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Hello again from your friends at TBT Post,

We just wanted to let everyone know of our new hours for our Gloucester store at 33 Main St. starting next Tuesday, December 13th.

We will be open 7 days a week like always but starting next Tuesday, our daily hours will be 9 a.m.- 9 p.m. That’s right, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is not just for the holiday season, but will continue into 2017!

Instagram link:

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Happy shopping,

The team at TBT Post Gloucester


“Decorating the tree each year is like seeing a friend you’ve been missing”….or so says my older son, Thatcher. I couldn’t agree more. I LOVE some of our favorite ornaments….and it’s like, well…it’s like Christmas…unpacking them each year.

The other night was tree decorating night in the Schrafft house and I promised myself I’d be “in the moment” and not worried about lunch packing, laundry folding, email checking, work finishing, or even blog posting.  Not easy for me…sad, but true.

It is amazing to me that, at the fine ages of nine and seven, the boys already cherish these miniscule moments….the who always hangs what and the Oh! I remember buying this whens.  We have all adopted these quirky little practices of how the ornament boxes are placed in a row on the couch, which ones are gently unpacked first and who hangs which ornaments. It has played out organically over the years and without real intention, but each moment is special in the tradition that makes Christmas “ours.”

With Storms Coming These Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns Are Cheap Insurance At $12.99 For Two 74% Off- Amazon Deal of The Day


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  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: The extremely lightweight build allows you to take your lantern on the go with ease. When not in use collapse the lantern to a smaller size; store it effortlessly, taking little space
  • LOW CONSUMPTION: Light up to 12 hours of regular, continuous use with enough battery capacity (AA battery included)
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With winter knocking on the door and the inevitable power outages, every house needs these, and for $12.99 for two, uhmmmm, wouldn’t you rather have these than candles that will burn your house down if you fall asleep and let them burn?I just ordered them for the new crib

Here’s the link to purchase


Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 12/9/16


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~ 3 Comments ~

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Children’s Holiday Microgreen & Craft Workshop THIS SATURDAY!

December 8, 2016 ~ backyardgrowersgloucester ~


Is your to-do list miles long this season? Then drop your children off at Backyard Growers for our gardening and craft workshop: “Holiday Greens for little Gardeners” while you shop!

Our team has developed a window gardening workshop tailored to little gardeners! They’ll learn about planting and growing microgreens, and each child will decorate and bring home a microgreen window planter like the one pictured above! The perfect gift for any family member.

Saturday, December 10th, 10am-12pm
Backyard Growers Office
271 Main Street
$15 per child, cash or check at the door.

Space is limited, so reserve now by signing up here!

All proceeds benefit our school and community gardening programs.

Cape Ann Summer Camp Fair

Image ~ December 8, 2016 ~ kestrel.educational.adventures ~


Movies & Chinese Food with Temple Ahavat Achim at Cape Ann Cinema!


December 8, 2016 ~ taagloucester ~

Movies & Chinese Food* at Cape Ann Cinema!

Join TAA for Movies and Chinese Food on the First Night of Hanukkah on Saturday, December 24th at the Cape Ann Community Cinema (21 Main St., Gloucester)

Adults $20 | Kids 6-18 $12 | Kids under 5 FREE

5:15 pm Lighting Lobster Trap Menorah at TAA
5:30 Doors open at Cape Ann Community Cinema
Dinner for kids
6:00 “Toy Story” begins (81 minutes)
7:30 Dinner for adults
8:15 “Tootsie” begins (119 minutes)
10:30 Clean up and leave cinema by 11:00 pm

Come for some, or come for all!

Children of all ages invited with parents. (Parents to determine whether “Tootsie” is appropriate for their older kids.)


*Vegetarian Chinese Food will be served.

2017 Rotary Photo Calendar Now Available

December 8, 2016 ~ trixy546 ~

2017rotarycalendarsignThe 2017 Rotary Raffle Calendars are printed and can now be purchased. This calendar is our best ever, displaying the award winning photos of Cape Ann taken by serious amateur and professional photographers. Calendars can be purchased from any Gloucester Rotarian or at these locations: BankGloucester, Local Colors, Building Center Gloucester, and Carroll K Steel Insurance.

$20 each.  All profits go to the club’s local and international projects.

An added bonus is that this is a raffle calendar, and all are numbered, with a limited number being printed. The Club will give away $50 every week next year. There will be “bonus” giveaways of $250 in June 2017 and $500 the in December 2017.

Congratulations to the following photographers whose work is featured in the calendar:

  • January-   John Zellenka
  • Febraury-  Karen Joyce
  • March- Jim Sousa
  • April- Steven D Carr
  • May- Arlene Taliadoras
  • June- Marion Bayly
  • July-  Jim Sousa
  • August- Phil Ierardi
  • September- Elinor Teele
  • October- Rich Correale
  • November- Cate Partridge
  • December- Amy Smith
  • Cover- Marion Bayly
  • Back Cover- Donna Ardizzoni


14915642_10154942196506178_5066991207539961371_nPreserving Schooner Adventure: A National Historic Landmark
About this Fundraiser

Help us connect children and adults to Gloucester’s maritime culture. Schooner Adventure is a unique platform designed to engage through hands-on experiences, providing lasting lessons and an appreciation of our shared maritime heritage. Donate Here


Beaver Pond, also known as Langsford Pond, is located on the outskirts of Cape Ann’s Dogtown. Exquisitely beautiful and peaceful, the pond is teeming with life, habitat largely created by the relatively new presence of the North American Beaver (Castor canadensis).

Beavers were absent from the Massachusetts landscape from 1750 to the early 1900s due to deforestation from agriculture and unregulated hunting and fur trapping. In the early 1900s forests began to recover as farmers abandoned their fields to work in cities. By 1928, a Beaver was found in Stockbridge. The public’s enthusiasm for the return of the beavers abounded and in 1932 three additional beavers from New York were introduced and released in Lennox. Today, Beavers have rebounded to the extent that some controlled hunting is permitted.

Beavers are ecosystem engineers and the ponds they create become wildlife magnets. Think about just this one example of the ecology of a beaver pond: woodpeckers make holes in the dead trees engineered by Beaver activity, Wood Ducks nest in the holes created by the woodpeckers, and raptors hunt the smaller birds.

More examples of how Beavers benefit other species of wildlife include favored nesting sites of both the Great Blue Herons and Osprey are the dead treetops of older trees in beaver swamps. Local species of turtles, the Snapping Turtle and the Eastern Painted Turtle, benefit from abundant vegetation created by beaver tree felling, which causes the forest to regenerate. Snapping and Eastern Painted Turtles prefer standing and slow moving water and hibernate under logs and lodges of Beavers. Painted Turtles also use floating logs to bask upon.

Like Niles Pond and Henry’s Pond, Langsford Pond is another superb example of a body of fresh water close to a saltwater cove where the combination of the two ecosystems provides shelter, nesting sites, and an abundance of food. While at Langsford Pond, I often see Great Blue Herons, swooping overhead, coming and going, between feeding grounds at the head of Lobster Cove and the shelter found in the vegetation surrounding the pond. Today, December 8th, a juvenile was seen on the far side of the pond, as were numerous Wood Ducks.

Since 1999, Langsford Pond has been protected by the Essex County Greenbelt Association. When I was filming there in October and November it was wonderfully overgrown and somewhat difficult to access. Recently, vegetation has been cut back, which makes walking to the pond’s edge much easier. Disease bearing ticks are present.

Some favorite Beaver food, ferns and American White Birch (Betula papyrifera).

beaver-pond-langsford-pond-gloucester-ma-copyright-kim-smithSimilar scenes as several in the film, only a month later without the vibrant fall foliage –“stick” season


Beaver Lodge



Rachel Rex Photo

(From left) Jarrod Martin, Joao Ramalho, Tyler Parisi, Gabi Goszczynska , Macaella Oliver, Katie Nugent, Lexi Ciolino, Chrissy Nugent, Sophia Pata, and Sierra Rudolph practice their gardening skills

The Gillnetter

MARIA KOTOB, Staff Writer, Editor

Growing your own food and understanding nature may seem ancient in today’s high-tech society, but it is a lot more important to the environment than you may think. Food requires an abundant amount of resources to transport, a concept many do not consider when grocery shopping.  GHS’s environmental science students are learning how gardening can help offset some of the consequences of a mass produced food supply.

The Environmental Issues course is for seniors who are a part of the dual-enrollment program with Endicott College. Taught by science teacher Rachel Rex, the class studies the environment and the big issues that affect it, such as pollution, loss of biodiversity, and the loss of natural resources.

“We had a lot of experience interacting with the environment, learning how to make it a better place. Ms. Rex is a good teacher, she’s taught us a lot. It’s a good class,” said senior Bridget Stevens.

The class is partnered with Backyard Growers, a nonprofit organization based in Gloucester whose mission is to provide affordable renewable food and teach the community how to garden.

“It’s a really nice tie in and it includes biology, chemistry, and number of sciences. It fits really well under the umbrella of environmental issues,” said Rex.


One Hour at a Time Gang Clean Up

Hi Kids:

Hope all are well. This week’s cleanup will be a combined cleanup with One Ocean.

Time:                    9:00 (note the time change)

Where:                 Rocky Neck Parking Lot

When:                  Sunday, December 11, 2016 (also note the Sunday not Saturday)

Please bring gloves and pickers if you have them.

Look forward to seeing all.

Take care


This Weekend in the Arts

The movie MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, from Director Kenneth Lonegran, is a huge success at the Gloucester Cinema on Essex Ave!

Over the weekend, the largest theater at Gloucester Cinema sold out.  In order to have enough seats for folks looking to see the movie this upcoming weekend, starting on Friday, December 9 an extra screen and evening show times has been added to make room for everyone who wants to see the film.  “Accommodating everyone comfortably is the goal and adding an extra screen will help alleviate the crowds in each theater,” stated theater owner John Williams.

Manchester By the Sea will no doubt be headed for Oscar nominations, thanks to Director Kenneth Lonegran.  Regardless of whether you live or work in the Cape Ann area or just love a well written, acted and directed movie, Manchester By The Sea is a  DON’T MISS FILM.  Now, with more screens and showtimes added for this weekend this is your best opportunity to see it locally.   Showtimes and days can be seen on the web site and tickets can be purchased on line or at the door.  For large group reservations or for additional information please feel free to call theater owner John Williams at 781-724-5368.


Middle Street Walk
A day of community holiday festivities.

image002.jpgOn Saturday, December 10, the Cape Ann Museum is pleased to collaborate with the many organizations of historic Middle Street for a full day of programs and events in celebration of Gloucester’s Historic District and the holiday season. Open houses, concerts, special tours and traditional decorations will be featured at multiple venues throughout the afternoon.

The Museum’s 1804 Captain Elias Davis House will be dressed up in period holiday decorations for public viewing throughout the day. Don’t miss the regularly scheduled 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. “Highlights of the Museum” tours or family crafts in the Museum’s Activity Center. Visitors will also have the opportunity to view the Museum’s permanent collections and special exhibitions, including Voicing the Woods: Jeremy Adams, Instrument Maker.

This lively day of programming is free and open to the public.

Participating locations include: Cape Ann Museum, Sawyer Free Library, Trinity Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, Sargent House Museum, City Hall and more!

Image: Ornament making in the Activity Center at the Cape Ann Museum. Photograph by Nicole Fandel.


Holiday Show 2016 poster.jpg


window poster_full page_GrandRe-Opening.jpg

Closet Case STUFFED – December 9

15252636_1755205791400309_8910572829404551100_oCloset Case returns after a two month hiatus and this time around everybody’s getting STUFFED! Short & Main will be hosting the madness and we are excited to be partying it up in their newly renovated Tiki Bar and Lounge upstairs. The closet doors open up at 9pm but we encourage you to head down for dinner and drinks prior to the event. We will be featuring some brainy and zany performances from a variety of New England talent of all shades and wildly creative minds.

Show begins tentatively between 10pm.  Brief intermission and second show by 11pm.

Performing Live:
New Rosies
Amber Shafft
Luna Vixxen
Bobby Beige
Ricky Diamond
Of Mermaids

Hosted by Gloucester’s own DeZiRe

Advance tickets $12 Get them here:

$15 at the door

Before: Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree awaiting painted buoys

Love the new wood signs heralding the Lobster Trap Tree lighting on Saturday, December 10th, just after a fun-filled day of Middle Street walk festivities.

The tree looks gorgeous already, but just wait until it’s trimmed with buoys hand-painted by children in our community under the direction of Cape Ann Art Haven and with the help of volunteers! The After is priceless and original. Thank you Cape Ann Art Haven and all who help to make this tradition happen in Gloucester. Wreaths and lights  on the street lamps are readied by the City,  Gloucester Downtown Association, and Ringo Tarr.


Canvas Prints available for Christmas!

I’ve had some requests for some prints for sale, so if you are looking for a little special gift of local scenes this Christmas, these 4 canvas’ are available.   They are 16×20 and are $175.00 each (contact me at   Or you can visit my website and order in any size/media you would like.   Cape Ann Giclee does all the printing (and shipping if needed!) and they always do a fabulous job!  image image image image

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