Pet of the Week- Everett


Everett here and I have a bit of a sad story…My old owners moved and left me behind, I was scared and alone until some nice people picked me up and brought me here. I am a shyer guy who takes more time to get to know you and feel safe.  Once I get comfortable I am a big sweetheart, but who can blame a fellow for being a tad hesitant after being left alone by folks who were supposed to take care of me!

I am looking for a more adult home; do you have the room in your home and heart for a guy like me? Visit for more information about Everett and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Hands down Without Question The Lannon Should Take Home The Bacon! Vote!

Truck Day @ Fenway Park


Tomorrow is officially Truck Day at Fenway Park!  Spring is on the horizon and the Red Sox have packed up their truck to head south for some Spring Training action. They’ll make a quick stop at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and will then be on their way.   Go show them some love as they head out of town!

As tweeted by @RedSoxTruckDay themselves…

20400 baseballs, 1100 bats, 200 batting gloves, 200 batting helmets, 400 pairs of socks. 20 cases of bubble gum, 60 cases of sunflower seeds




February is National Cancer Prevention Month

More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

February  is National Cancer Prevention Month.

Prevention, Screening, Early Detection and Treatment SAVES LIVES! 

Risk Factors You Can Control to Minimize Your Risks – Healthy eating, healthy weight, regular exercising, avoid or minimize alcohol intake, avoid over-exposure to sun, stopping smoking, decreasing stress are some of the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent cancer.

Ask your doctor about risk factors, screening and prevention.

‘Sometimes it Takes a Village’a professional, experienced referral network and support system is available to assist you with your goals of prevention and optimal health. Contact me for information.

Dreamtime Wellness™ offers education and tools that empower and assist you with stress relief and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Take Back Your Life and Your Health. You’ll Be Glad You Did.

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Last night’s red sky was not today’s sailor’s delight. Is that old adage true more often than not I wonder?

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

Smith's Cove Marine railways Gloucester sunset www.kimsmithdesigns

Twilight Smith’s Cove looking towards Gloucester Marine RailwaysLong Bech Rockport sunset

Long Beach Sunset


Lovely and delicious fruit galettes perfect for Sunday brunch! Available at @cakeann_

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The full menu is up and running! If you can’t get there early in the morning and are worried about missing out on a favorite pastry, call the day before and ask to reserve it. For Sunday brunch we served fruit galettes and kougin-amann and they were a HUGE HIT with the Fam! Along with Inga’s welcoming smile, I love the open, clean design of Cake Ann’s interior space and find both very inviting.

One more of sweet couple Inga and Matt @cakeann_

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Cake Ann is located at 214 Eastern Avenue in Gloucester. They are open from 8am to 4pm Wednesday through Saturday and Sunday from 8am to noon.


Winter Storm Hits Rockport, Video

We took a drive just after high tide today.  We drove by Old Garden Beach, down Atlantic, to T Wharf, down Bearskin Neck, to the breakwater, through town, by Front Beach, to Granite Pier, and then back home.  Not much accumulation but it was coming down good, VERY windy, and some great surf!  #winterstormmars

Just another February on Cape Ann.

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