Lifeguard Press Release From the Office Of The Mayor

Gloucester Residents:
Gloucester,  as well as other communities, faced a shortage of certified lifeguards for summer 2015 and wages was not the issue. This was recognized very early in the preparation for beach season. We advertised aggressively, but  simply could not attract a large enough pool of guards.  In mid-July Plum Cove and Niles Beach were posted No Guard on Duty. These are smaller beaches with little wave action and limited guard action. Good Harbor and Wingaersheek  Beaches are extremely busy and these beaches must be staffed. Typical calls for traditional first aid, dehydration, reactions to medication and the sun, lost children, alcohol intoxication as well as water rescues are common every day.
With a shortage of guards in past years we have temporarily supplemented guard staff with EMTs from the Gloucester Fire Department.  During extreme tides, rip currents or larger than normal waves – we have always looked to Public Safety for support.
The supplemental hires are used on busy weekends or  weekdays, late in the season, when high school or college-age guards have gone back to school.  The lifeguard continue with water rescues and traditional guard duties and the EMTs provide medical attention to those in need. The EMTs are not acting as guards – but freeing the guards up so they can continue to keep their eyes on the water. The sheer volume of beachgoers requires a full staff trained in all forms of medical first response.
The Gloucester Fire Department response frequently to beaches to aid lifeguards – even when fully staffed with guards.
 With the shortage of guards, it is appropriate and responsible to provide a safe beach for residents and guests.
During major events city-wide, EMT personnel from the FD are used as first responders. The funding to cover the EMTs is out of the line item used to pay the guards. With less guards, we have funding available.
Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken
City of Gloucester
Nine Dale Avenue
Gloucester, MA. 01930


Community Photos 8/31/15

Hi Joey,
I thought you might appreciate this shot taken at Pisces on Friday. This little guy visited us for a few consecutive days… He really enjoyed looking at his reflection, or maybe he was just deciding whether or not he wanted to purchase this lovely mirror
Hope your summer was a good one!
Annika @ Pisces


Hi Joey! Always a joy to visit again.

Surprised by the hotel progress as we have been following it every few months.  Awesome scenes wherever we go on Cape Ann. 
Blessings, Linda rae and Rob


Fred Bodin Stories

If you couldn’t make our memorial Fred Bodin podcast where folks shared stories about their friend but would like to  share your Fred Bodiun story submit them to and I’ll publish them on our pages-

Nancy Dudley remembers Fred-

Looking forward to your podcast on Fred. I know you will have plenty of stories, but just in case, sending along an old story from 1980 or 81, and my favorite picture. I told Fred as many of old funny stories I could think of for a short visit last time I saw him and below was one. He seemed to be following and getting it but hard to really know. Thanks for doing all this. -nd

When I first met Fred he was interested in preparing fine cuisine. He bought the very best Creuset cook ware and the most current best seller cook books. He enjoyed trying out new dishes and one time made cod fish crepes with Mornay sauce, new potatoes and asparagus. The meal was ready and “plated”. All was perfect. My little English setter dog was curled up and in a deep sleep on the couch. Then there was a knock on the door or someone called up from the Rocky Neck beach– something distracted us and took us away for maybe 2 minutes. Upon returning everything was perfect and exactly as it had been except all the crepes were gone. The dog was in exactly the same position, still fast asleep. Fred was puzzled for a second or two–a neighbor’s prank or the crepes “beamed up”? Finally the dog was examined very closely and a micro millimeter of mornay sauce was observed on her upper lip. Although not a dog person, Fred was not angry with the dog. She was coincidently called “Phred”  like the Gary Trudeau character and he felt a bond in the shared name. He was somewhat annoyed w/ me for bringing the dog and the lost investment of time and money, but then suddenly saw the humor in all of it, especially his intensity in a world of real life unpredictability.  And he moved on and was just as happy with the new story he had to tell that night.


Alicia Unleashed Episode 1 Featuring Kyle Danikas, Errika Ryan (silent), Melissa Cox, Krystal Fagundes and Host Alicia DeWolfe.


Alicia Unleashed Episode 1- A GMG Production Featuring Kyle Danikas, Errika Ryan (silent), Melissa Cox, Krystal Fagundes and Host Alicia DeWolfe.

Topics Include: The Swear Jar, Second Glance, Limited Cussing, The Cave, Jewel Town Vineyard, GMG Throwback, Bikini/Speedo Dodgeball, Chris “the spy” vs. Alicia “the spy”, 1950’s Living, Homiecast “Safe” Word, Women Can Say What They Want, Beard Epidemic, Joey Loving #twitter #jetblue #terra #bluepotatochips , DISCLAIMER, HoCast Never To Air, Do Podcasts Receive Comments? GMG and the Younger Generation, Southern Restaurants, Asking to Split Checks, 3 Things That Should Come With A Warning Label Other Than Men, Silent Partner Errika, Chubby Kid on Full House, Melissa Giving Props to Alicia For Food, Melissa Cox Fries Balls, Will This Podcast Make It To Air

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Farm To….Schooner

While out on the Thomas E. Lannon Saturday evening to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of some phenomenal friends, I noticed that the Columbia was sitting beautifully where the Adventure typically is.   Upon inquiring as to where the Adventure was, I was told that it was delivering produce to Boston.


Coincidentally, the next morning, I received an email with the following link from wbur radio…originally coming from Maine Public Broadcasting Network.  Click below to take a listen or have a read.  Many thanks to Paul Horovitz for the timely information.

Schooner Delivers Maine Produce To Boston Harbor The Old-Fashioned Way

It turns out that the Adventure sailed into Portland several days ago to be loaded with $70,000 worth of nonperishables to be delivered into Boston Harbor.  The Adventure was due to arrive in Boston yesterday to unload its bounty.

A 90-year-old schooner with North Shore origins is headed back home, laden with three tons of Maine-grown farm produce.

The Adventure, as she’s called, set sail from Portland, Maine, at first light Friday morning.

The project is called Maine Sail Freight, and while it’s part historical re-enactment, organizers say they’re also out to make a serious point about food systems and regional economics.


Find out more about Maine Sail Freight HERE

Photo Courtesy of The Schooner Adventure

Photo Courtesy of The Schooner Adventure

IMG_0105 IMG_0108

Community Stuff 8/31/15


Hi Joey

Here is something for golf enthusiasts.

Fall Memberships @ Rockport Golf Club

Here;s a chance to get a jump start on a new 2016 membership. Fill out an application for the 2016 season, pay $400.00 and you can play from September 1st 2015 until the course closes. The $400.00 will be applied toward your 2016 Dues. Call or visit the pro shop. 978 546 3340




“Alzheimer’s Disease, Journey of a Caregiver.

Jorgelina Zeoli (aka Jayzee) will introduce her autobiographical book series Journey of a Caregiver. As the only caregiver of her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, Jorgelina writes about the heartbreak, the anxiety, the exhaustion and other challenges she faced through the last twelve years of her mother’s life, as well as the evolution of the disease and the unfolding and closure of their mother-daughter relationship.

At the Hamilton-Wenham Library

Thursday, Oct. 15 from 6:30-7:30

14 Union Street

South Hamilton, MA 01982

5th Annual Gloucester Overdose Vigil this Mon 8/31 6:30pm



The Sargent House Museum’s foyer is ready to greet a Candlelight Tour. (Photo courtesy of: Vignette Lammott.)

Guests in period dress attend at private party and tour hosted by Peggy Russell of Pop Gallery. (Photo courtesy of: Vignette Lammott.)

Dear Member and Supporters,
The Sargent House Museum announces Private Tours and Customized Functions, a new way to experience our museum!  Visit the Sargent House as it was in the 18th century and enjoy stories about the house and Judith’s Gloucester from rooms beautifully furnished with decorative and fine arts from the North Shore and Boston as well as European pieces imported by  Gloucester merchants.
Read the tour descriptions below and submit the inquiry form to learn how our new venue can enhance your next event.  Customized functions may be requested to highlight various aspects of the House, collections and Judith’s lifetime.
Amanda Hurd
President, Sargent House Museum

Children looking at underwater camera


Hope you can help us out with a posting for Maritime Gloucester’s Auction which went live on Bidding for Good Friday and will be up through September 8. Funds raised during this auction will help fund our Ocean Explorers Program. This program brings each 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class on Cape Ann to Maritime Gloucester for two field trip days, one in the fall, and one in the spring, to participate in hands-on marine and physical science activities. In the winter, we present in-classroom lessons for each of the 35 classrooms in the different schools. We also provide pre and post visit materials.

We hope everyone will check it out, bid high, bid often and help us reach our goal to fund our educational programming for the students of Cape Ann.

Website: In search bar type in Maritime Gloucester Evening Under the Spars and you can look at all the fabulous items and services (mostly local) that have generously been donated. Thank you all for your support!!

Sue Ann Pearson

Director of Development

Maritime Gloucester


Coming next weekend, the 4th through the 6th, the spectacular 31st annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is an event not to be missed. Organized by the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee and Maritime Gloucester, click here for a complete list of activities throughout the weekend.

GloucesterCast 149- The Fred Bodin Rememberance Podcast


GloucesterCast 149- The Fred Bodin Rememberance Podcast

Many of Fred Bodin’s Friends Share Stories About Fred Bodin and What He Meant To Us.  A Tribute To Fred.

Fred’s wake will be at Greely Funeral Home

Wednesday, September 2, 2015  from 4:00 – 7:00

Listen here-

Kim Smith Group Photo-

Fred Bodin Memorial friends ©Kim Smith 2015

Sista Felicia Photos-


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Live Pork Butt Smoke Session All Day Check For The Live Updates

Check For The Live Updates throughout The Day Today 8/30/15

My Boy Enrico Palazzo (Eric Lorden) grabbed a couple of Pork Butts and Head Chef Jeremy at Passports rubbed em down with the love rub, they sat overnight in the love letting the rub marry up with the pork.


2015-08-30 05.13.51_thumb[1]

5:00AM 8/30/15 set up the smoker using the minion method.  Filled up the charcoal basket after placing four chucks of cherry in equal distances apart around the circle.  then took out the middle lump charcoal , got it going in the chimney and then once they were burning red I dumped them back into the center.  The idea is that the charcoal will slowly burn from the center outwards for a long low and slow session.

2015-08-30 05.14.11_thumb[1]

Uhmmm, Y’all better get down to Zeke’s For breakfast before Word Gets Out and You Can’t get In

This ain’t your grandfather’s Zeke’s.

Check them out here-

66 E Main St

Gloucester, Massachusetts

(978) 283-7817

The new owners have stepped up the breakfast game in every way imaginable including like a thousand different fresh baked types of bread all made in-house.

How frickin psyched am I that I’ve got a scratch kitchen breakfast joint a stone’s throw from the dock?  WOOOOHOOOOOO!

Every single thing that came out looked ridiculously good and over the top.

Add another awesome breakfast joint to Gloucester’s stacked line-up.  I gotta tell you I put Zeke’s in the top tier and rate it MUST VISIT.  Like I’d say it’s so good that YOU HAVE TO make it your next breakfast dining out experience.  No joke I put 100% of my dining experience critique reputation on the line saying you gotta go.  let me know what you think.

Check it-

2015-08-29 09.44.18

Paleo Breakfast For Kate with homemade salsa

2015-08-29 10.10.46

Fish Cake Bene- Out of This World (what you don’t see pictures was the outrageously good sweet bread)

2015-08-29 10.13.13

Mike and his wife sister.

2015-08-29 10.26.58

Outside a nice touch- brochures for local attractions and benches for folks to check out.

2015-08-29 10.30.12


Fred, We Miss You. We Love You. Rest in Peace.


Live from G19 Artisans

Celebrating art at G19 with owner Cynthia Belchou. Come on down to 19 Broadway, Rockport. We’ll be partying into the night (10ish).

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