An Eastern Point resident was attacked by a coyote at 5:15 this morning. She was curled up in an Adirondack chair drinking coffee and watching the stars before heading off to work. The wolf-size coyote leapt on her back. She jumped to her feet and fought it back with her fists. She next grabbed a broom and in the process hit her truck’s key fob, which sounded the alarm. The coyote slunk back into the brush and observed her as she threw rocks at it and yelled loudly, to no avail. It stayed for some time watching her. The coyote could be rabid.

The woman describes the coyote’s drool as smelling like foul meat and the fur as coarse and bristly. The drool was in her hair and took some time to wash out the smell. She does not inherently dislike coyotes and is an animal lover by nature, owns many pets and chickens, and was the former owner of a horse stable. There are several fences around her family’s property, in place to keep her pets safe, including an electric fence.

The woman called the police, who informed her that the animal control officer was not in. She has not heard from animal control.

October 31, 2015 UU Meetinghouse

From our FOB Melissa Cox. Please join the UU Church on Halloween night to watch The Phantom of the Opera while listening to Peter Krasinski on the pipe organ! The funds raised will go to benefit the Meetinghouse Preservation Fund. $15 General Admission $12 Seniors, Students, and free for 12 and under
Creative Costumes are encouraged!!

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Butternut Squash Risotto 


Butternut Squash Risotto    

butternut 6

Every fall daughter Amanda requests this dish I created for her several years ago for lunch or dinner at least once a week! It can be served as a meal or side dish. In Italian homes Risotto is considered a traditional Italian comfort food. The combinations of cheeses in this recipe paired with the fall flavor of roasted butternut squash and creamy risotto is just as addicting as the traditional American comfort food Mac & Cheese.

Click read more for recipe details

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MISSING. Bluefin Tuna.

Have you seen me?

I’ve heard of the “elusive bluefin” but this is a first.

Mile Marker One at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort would love to get their friend, the bluefin tuna, back.  Evidently, he went missing at some point on Sunday.

They have stated that “there will be no questions asked” upon his safe return.

Did your roommate bring home some living room decor?  Did you walk outside and discover a fish out of water on your front lawn?  Maybe you saw a vehicle on the boulevard with a giant fish head sticking out the window?

Let’s hope he finds his way home.

Image 13

Diana Peck Submits Hornworm Poems

By Stanley Kunitz

Hornworm: Summer Reverie 

Here in caterpillar country
I learned how to survive
by pretending to be a dragon.
See me put on that look
of slow and fierce surprise
when I lift my bulbous head
and glare at an intruder.
Nobody seems to guess
how gentle I really am,
content most of the time
simply to disappear
by melting into the scenery.
Smooth and fatty and long,
with seven white stripes
painted on either side
and a sharp little horn for a tail,
I lie stretched out on a leaf,
pale green on my bed of green,
munching, munching.


Hornworm: Autumn Lamentation

Since thatfirst morning when I crawled
into the world, a naked grubby thing,
and found the world unkind,
my dearest faith has been that this
is but a trial: I shall be changed.
In my imaginings I have already spent
my brooding winter underground,
unfolded silky powdered wings, and climbed
into the air, free as a puff of cloud
to sail over the steaming fields,
alighting anywhere I pleased,
thrusting into deep tubular flowers.

It is not so: there may be nectar
in those cups, but not for me.
All day, all night, I carry on my back
embedded in my flesh, two rows
of little white cocoons,
so neatly stacked
they look like eggs in a crate.
And I am eaten half away.

If I can gather strength enough
I’ll try to burrow under a stone
and spin myself a purse
in which to sleep away the cold;
though when the sun kisses the earth
again, I know I won’t be there.
Instead, out of my chrysalis
will break, like robbers from a tomb,
a swarm of parasitic flies,
leaving my wasted husk behind.

Sir, you with the red snippers
in your hand, hovering over me,
casting your shadow, I greet you,
whether you come as an angel of death
or of mercy. But tell me,
before you choose to slice me in two:
Who can understand the ways
of the Great Worm in the Sky?


Community Stuff 10/10/15

Pathways- Cape Ann Families is seeking teen volunteers to serve as mentors to children ages 5 to 12 years. This one-on-one relationship can help strengthen self-esteem, improve academic performance and reduce isolation for children. Mentors participate in a 6 week training session on Thursday afternoons beginning November 5th. If interested, please contact Tanya Cornetta at or at 978-281-2400 ext. 692.

Tanya Cornetta LCSW

Cape Ann Families Social Worker


Eastern Point Day School is Now Accepting LATE ENROLLMENT for Pre-K

New to the area? Feeling like your children might finally be ready for Preschool? Come check out what we have to offer at Eastern Point Day School! Our Pre-K program is currently accepting LATE ENROLLMENT. 

Call us at 978-283-1700 or email at to schedule a tour or get more information about our Pre-K program!

Untitled 2

Eastern Point Day School, Pre-K through Grade 8, is a non-profit, community-based school that provides an exceptional educational and developmental experience in a kind, caring, and inspiring environment.  

The Eastern Point Day School experience includes:

  • Kind, caring environment where all people treat each other with dignity and respect
  • Small class size, individualized instruction
  • Academic excellence
  • Thematic teaching and learning with emphasis on curriculum integration
  • Multi-age classrooms and flexible grouping 
  • Creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork
  • Off-site experiential learning and partners
  • Enrichment – Art, Creative Movement, Theatre Arts, Music, Physical Education, Spanish 
  • Extended Day programs until 5:00 p.m. 
  • Academic and enrichment programs and activities for home school families
  • Affordable tuition and sibling discounts

“Small Jewels” Kathleen George Show at the Sawyer Free Library Matz Gallery

image33My husband Tom came home raving about Kathleen George’s show at the Sawyer Free, calling her paintings “small jewels!” Go see, they are indeed jems!

About the artist ~

I have loved art my whole life. I come from a family that has always valued art. I find that art is an inextricable part of my very being; it’s in the way I see light, in the way I can tap into energy that shouldn’t exist in my busy life to paint for hours and hours after a busy work day…It doesn’t matter if I spend 5 minutes or 5 hours doing art, it is always a window into true beauty for me. Lately, with gratitude, I am making more space in my life for this art I have loved always. Read more here.

Visit Kathleen’s website here.



Cape Ann TV Channel 12 Airs seARTS Wearable Art Runway Show

Cape Ann TV Channel 12 Airs seARTS Wearable Art Runway Show

Cape Ann TV premieres their coverage of the seARTS Wearable Art Fashion Show this weekend. Celebrate Wearable Art lll Runway Show will air on Channel 12 at these times and dates: Friday, October 9 at 9:30 pm; Saturday, October 10 at 8:30 pm; Sunday, October 11 at 9:00 pm; and Monday, October 12 at 6:30 pm. For future airings of this program go to:

Top fashion designers and artists from Cape Ann and beyond, designed clothing and jewelry for this one-of-a-kind fashion event held on September 27 at Cruiseport Gloucester. Cape Ann TV captured the show with three cameras, giving the viewer three different angles to view the models wearing their spectacular outfits on the catwalk. The show also includes behind the scenes interviews.


Saturday in Rockport: Food AND Music!

On October 10th, Rockport hosts the final regular season Rockport Farmers Market (before next week’s Harvestfest!) and a great night of music at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse. In between the farmers’ market and the Coffeehouse you can enjoy shopping and dining in downtown Rockport!

imgresSaturday morning from 9am to 1pm: Rockport Farmers Market vendors feature a bounty of fresh produced, jellies, jams, cold brew coffee, pastries (including a pumpkin s’mores cupcake!)

Saturday night at 7:30 brings David Roth to the Old Sloop Coffeehouse! Buy tickets online or at the door. Connor Garvey opens. More info on both performers, below.

Enjoy a day of supporting local food and live music!

David Roth strikes many chords, hearts, and minds with his unique songs, offbeat observations, moving stories, sense of the hilarious, and powerful singing and subject matter. As singer, songwriter, recording artist, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and instructor, David has earned top honors at premier songwriter competitions – Kerrville (TX) and Falcon Ridge (NY) – and taken his music, experience, and expertise to a wide variety of venues in this and other countries full-time for more than two decades.

Click here to visit David Roth’s website.

Connor Garvey is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Portland, Maine, with the amiable presence of an entertainer, the lyrical depth of a poet, and the enchantment of a storyteller.

Garvey leaves audiences uplifted and inspired through a positive message delivered in a way The Portland Press Herald says proves you can be optimistic and self-aware without being boring. His unique sandy tenor and masterful blend of rhythm and melody draw comparison to Paul Simon and contemporaries Josh Ritter and Jason Mraz. He wins song competitions. He fills rooms. But most of all he moves people.



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