DreamsteeringRecently I joined a wonderful group of ukelists. Joe Cardozza is the Ukleadies simply amazing teacher. Everyone knows Joe from his musical partnership with RENEE and JOE MUSIC and from the Bandit Kings, but did you also know that he gives private music lessons in the comfort of your own home? For more information about Cardoza Music, visit Joe’s website here.

You can download RENEE and JOE’s first full length studio recording, Dreamsteering, here. I am a fan of Renee’s singing and so far, my favoirte track is their beautiful song “Molly,” but I haven’t yet had a chance to listen to the entire album of songs.

Dreamsteering was recorded in Gloucester at Bang a Song Studio, and was engineered and mixed by Tony Goddess and Jen Morrison.

Top Of The Hub Sweet 16 Lunch!

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Moolongz Found Crying at Niles Beach at Sunset

freelang crying at niles beach

Moolongz become very sad when they encounter humans who are not evolved enough to see or hear them, which is why they have decided to remain on Earth, to help humans evolve and become the joyful, fulfilled, abundant beings they were created to be. Soon many humans will begin to say: “I See Moolongz”, which Moolongz will be overjoyed to hear. Can you see Moolongz?

E.J. Lefavour

New Live Henri Smith CD to be released at Celebrate Gloucester Aug 29

HenriPoster_600When Henri Smith brings New Orleans Friends & Flavours, featuring Grammy-winner Amadee Castenell to Cape Ann Marina’s Waterfront Pavilion on August 29, he’ll be helping to raise money for the Cape Ann YMCA — and he’ll release his new live CD recorded at The Larcom Theatre last March.

This will be Henri’s first live CD and it features stellar guests, including Grammy-winners Charles Neville and Amadee Castenell along with young, rising stars — all brought together by Henri Smith, one of the country’s premier band leaders.

Recorded and mixed by Bill Winn (whose award-winning credits include Whitney Houston and Herbie Hancock among many others), this CD is destined to become a classic — and you can get yours signed at the concert.

Henri Smith concerts have been selling out, so you probably shouldn’t procrastinate.

Get your tickets now (right here) and then you can relax the rest of the summer.

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest:Inge Berge

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This Week:
Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad, $12.95!

Wednesday, July 30th
Special Guest:

       photo by Sheila Roberts Orlando                                                                  

Inge Berge is among the finest and most sophisticated
songwriters on Cape Ann.  His lyric is sharp.  His music is
self-contained and utterly complete.  And his right hand hits
a perfect groove on the guitar – every time.  World class all
the way. ~ Fly
Toni Ann

8/13 Fozzie Hill

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  :-) ~ Fly

Eastern Point Light

Eastern Point Lighthouse

DSCN0248 - Copy - Copy


Eastern point lighthouse 1832

Eastern point lighthouse 1832



Read more here  http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=476


“The Scent of Paint” from deb clarke


From Deb Clarke;

The Scent of Paint.

“my studio is in my kitchen. the oil paint gets messy. i have nearby

sheets of blotting paper to cover this up when i am done working for

the day. i don’t need inspiration to work. i just work. right now i’m

still working on the 22″ square with the standing figure. it’s leaning

against a gold verre eglomise of keys. it’s not finished.

this morning the scent of the paint was a bit heavy in the kitchen.

i took the paper off the palette. got out the easel and started to work.

decided to take the figure off the center of the canvas. re drawing,

trying to relate some color notes. not too picky. just trying to

stay out of the center.

2 hours this morning brings me to this. i will leave the set up for a bit.

go for a short walk. have some lunch. and start again. i have six hours

to paint. or stretch another canvas. maybe both.”

best, and onward.




A Birthday Gift of Cheer

I received this beautiful gift at the rehab today from my Friends at Good Morning Gloucester. Thank you so much, and I extend this thanks to all the kind folks who have wished me well and offered their prayers. I'm working hard to regain the strength I had before my appendix went south, and I estimate I'll return home in the next couple of weeks. The Edible Arrangement is called the "Cheer Me Up" bouquet.

I received this beautiful gift at the rehab today from my Friends at Good Morning Gloucester. Thank you so much, and I extend this thanks to all the kind folks who have wished me well and offered their prayers. I’m working hard to regain the strength I had before my appendix went south, and I estimate I’ll return home in the next couple of weeks. The Edible Arrangement is called the “Cheer Me Up” bouquet.

Daily Discussion- What Is Proper Etiquette When It Comes To Dogs Barking In Your Neighborhood Throughout The Evening/Night?

I wonder how the thought process goes for dog owners whose dogs are outside and bark throughout the evening and into the night (like non-stop barking).

Do they much like the dog lovers whose dogs jump up on you and get your clothes all filthy think it’s cute when they bark all night outside as well?

You think those dog owners are saying to themselves “Ahhh, that sweet melody of my dog barking away at bunny rabbits in the yard all night, I bet all our neighbors love listening to our dog just as much as we do.  Isn’t it just music to your ears and oh so soothing when you’re trying to go to bed.  puts me to sleep every time”

I’m not the kind of guy that ever wants to call the po po or animal control on their neighbors.  I’d really just like them to realize that there are neighbors out there that just might not appreciate their dog barking all night the way they do.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Have you ever encountered this and how did you handle it? Leave a comment on this post and explain what course of action or non-action you would take.

Tuesday July 29th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather..

Marine Forecast :
Today SW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Patchy fog this morning with vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Tonight SW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Live Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :

Last nights Funnel Cloud over Gloucester Ma at 7:02 pm Taken By Jay Albert … Cape Ann Images …



Storm Clouds 7/28/14

A nice night to sit back and enjoy the show (and try to figure out what those damn ducks are called).

Did You get outside last night to shoot those beautiful clouds?  If so send in your pics and I’ll add them to this post.  I was sitting there watching it for about 20 minutes just itching to grab the tripod out of my truck when finally I couldn’t take it any more, the light was pretty amazing.  Working on a timelapse of it right now.


Cloud Photo from July 28 2014/Janet Rice

Storm Watchers, Granite Pier, Rockport, MA


hi joey,

i think we saw a glimpse from heaven yesterday here in plum cove. 

alexandra d’maris


Christy Juckett submits-

photo (95)



                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Fred Sterner)
Joey – years of hard work from a dedicated group has succeeded in saving one of the most important surviving fishing schooners.  ERNESTINA, ex EFFIE M MORRISEY was built in  Essex at the James and Tarr Shipyard in 1894 for the J F Wonson fish company in Smith Cove. 
NEW BEDFORD (By Steve Urbon, South Coast Today) — Two philanthropists have stepped forward with $2.8 million to put the Schooner Ernestina past its fund-raising goal for a full restoration of the historic vessel, Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Jack Murray told The Standard-Times today.
Murray said a formal announcement at dockside will come in a few weeks, but he confirmed that two individuals have more than matched the state’s $2.5 million contribution to the project.
The Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association is currently raising its $1 million share, and has already raised more than $100,000, said Chairman Julius Britto.
The restoration will take two or three years and will make the Ernestina seaworthy once again. That will enable it to resume its port visits, sail training and education programs, said Britto.
He said the association and the state are in the process of deciding how to maintain the schooner in the coming years.
Bids on the restoration work, which will be extensive, should be sought within a few weeks, Murray said.
The donations are coming from Gerry Lenfest, the owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who has offered $1.8 million, and Robert J. Hildreth, a Boston philanthropist who is contributing $1 million.
Murray said he spoke with both men today to confirm their commitments.
Hildreth, who is vice chairman of the Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association, told The Standard-Times that the state is in discussions with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay to be the off-season home of the Ernestina, keep it maintained, and use it as a teaching tool, even a dormitory.
The Ernestina, launched in Essex in 1894, drew much attention during the recent visit to New Bedford of the restored whaleship Charles W. Morgan.
Some 1,600 people who came to see the Morgan also toured the Ernestina, which has languished at its waterfront pier for several years. “It was a big bounce for us,” Britto said.
He said he believes that Gov. Deval Patrick’s commitment to a $2.5 million capital outlay for the schooner “was the catalyst” for bringing in private donations, without which the project would not be possible.
The Ernestina is the official vessel of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She has served as a Grand Banks fishing boat, an Arctic explorer, and a packet carrying immigrants from Cape Verde to the United States.
(Posted by Al Bezanson)

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