Photos from the opening reception for JOY HALSTED | In and Out of the Box.

Jane Deering Gallery

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Magnolia Art Show 2017

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The Magnolia Library and Community Center’s 40th Annual Art Show will be held on the weekend of July 14th-16th, 2017. The event takes place at 1 Lexington Ave. in the Magnolia section of Gloucester, MA. All proceeds benefit the non-profit Magnolia Library and Community Center and participating artists.

Works from artists throughout the North Shore will be on display and for sale. Unframed bin work will also be available for sale. This event is professionally judged, and visitors to the show vote for a people’s choice award.

This well-attended event starts with a champagne reception (all welcome) on Friday July 14th 7:00-9:00 p.m. The show continues on Saturday & Sunday, July 15 & 16 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This event is open to the public and free to attend. All artwork is for sale.

ARTISTS: Registration is now open. Use Event Brite ( for faster and easier registration. There is a mail in registration form in the Artist Packet should you be unable to register online, starting May 28th. Packets may be picked up at the Librarian’s Desk in the Library or outside the library entrance on Lexington Ave. Click here to download the Artist Packet with registration form and Instructions.

Magnolia Library and Community Center

July 1st

Magnolia Library and Community Center

Magnolia Library and Community Center shared their event.

Magnolia Art Show

July 14, 2017, 7:00pm – July 16, 2017, 4:00pm

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Magnolia Library and Community Center

June 27th

Magnolia Library and Community Center

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Then has launched Gloucester Green to help residents save money and energy, as well as helping to reduce the community’s carbon. There is more in the attached flyer but the bottom line is that the assessments are free and the program is a great way for any homeowner or apartment owner to save money and improve our environment.


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I Am More: Donna

Chickity Check It! A portrait of our Donna by Any Kerr

Amy Kerr Draws Portraits

Donna doesn’t know this, but when I was first getting to know her, I was alarmed by her positivity. Not because it was a bad thing, but because I was so used to trading complaints with people, that to have a conversation with a person who saw only the good in life was challenging. No matter what the weather, no matter where we happened to meet, she would say, “Isn’t it a gorgeous day? Can you believe we live here?” I would look up skeptically at the gray sky but nod. From then on, if I saw Donna walking down the street towards me I frantically try to find something positive to say. That’s why it came as a surprise to find out about her personal struggles:

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Generous gifts | Pauline’s Gifts paints an original scene on a surprising surface

What a lovely surprise gift from my friend, Pauline, and an even more surprising matrix I had to share! Pauline painted a tender piping plover mom with 2 chicks and an iconic Cape Ann vista directly on  a vintage bag with bamboo – rattan handles. I’m gobsmacked. Twin chicks. Twin Lights. Love it!



Pauline’s Gift Shop, 512 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA. Check out Pauline’s work and her creative solutions for a range of commissions!

Summer escapes

As I prepare to head up to Maine this week, here’s a few shots from the little town of Port Clyde, Maine where I made a pit stop during my travels last month.    Love these little harbors.  The sculpture of clam diggers brings back memories of my great-grandfather Weymouth Roberts and Uncle Stan Roberts who used to clam for a living and my great grandmother who used to sit at the table and shuck clams for hours.   Hope you all are finding your little escapes this summer!



Pet of the Week-Fancy

Hello my name is Fancy and I a sweet older girl with a loving personality. I enjoy the company of people and love to have my chin scratched. I was transferred in from another rescue that pulls from high kill shelters so I am fortunate to be here at Cape Ann Animal Aid and happy to meet all the new people here. I am a little cranky around the other cats so it might be best is if I were the only cat. If you are looking for a more mature cat to keep you company than I am the one for you. I am a bigger girl weighing in at close to 15 lbs so I could stand to lose a little weight but I am quite happy the way I am. Please stop by and visit and maybe we will be a perfect match. To see all of the available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:

Sargent House Museum Hosts Historic Styles

Cape Ann Community

GLOUCESTER, MA –The Sargent House Museum is currently hosting eighteenth-century inspired fashion. Created for The Folklore Theatre Company’s 2015 production of “The Medium, or Virtue Triumphant” the four outfits on exhibit at the historic home are based on patterns for dresses and suits popular between 1780-1805.

Judith Sargent Murray lived in the Sargent House between 1782-1793. She wrote plays including “The Medium, or Virtue Triumphant,” one novel, and a breadth of essays, poems, and letters.  She was the first American playwright to have her work produced in Boston. A leading advocate of women’s rights, Sargent Murray deeply valued education, representation in government, and the right to work. Her pieces often focused on these issues. She enjoyed a celebrated reputation as a notable author, devoted Universalist, and friend of prominent figures such as John and Abigail Adams. The Sargent House Museum hosts remarkable examples of early American furnishings, artifacts owned by…

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GloucesterCast 232 Ken Riehl, Sara Young, Warren Waugh, Cidalia Schwartz, Mark Hayes,Nathan Wilson, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/9/17

GloucesterCast 232 Ken Riehl, Sara Young, Warren Waugh, Cidalia Schwartz, Mark Hayes,Nathan Wilson, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/9/17

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Topics Include:

Chamber Summertime Events This weekend -First Downtown Block Party, Festival By The Sea August 5th, Blues Festival August 12th, Country Festival August 5th, Waterfront Festival August 19th-20th , Schooner Festival, Auction
Bluefin Blowout July 27th-29th At Cape Ann Marina
Nathan Wilson First Goetteman Artist Residency Fellow Through The Rocky Neck Artist Colony In Collaboration with Ocean Alliance  July 24th Talk At Ocean Alliance
Baby Charlotte Update Backyard Growers Garden Tour

Cape Pond Ice Looking For a Truck Driver / Ice Delivery Person

Cape Pond Ice has an opening for a truck driver / ice delivery person.

Join our “Cool” team?  Must be fit and reliable, with good driving record.

Your choice of ride & horsepower.


See Scott, Sera or Larry…

Scott Memhard, President

Cape Pond Ice Company

aka Bresnahan Ice, Lawrence & Peabody Icehouse

104 Commercial Street, Fort Wharf

Gloucester, MA  01930

tel:  978-283-0174  FAX 978-283-3714  cell:  978-879-9394


The question should really be what don’t they eat in the world of insects and diminutive sea creatures. Over the past two summers I have filmed PiPl eating every kind of beach dwelling crawly insect and marine life imaginable.

Piping Plovers eat freshwater, land, and marine invertebrates. Their general fashion of foraging is to run, stop, peck, repeat, all the day long, and during the night as well.

Run, Stop, Peck

When foraging along the wrack line and up to the dune edge Piping Plovers eat insects, both alive and dead, including ants, spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, and beetles, along with insect larvae such as fly larvae. Foraging at the intertidal zone, Piping Plovers find sea worms, tiny mollusks, and crustaceans, as well as crustacean eggs.

When the chicks get a little older they will learn how to do a sort of foot tamping technique where they rapidly shake their feet in the sand to stir up crustaceans. I have yet to see our chicks do this, but soon enough.

The purpose of discontinuing to rake the beach to help the Piping Plovers is twofold. Not raking in the nesting site creates a habitat rich in dry seaweed and dry grasses, which attracts insects, the PiPl food on dry land. Secondly, raking in the vicinity of the Plovers after they hatch can be deadly dangerous to the chicks. Not only is there danger of being squished, but also, they can easily become stuck in the impression in the sand made by the tires of heavy machinery.

This morning I had a disagreeable conversation with a woman about her unleashed puppy. She feigned lack of knowledge about the dog ordinances, but aside from that, she informed me that her large puppy would be “afraid” of a chick. And there seems to be a frustrating lack of understanding about where the chicks forage. We can only share again that the Piping Plovers, both adults and chicks, feed from the dunes’s edge to the water’s edge, and everywhere in between. Sunrise and sunset are not safe times to walk dogs on the beach because Piping Plovers forage at all times of the day, and into the night. Adult birds can fly away from a person or dog walking and running on the beach, but a shorebird chick cannot.

Big Beach, Tiny Chick ~ Sixteen-day-old Piping Plover Chick Foraging at the Ocean Edge

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