here?

    Thanks, Tricia

    • Joey says:

      You can add your pics to the GMG Flicke Group Pool and I load them here from there.

      • Thanks Joey, also, how can I load a profile photo so I don’t just have the graphic where the photo could go? I also wanted to let you know that Katherine Richmond and I, both Gloucester based painters, are in Fenway Park from now until opening day painting all of the hand lettered signs around the park. Not sure if that woud be of interest for here on GMG, but my friend Jo-Anne Crawford, another subscriber, thought it might be.

        Thanks, hope you are well, Tricia

        • Joey says:

          We would love to see your pictures inside Fenway. Maybe you can pick up some GMG stickers and take some pics wiyh them from cool places inside Fenway. Did you sign up for a free Flickr account? Once you do you can upload your pictures to it and then join the Good Morning Gloucester Flickr Group where we have a big group of photos. Once you add those pictures there I add them to the blog from there.

          There is also a help section in which you can ask questions on how to upload an avatar on both Flickr and here on WordPress. Feel free to type in any questions you might have in either the wordpress support page (for wordpress related questions) or Flickr help section for questions related to how to do something on Flickr. When all else fails you could type in a question on Google such as “how to upload profile picture wordpress. Or how to upload profile pic Flickr. Usually this is what I do first when I am trying to figure out how to do something on the computer. The help sections are very usefull. On wordpress it’s called support. On Flickr it’s called Help. If you have a hard time finding the help section on Flickr you can try to direct your browser to Google and then type Flickr Help in the search box. If you need help trying to figure out something on WordPress you can direct your browser to Google and type in WordPress Support.

          I hope this helps.

          Looking forward to your contributions

  22. Hey Joey, where can I get some stickers?

  23. Peter Ciarametaro says:

    Awesome pics, i now live in Florida and can really appreciate them.

    Thanks Peter

  24. Jamo says:

    Nice job as always Joe – got some family in some shots. young girl with child in arms.

  25. Chris says:

    Fantastic pictures! How would I go about purchasing a print of one of them? I grew up in Ipswich, now living in Connecticut for work- and missing the north shore every day that goes by. My email is, Thank you!

  26. Richard says:

    I was stationed in Gloucester and Rockport in 1949 and 50 while in the Coast Guard I injoy all the pictures and to see how things have changed.

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  28. Bairon NUNEZ says:

    Hey joe,

    Love the site bro.Is been A while since I heard from you and Frank. Hope everything is going good with the business.I miss you guys.Keep up the great work.

  29. Sabra says:

    Hi! A friend of mine posted a link from your site today on FB. I clicked and saw the Eastern Point Lighthouse igloo. I was so excited to see that lighthouse. :)

    I was stationed at the CG station there from 1987 to 1990. I have been up in that lighthouse numerous times. My daughter (who is now 22) was born in Gloucester. My Great Aunt Meg sailed out of Gloucester Harbor on the Yankee (featured in 2 issues of National Geographic, one article in the March 1951 issue). She sailed around the world on that ship.

    So, from a Midwest girl (transplanted to CA), having some unusual familial ties to Gloucester, thank you for this site. :)

  30. barbara mendrala says:

    How much to get pictures (2) of “You Meet the nicest people….” by Captmard posted 9/28/11
    (that’s my husband and myself)
    Thank you

  31. Deb’s work of Rocky Neck is just great . Congrats for all the lovely paintings…………….

  32. Carol says:

    How do we get a print of the photo of our son in law, Pete Mondello taken on Dec. 13, 2007: Img 4 by captjoe06? Thanks.

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